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"The Sunshrine" memorial portal art installation is now officially confirmed as a part of Fractal Planet 2013!
Scott Sutterfield
1,839 Facebook Friends
Detriot, Michigan
United States
2 Team Members


The Infinite Portal For Sunshine


A multi-aspect campaign that raises funds for 3 purposes:



exterior view of entrance





~ A Burning Man art installation officially confirmed as part of Fractal Planet 2013, entitled: “The SunShrine” Memorializing everything that Sunshine Daydreamer was all about...





 portal gathering

~ A two day gathering taking place two weeks after burning man, at both of his stomping grounds, MI and CA, simultaneously, by means of live streaming, on video projection screens on the sites, and live on the internet, so that friends and pham who can't make it to burningman and or the other side of the country, can be together in his honor...




~ And finally as a charity for his amazing mother Nancy, who is recovering from 2 back surgeries, and about to head overseas for her next teaching journey to Turkey this August....
















Sunshine Daydreamer memorial fundraiser update #1:


Greetings friends and pham!


We wanted to give you all an update on the status of the project now that we are back from our 2 week journey at Electric Forest.


We are soo grateful for the recent outpouring of support and sharing all over the internets by such wonderful people... it means so much, please continue whenever you feel inspired to!


We have 2 points we wanted to address in this update:


1.) We know that some of you do not have access to a bank card, and we have devised a method for’ ya’ll to use cash, and have it end up showing up as a legitimate donation on the Indiegogo fundraising page.




2.) We wanted to make clear why our goal is what it is, and how the outlined budget adapts to the charity fund for Sunny’s Mother based on what we raise.

Our outlined budget does not reflect a certain amount that we are trying to raise for Nancy. Our intention is raise more than the goal, because if we do, Indiegogo only charges a 4% fee. If we do not reach the goal, they charge us 9% on whatever we raise.


We have planned for this possibility, by making our budget adaptable. The burning man memorial art installation can be scaled back to half the size, or scrapped altogether if the amount stays lower than say $5K for instance. We will still be able to throw the gathering, and give all of the remaining sum to Nancy.


However, we have our sights set high right now. With less than 40 days remaining, we would like to proceed with ordering a very small batch of test materials, and start getting our hands dirty building and perfecting a proof of concept test slice.


We would only need a couple hundred to start that crucial process, and we are almost there currently.

Nextly, to explain the cash donation method that we have come up with for those of you or your friends who don't have bank cards:


Any Bank of America branch in the country will allow a cash deposit into someone’s BoA checking account, provided you have that someone’s account number.


That someone will be Scotty, and then he will take that exact amount and donate it into the Indiegogo project as an official donation, which could include your name, or could remain anonymous.


If that sounds like it might work for you, please message either Scotty or Wolfgang on facebook.






 Electric Forest 2013 Love


^^^ END OF UPDATE #1 ^^^



About Sunshine:




Any of us who had the pleasure of being around Sunny would agree that he was one of the most inspiring people that we had ever experienced. His light was soo positive and powerfully beautiful.




He was all about infinite possibilities and co-creating with others in manifesting dreams, no matter how big they might have been.




When sunlight is split by a prism, the rainbow that lies within it is revealed. He revealed his inner rainbows to everyone he came in touch with.




He was here to help save the world with his spirit, and that hasn't changed. he knows it better than we do, and the handful of times where he has appeared to us in our dream state, glowing as bright as ever, proves that point.




Description of The Burning Man Art installation Memorial:

 Inside the portal at night



We are creating a playful yet reflective space, that outwardly reflects sunshine to people headed in any direction, and reveals  everyone's inner rainbow infinity on the inside, by way of the principle of the infinite mirror effect, combined with a flowy sea of furry, dreamy LED rainbows that literally have no end.




We won’t be burning the structure, because its is designed to be infinite, and travel wherever it is called to. the next destination will be his simulcasted portal gathering event, which is outlined above, and will take place 2 weeks after burning man. if you can't be there in person, you can still be there in spirit, due to the "google hangouts on air" internet broadcast, which is one of the rewards offered for supporting this memorial fundraising campaign.




Another reward is knowing that you are supporting his amazing mother Nancy in a time of need.




And yet another reward for supporting this will be getting to see this amazingly playful yet infinitely reflective art piece come into manifestation, in honor of the spirit of Sunshine Daydreamer.




Early Draft rendering at the below, the big video is coming soon!






More Information on the 2 day Memorial Gathering is also coming soon, stay tuned for updates!


Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to afford an event pass, but do not want to miss it, feel free to write us, and include how you could volunteer, which could simply be sharing this campaign over social media, or working at the kitchen at the event, etc...


Cost Breakdown:




  • Optical-grade Mylar for glassless Mirrors = $2100

  • Framing Materials: = $1050

  • LEDs, Wiring Hardware, Controllers = $1400

  • Durable, comfy, riggable flooring Foam, floor Fur + hardware = $1100

  • Helium, and hardware for custom space baloons = $300

  • Solar free energy powering system = $1000

  • Truck Rental + Gas = $2000

3 Burning man tix for core building group = $1200



2-day Event Costs:


  • Video Tech crews + projectors and screens for event = $1500

  • event hospitality (food, beverage, etc.) = $500










Sunny was so into manifesting big ideas that could help free the world, he took a loan out on his mother's home (with her blessing) to invest in that ideal. Nancy is one of the most amazingly awesome widows that any of us has ever met - she's going to Turkey in August 2013 to teach children for crying out loud! This lady deserves a spaceship. We plan to get her one.






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This campaign ended on August 16, 2013
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  • $5USD
    thank you

    thank you

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  • $10USD

    postcard from burning man

    6 claimed
  • $25USD
    postcard + livestream

    postcard from burning man, plus the link to live stream of the 2-day gathering.

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  • $50USD
    pass to event actual gathering

    pass to event actual 2-day gathering, which will be simulcast from MI - CA, and vice-versa, on a big projection screen.

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  • $100USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $250USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $500USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $1,111USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $1,777USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $2,345USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $3,333USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $4,567USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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  • $7,777USD
    gratitude 4 life

    infinite gratitude and everything above

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