The Indiefunda Project

It's time for the social media platforms to evolve to the direction of social change. Our goal is to succeed it!



   A new platform? Why?

We are a team of creative people involved in the social media and arts located in various countries around the Earth. What unites us is the vision of re-defining the terms of co-operation and co-creation in a wider scope than this collapsing world used to have.

    It is time for the social media platforms to evolve to the direction of social change. Interconnectivity has created an ocean of progressive opportunities that is not yet explored even at its 1%. it's a shame that most people's idea about social media is the extension of gossiping in a global scale.

    We need to build a new way to co-operate among us in this world and empty the trash bin of the failed economical model we now live in. The movements around the globe have shown that despite what the mass media are saying the people have the tendency to unite for common goals. Now, the challenge is to transform these waves of solidarity to a power of #change. As a team we have inserted as main variable in the project's equation the idea of community. We should change this society through creation, not destruction - that's the message.

    What is the indiefunda project?

    The indiefunda project is a place where you will  have the ability not only to choose your scale of cooperation (local/global) but also what will be the kind and extent of cooperation . Maybe you will not having money to offer to the projects but may have instead various human skills to offer. So, you define in this way the dimensions of your world of possible co-operations in the future. What you will see now (if you think "out of the box") is a community of possible cooperations in global scale. It is dynamic, because you doesn't have to pull strings anymore if you want to create, the only you need is creativity and cooperation skills. These thousands of micro-communities are not standing without purpose. They are created from the common interests of different people for the same/ specific project, its all about creation afterall. We have to break the vicious circle of lack of opportunities and we will do it!

    How Does it work?

   For projects: When you are creating a project or a cause, you are asked to define not only the amount you need but also the human or other resources you might need. So, when you create for example a film project, you can say: "I need for this project 30.000 $, 2 cameramen, 1 director of photography etc etc..". When you submit "Launch project", then all the registered people who have these skills and belong in the possible community of this project will receive an invitation to participate. Also, if you want to involve less with the funding process or just to gather more, you will always the option to "hire" via the platform members with the assignment of fundraising (and they will earn a small comission for that). You will have also the option to choose between giving share or money (or nothing if you think that they will gain reputation from this involvement) to your future partners. It's your personal view about your project and its prospects which actually will make it happen or not and not anymore the presence/ absence of connections.

  For causes: First, you define the cause. A cause can be initiated only from people who are interested in this particular action they demand or by people who are living in the particular area where the cause will happen. The causes's starters have to declare also with precision who is responsible for the final decision about the cause (comittee, mayor, etc...). These two things are mandatory because in order the cause to succeed, it has to be directed to the proper people and these people have to understand what they are going to lose or gain if they proceed with the cause ( it's their voters after all!)

Second, you define the resources needed for the cause. The people who start a cause have to estimate with precision the human and other resources needed for the cause to work properly and demand them from their followers . After doing that, they will start to gather these resources via the platform.

Why do we ask your contribution?

     The phase of documentating the project in scratch has finished. We are now starting the current fundraising act in order to move the platform to its first beta version. Our goal for the beta version is to develop in working mode the means for crowdfunding and community creation, so we can continue the gathering of resources from within the platform. We also want to give the opportunity to all our members and the funders to start creating their own projects from the very beginning of the platform.

    As perks in this campaign, we have the honour to give to our funders a compilation of songs from our members. The list you are going to see there is not closed but will be open for the whole period of this campaign. Once again, we thank all these people who offer their songs in our goal. Thumbs up for: Larissa and the raindoggs, Paul Chase Jr, Knox Bass, Akisma, Brian Lind, Jacob22, Spiderpussy, Vampire Sex Kittens, Alvara and Fabio Thomas!  



How we are going to to distribute the funds:

We have a strong team of volunteers in php developing. We need to raise at least 4000$ in order to hire 2 experts for two months in order to coordinate, enhance and test the project's development. We also need 1000$ for the web design needs of the project. The rest 1500$ are going to go to the marketing /promotion needs of the beta version.


Other ways you can help us:

   If you cannot afford to contribute to us, it will be highly welcome promoting our project to your people. Take our widget and paste it to your blog. Share the current page to your social media. We need the help of all the creative people.

If you are an artist and want to participate in the indiefunda campaign, send us an e-mail to : author_request@indiefunda.com.





Team on This Campaign: