The Idea of Growing Old

A film about a girl, a friend, his wedding, and the fear of growing up.
Wesley Ambrecht
Los Angeles, California
United States
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The Idea of Growing Old is a short graduation film for the London Film School.

It's going to be pretty cool, keep scrolling to check it out.

The Idea of Growing Old is a short film all about that horrific feeling you get when everybody is growing up. Growing up without you.

Ellen feels like her best friend is too young to get married; chances are she just feels too young to let him. In the dressing room before the wedding she scoffs at the oh-so-artificial world of his future bride while reminiscing on their much more genuine teenage escapades. 

Hi there. This is the writer/ director Alyssa Stratton and I have come to the realization that I have been to a lot of weddings.  Despite all the movies on the subject, I've yet to see a single one that felt really real. In this, my grad film for the London Film School, I want to get it right. Weddings are such a bizarre worlds filled with strange traditions, false pleasantries and, of course, that crazy overwhelming feeling that the couple's life is being separated into before and after.

It's a time for growing up, whether you're ready for them to or not. 

Wanna help make it happen?

The Format

The film takes place in two intertwining times, the hours just before the wedding and the 5 years in the past.

In the present Ellen is bombarded with the personalities of the girls in the dressing room where they get ready. There she compares the structured phoniness of this, the world of her friend's future bride with the honesty her memories of one spontaneous night with him.

It's a battle between their past and his future.

16mm and mini DV

I'm excited to use two different formats to evoke Ellen's conflicting feelings, the two worlds as she sees them. 16mm for the nostalgic, tactile nature of her memories and Mini DV, equipped with 35mm lenses, for the digitized artificiality of the present

(using advanced technology we devised this conceptional info-graphic depicting exactly how donated money will be used) 

Producer extraordinaire Wes Ambrecht here. Now that Alyssa has explained where "The Idea of Growing Old" came from, let me hit you with some cold hard facts.

  • Making a film, even a short, is expensive! Though, if you've found your way to our page, you probably know that.
  • There are a variety of cost centers that we simply can't do without. From the price of camera rentals to the fees associated with making sure our in-front of camera talent look their best, the seemingly little amounts of money suddenly add up.
  • Most everyone working on our project will be doing so out of the kindness of their hearts and/or because we have incriminating photos of them. But, we still have to make sure we keep them well fed and hydrated. Think about your grocery or food bill for a week. Now, imagine having to shop for more than 20 people daily. See where I'm headed?
  • Much of our short is contained, which certainly helps, but it also happens to feature a wedding. What does that mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means we're going to have to secure a church and then dress that church and then dress everyone in that church. Or, at the very least, the folks standing at the altar. Not to go all Groomzilla on you, but we want our special day to be perfect, and perfect costs $$$
  • Now, I know at least one of you fine people is wondering what will happen to the money we raise, if we don't meet our goal. The answer to that is quite simple; it will go to making this short. How exactly will that work? We'll max out credit cards and put ourselves even further in debt than film school already has in order to supplement the difference. Because, ultimately, we all believe in this script and this story.
  • That being said, we'd REALLY love to meet our goal. Which brings us to our next topic...

Look, we know that not everyone is rolling in dough. Lord knows we're not. But, there are other ways to help.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all of them are super helpful at spreading the word. You might not have the spare change to help us, but your grandmother might. She is, after all, a peach.
  • Time is another valuable resource. We're going to need bodies to fill up the church for our pivotal wedding scenes, when the time comes in October.
  • Speaking of which, we're also hunting for the perfect church. If you think you can help with either of those things, email us at
  • There are probably other ways that you can help us. Ways that I'm forgetting at the moment. If that's the case, I would also encourage you to email us at
  • Hmm. I think about covers it for now.

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