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Earth faces peril seventy years from now that we better pay attention to now because we need every moment to prepare. Please see http://howardprager.com/category/science-in-the... for a summary and link to Priscilla Frish's article in American Scientist. She explains that what my book predicts probably happened thirty-three thousand years ago, and sixty thousand years ago according to diggs in Antartica, and is possible given how little we know about the composition of clouds ahead of us in our Solar System's orbit. 


NASA's Voyager interstellar space probes reported back to Earth vast hydrogen cloud formations into which the Solar System will be plunged, and has already started. The Solar System has a magnetic barrier that repels hydrogen negative ions, but not neutral or positive hydrogen particles. When the particles reach the sun, there will be solar flares. The Earth will be heated. Our habitat may become unlivable. When particles reach Earth's oxygen atmosphere the hydrogen may explosively combine with the oxygen, like thousands of hydrogen bomb explosions. Then the new molocules will be water, and we will be flooded in incessant rain. This is no joke. Please see "Nature" magazine December 31, 2009 for NASA's announcement that has gone unheeded. See http://www.TheInfinityOption.com slide show of NASA's illustrations.


This quiet-kept secret must get out. In addition, a couple of possible solutions I propose should get out for the world to consider.


The Infinity Option -Be More Than You Are! avoids scientific jargon, and tells engaging stories about scientists who propose solutions. But the solutions will require more human cooperation and collaboration than the world has done to date.Irene Moreau's group propose a vast array of electromagnetic devices placed all over the world to prevent most of the sun's extra rays and the hydrogen particles from reaching the Earth's atmosphere. That would require international cooperation beyond anything conceived by the United Nations. That may require for us to be more than we are! There is a neuroscientific discovery that humans develop more brain dendrites and neurons, become smarter and more compassionate than we are through meditation. Maybe the solution is to become better!  These possible solutions should reach the public mainstream; not just the problem. We all must work on achieving a solution for the sake of our children!


I am the author. The book has taken me two years of toil and working with editors. Its scheduled release should be in October. I need your money to make my voice heard.



The Impact

The book needs publicity. There are over one hundred thousand books being published every year. The only way for this information to become the subject of public discourse is for there to be sufficient publicity for it. If it merely is published and languishes, think of the disaster to humanity and all other forms of life on Earth that could have been avoided.



What We Need & What You Get



Books to send to reviewers                                            $ 5,450

Books for inventory                                                           5,450

Media database, contact mgt, media mention capture      3,815

UPS and postage                                                              4,632

Web, Facebook advertising                                              5,450

Press kits, letterhead                                                        2,180

Publicist                                                                            4,087

          TOTAL                                                                                  $31,718



To understand my need it is necessary to understand that my publisher, American Book Publishing, is not part of the vanity press. It is part of the subsidy press. The financial relationship between the author and the publisher is very different. ABP supplied professional editing worth thousands of dollars. They are in the throws of providing art work for the cover. They provide distribution through one of the two largest book distributors in the world into virtually all of the bookstores, Amazon, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble. Vanity press merely print a book for an author and he is on his own.


What ABP, a company with the highest BBB rating (http://www.american-book.com/), expects from its authors is a commitment to publicize their own book. ABP has justified their formula by sending new authors like me to dozens of books published by other companies, many of them by main-line publishing companies that tell the same story. New authors don't get much if any publicity budget for their books and they are expected to generate their own publicity by cajoling book reviewers to write reviews, news reporters to write reports, broadcast interviewers to interview them, thereby generating sales. The publisher scoops up the profit and at the end of the year sends the royalty, less a reserve held back in case there are returns, to the languishing author. ABP tells the new author to knock that formula on its ear by authorizing the author to receive maximum discounts for the book and encouraging the author to sell the book himself. ABP encourages the author to maintain an emerchant presence on the internet, to conduct seminars and book signings. They say not only will it augment the author's income, it will outproduce royalties by a factor of ten.


Having studied thirteen books on the subject plus a handful of pamphlets and innumerable web based informational sources I have become somewhat of an expert on what I have to do to make The Infinity Option -Be More Than You Are! a well known book title that inundates the media.  I want to clarify that there is zero set aside for my personal income or salary because I will support myself throughout the campaign. If I do not raise all of the money requested there will be a delay of the elements or dimunition of the quantities in the campaign. However net income from sales may augment the campaign and offset the deficiency.


I have a great webmaster lined up-- http://www.findyoulocal.com/ for info. For info on my selected social media agency see http://www.witheasemarketing.com. And information on my selected publicist see   

www.EMSIncorporated.com. EMS guarantees money back that they will provide me with interviews on the top radio stations in the largest fifteen radio markets in the US.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please do everything you can to help this book. Tell others about it through social media and word of mouth. Buy and read its important information so you can knowledgeably share with others. Send reviews to Amazon.com and BN.com where your voice can be heard. Send me feedback on my blog where I can post it and learn from your voice.

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