The Humanity Project

Help make dreams come true!

Who we are :
The Humanity Project is a non-profit organization founded by a group of social responsible young adults who aim to make changes through innovative projects with the aim to benefit communities across the country, as well as support communities across the globe. Founded in the summer of 2010, The Humanity Project consists of both students and young leaders respect diversity and all share the same desire of making a difference and helping others realize their potential. Through a transparency and innovation The Humanity Project believes in developing projects which have the goal of eliminating barriers which are placed in society.

What makes The Humanity Project unique?
The Humanity Project is unique in that it was founded by young, energetic, socially responsible members sharing a common goal that we can all relate to: helping the less fortunate. The committee’s vision and mandate are aligned to create The Humanity Project’s outlook on ways to advocate for and assist the development of project’s which benefit a positive social environment which we can all be proud of.

Why we are raising money :
We are looking to raise money in order to have all the necessary paper work filed in order to become a registered charity in Canada. (Incorporation of a company, application to become an official charity in the country of Canada, legal fees) We would like to become an official charity in Canada in order to issue receipts to donors for income tax purposes.

First project :
Our first project will be to raise money to support the people and wildlife affected by the disaster in The Gulf of Mexico. We would like to send case packages which would brighten up the day for families who were hit exceptionally hard by this disaster.

Goals for 2010 :
We aspire to raise over $10,000 by the end of 2010 to send to the victims of The Gulf of Mexico disaster. We would also like to raise awareness of our organization and expand our volunteerism across various regions of Ontario.

Please help us realize our dream of helping others at a time of need.

* Donations through paypal can be made directly on our website.*

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