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Introducing the if convertible, the world’s first super phone, hyper-tablet & dual-display laptop that is equal parts art & science! Welcome to the future!
Jeff Batio
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San Francisco Bay Area, California
United States
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We Have a Winner and in our Referral Contest and Will be Announcing the winner soon!




Join our contest and win a free if convertible! The person with the most referrals of our indiegogo campaign, will win a *free Prime/Personality package if convertible in their choice of colors. You will also get an extra set of CLIQ covers in your choice of color, as well as a complimentary carrying case and a t-shirt. 

To participate, make sure you share the link only after you are logged into your indiegogo profile. This way, when you share the campaign with the share tools below our video, whoever clicks on your shared link, will register the share to you. The more clicks you get, the more you increase your chances of winning.

Those that have contributed already can still participate of course. Good luck and thanks for the help!!!


Articles about us:

If Convertible: A smartphone, tablet and ultrabook in one

The If Convertible: 3 Devices, 1 Data Plan

At idealfuture, we realized that in 2014, we should have flying cars, jet packs and robots making our breakfast. Instead, we are all still running around with our cell phones in our pockets. Our laptops and tablets are only mere variations of devices that were created decades ago. Convenience these days is becoming more and more inconvenient.

We thought, “What if we could have one device that would make all the others obsolete?” Think about it… what if you could operate all of your devices on the same data plan? What if all you needed was ONE ultimate and integrated device to simplify your life? What if there was one device that could create a more productive work-space by incorporating cutting-edge hardware and software to work, play and communicate?

Together we can bring this vision to reality! We have a revised goal of $10,000 and every dollar counts! Contributions will allow us to start the process of bringing the if convertible to the world! All of our contributors will be included in the idealfuture family; we have everything from T-shirts to the limited edition Founding Series of the if convertible itself.

 - if convertible series comparison chart -

"We believe that through the power of the Indiegogo crowd funding community and the power of innovation, we will revolutionize mobile computing as we know it. At this time we've only scratched the surface of how people will soon be using this device to work, play, and communicate."                                         

                                                                                        -- Jeff Batio Founder

  (see below for more information and images of the packages and their contents)

Introducing the if convertible, the world’s first super phone, hyper-tablet & dual-display laptop that is equal parts art, science and dream...all beautifully crafted to become the future of mobile computing!


       (if convertible color palette - this is the Tablet-Phone only) 

The interchangeable CLIQ covers are magnetically attached and not only protect your if, but also enhances and personalizes the if's style to meet yours.       

We are ready to provide everyone with an ideal convergent mobile future…if convertible gives you what you need when you need it!

With its sleek, sophisticated, light, and compact design you will not have to worry about lugging around a heavy bag.  Aside from being the only device you will ever need to buy again, the if convertible can run off  ONE data plan. No more multiple data contacts! Now you only need to buy one set of apps! We can  provide everyone with a convergent mobile future.


When attached to the base, the right screen can be rotated and the device folded closed, converting into tablet mode. As a tablet it can be used flat or angled; ideal for game play or movie watching with no worry of tired hands or the extra expense of a stand.

Dual Displays: The if features dual displays which can increase productivity by as much as 40-60%. No more having someone hover over your shoulder to see what is on your screen. With the if convertible's rotating right screen people can now see what you see. The right screen of the if convertible also detaches to become your android smartphone.

The if convertible is so versatile that it runs both android and Windows 8. When the Slingshot is detached it will run the latest android software. 

The laptop base will run off the newest version of windows. This means you will be able to run your favorite android apps while also having access to all your favorite Windows programs.


  • Dual Displays for Double the Screen Real Estate: two 7” ISP 1920 x 1080P = over 12” of usable work-space!
  • Double the Resolution: when combined, the if convertible provides over 12 amazing inches of beautiful sapphire crystal protected display area.
  • Dual Batteriesthe if convertible will have a 3,000 milliamp battery in the Slingshot and a large capacity system battery in the base to keep you unplugged while running longer and faster than anything else around.
  • Dual LTE Antennas: travel and communicate worldwide all with one device.
  • Dual Operating Systems: run all your favorite Android apps alongside the flexibility and power of Windows 8 software. 
  • Double the Storage: never run out of room again with up to 128 GB in the Slingshot™ as well as 128GB in the base. We have also included an extra pair of SD card slots in each for an additional 128GB!
  • Double the Processing Power: the Slingshot™ features the fastest multi-core processor in a handheld device and the base will run a multicore x86 processor. 
  • Double the Camera Power:the Slingshot  will have a front facing camera for video chats and docked 'selfies' and an amazing 41 megapixel camera*, with a Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash on the back for superior photographs! 
  • TWICE the RAMthe if convertible features 4GB in the Slingshot and an additional 4GB in the laptop base.
  • Run your life from a SINGLE Data Plan: now you don’t need multiple contracts, headaches and costs for your smartphone and tablets, just ONE device and ONE plan!

The if convertible Founders Series Packages Details:

Alpha™ Series - $799
The Alpha is the segue into the world of the if convertible. The Alpha provides the ultimate in mobile computing flexibility at an entry level price. It is all that the if convertible offers, with just a few minor spec tweaks. The Alpha features: Solid screen back housings, and a 13 megapixel camera. 64GB in the Slingshot  phone module and a single LTE antenna! The Bluetooth headset is an option on the Alpha.  Like all Indiegogo if convertibles, the Alpha comes with a Founder Series engraving that identifies you as a crowd funding innovator.

Prime™ Series - $999
The Prime Series is the intro into the colorful world of if computing. You get all of the performance that the if offers, with a choice of colors. The Prime series comes with a matching set of CLIQ™ covers (1 pair) that are color coordinated to your choice of frame colors.

Edge Series - $1,199 
EDGE SERIES: The Edge Series is like having a race car in your pocket. With its glowing edge and if logos on the if CLIQ's, you will really stand apart from the crowd! The Edge's are available in black finish frames with your choice of 2 sets of CLIQ's in any color scheme you want. This also comes with a black custom carrying case to complete the experience. 

Executive Series - $1,299
EXECUTIVE SERIES: The Executive Series fits the role perfectly for the corporate world. The color scheme is suited for coffee shops or boardrooms and executive offices worldwide. It comes in your choice of frame colors of either black or mocha and you can choose either matching leather CLIQ covers or dark simulated burlwood. The Executive package also includes a handsome black or brown carrying case / sleeve to transport your if from meeting to meeting. 

Enterprise Package -$65,000
ENTERPRISE PACKAGE and OTHER PERK LEVELS: these packages are iterations of the various if convertibles in packages that suit the needs of the business partnership community. Our potential business partners will have the opportunity get involved in our special developers package that will get your app pre-loaded to the if convertible or to become distributors.



                         travel small but work and play big!

functional & beautiful

mobile & powerful

lightweight & full-featured 

work, play and communicate with ease   


  • Proudly assembled of high-end materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber composite in USA!
  • Exclusive guaranteed lowest price for Indiegogo contributors. Contributors, will save over $200 off the upcoming retail price.
  • 100% preferred delivery guarantee - meaning we promise to ship our device to our backers first.*

  • The if convertible will work with your preferred providers whether on LTE or GSM networks, including Verizon and Sprint.
  • ONE data plan for your phone, table, laptop.
  • Specifications will be finalized throughout the engineering refinement process, in order to guarantee that our hardware reflects cutting-edge and industry-leading design worthy of the if convertible.
       * Domestic and international shipping rates apply.

(Edge Series - if convertible)

Risks and Challenges: At idealfuture we have years of experience in hardware design, development and sourcing. This revolutionary new platform will require some flexibility in the exact component list and rest assured we will choose the best parts and at the same time keep our price competitive. If for any reason we are forced to change a major feature, we will replace it with something just as cutting edge.


                  (*Rendering of Ubuntu Version -  available for $649.00)

This game changing new platform has been in development for years, including research, engineering, prototypes, patents and design in order to bring the if to the world.

Rest assured we will keep you informed every step of the way through the manufacturing process.

             (*Rendering of Ubuntu Version -  available for $649.00)


"Not only does screen space impact a users’ productivity, screen space effects the amount of satisfaction obtained from the work”            (NEC)


 “A study conducted by the University of Utah and NEC found … 20% reduction in errors (plus reduced stress) for test workers that were using multiple monitors”                                                 (Jon Peddie Research)

“while I am editing this article on my main screen, the screen beside it shows the   outline or earlier draft I am working from — and, sometimes, Web sites or other   documents I keep referring to."            (Ivan Berger)

Productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays”                                                                                  (Jon Peddie Research)


           Q: I still don't get this dual display thing?

           A:It’s easier than you think! The left screen will always be attached to the                laptop. The right screen or if slingshot rotates or detaches to be your tablet              or phone. 

Q: Android and Windows...How? 
A:With the if convertible, you can have your cake and eat it too! When the Slingshot (tm) phone module is docked, you have the world's most advanced mobile multi-display device running Windows 8. But when you take the Slingshot (tm) and put it through its paces,  it is running the latest version of Android O/S, so you have all of your favorite apps with you at all times! 

Q: Where can the if be shipped?

A: We will ship all over the world! *

Q: Warranties and Guaranteed First Run Shipping?

A: We will provide a one year warranty for the if convertible!
* Domestic and international shipping rates will apply.

A: Also, we at idealfuture really look forward to the day we are shipping our revolutionary if to the whole world! But before anyone else gets theirs, our loyal indiegogo contributors will absolutely get their if's in their hands before anyone else. 100% guaranteed!

No matter who you are, no matter where you’re going, no matter what you want to do, the if convertible has what you need, when you need it! Think of it as the Swiss-Army knife of computing devices. With the if convertible you can now multi-task and manage all your data in one place. Forget working hard and playing hard, it’s time to work and play smarter. It’s time for the if convertible.

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  • $1USD
    Thank You For Your Support

    Every bit helps. Thank you for your support! You will have access to exclusive digital downloads such as wallpapers as they become available.

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  • $20USD
    Honorary Co-founder

    Become a founding member and have your name engraved on our virtual wall. Being a part of turning the technology world in its head with our game changing new platform. Unlike all the others who tell you what you want, being an If means you are part of our team. We want your ideas and we will always listen to you.

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  • $100USD
    Reserve IF Alpha 2nd Prod. Run

    Want to be one of the first in the world to have your IF Convertible Alpha Series but need more time to pay for your order? Then why not reserve one for $100.00 and pay the balance 30-days prior to shipment. This guarantees your place in line in the 2nd production run.(if you need it sooner, please order one and pay the full amount for guarantee first production run shipment). Run Windows and Android at an affordable price with the Alpha.

    2 claimed
  • $799USD
    Alpha Series Package

    The Alpha is the most cost effective introduction to the if convertible family, giving you the ultimate in mobile computing and flexibility at the lowest price. Alpha Package includes: -IF convertible Alpha comes in silver matte finish -Founding Series engraving on IF convertible -IF T-Shirt

    3 claimed
  • $999USD
    Prime Personality Package

    The Prime Package includes: -IF convertible in your choice of color. -Matching set of Cliq covers. -Founding Series engraving on IF convertible.

    4 claimed
  • $1,199USD
    Edge Series Package

    The Edge Series Package includes: Cyber Monday Price reduced! -IF Convertible in your choice of colors. -Founding Series engraving on IF convertible. -2 Cliq covers in your choice of High impact metallic trim color. -IF convertible carrying case in your choice of matching trim color that compliments the trim on your IF.

    5 claimed
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