The Industry Phase 1: Design

The Industry is Los Angeles' soon-to-be premiere entertainment resource hotspot.

PHASE 01: Design 

A Future Hollywood Hot Spot

The Industry is a soon-to-be resource venue and cafe in Los Angeles, California committed to the Hollywood's only Industry, The Entertainment Industry. Hoping to open its doors and premiere in 2014, The Industry is a place to learn, inspire and discover through the art of film and television. 



Our Target Audience 

Although The Industry can be for anyone, those that may find it more beneficial would be those in the Entertainment Industry and those that SUPPORT the Entertainment Industry. We see Filmmakers, Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors and so many others taking advantage of what The Industry can offer. On the flip side, we see everyday moviegoers, people watchers or those trying to break into the business to visit The Industry to enjoy the atmosphere and/or visit our restaurant/cafe.


The Design

An Inspiring Creative Atmosphere - The design of The Industry is a beautiful mix of Old Classic Hollywood and New Modern Hollywood. In both services and design, The Industry strives to connect the different aspects of movie making and, through that process, sparks new ideas and experience.


The designers put careful consideration into the design and experience to determine what the customer of The Industry is hoping to achieve. Transparency and flexibility are emphasized in spatial planning and articulation.  Every effort is made to promote the sense of interactive sharing.  The space is designed for its guests and the purpose of what the Industry is about. All WORK and no PLAY is no FUN.


What events might you find at The Industry 

  • Premieres/Film Screenings
  • Lectures/Guest Speakers
  • Casting Calls
  • Workshops (i.e. writing, production, acting)
  • Film Q & A Sessions
  • Special Events 


What features/amenities will you find at The Industry

  • Inspiring atmosphere to work, play and unwind
  • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Open 24/7 for the convenience of the creative mind
  • Camera Equipment Rental
  • Greenscreen Studio Rental
  • Avid Rentals
  • Resource Library/Center
  • Filming/Photography venue
  • Special Events venue


What We Need & How You Can Help

100% of campaign support received will go towards creating the experience, design and identity of The Industry so that we can obtain proper investment.  Defining the senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Hear and Taste is part of the process. This includes: design fees, website fees, administration start up costs and supplies to help receive further investments.

*note that some perks may not be usable until THE INDUSTRY premieres in 2014. If you are claiming a perk, we will contact you individually when they will be available.


Other Ways You Can Help to Make THE INDUSTRY Happen: 

  • Help and donate to raise funds towards our goal for Phase 01: Design 
  • Share our campaign with friends on social media, on your bulletin board, over coffee - anywhere! 
  • Like us, Connect with us, Tweet us! Be Sociable.
  • Help spread the word to build the hype about The Industry
  • Give us your input so that we can help build our program to what suits you!
  • Get on "The List", in LA, everyone needs to be on the list.
  • Are you an investor? Are you interested in us? Contact us.



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