The Human Augmentation Project

We are nearing the time in history when medicines won't just make sick people better, but will make healthy people super.

** The video above is only an example of what can one day be. I did not make the video, it's from a video game and only meant to show what the goal is to some degree.**

This is a long term, extremely ambitious project, with the goal of developing a range of products to extend life and more importantly; quality of life for everyone.

I will not get into the moral or social merits/implications of this project.

Human augmentation is a product of technological evolution and there is not much that can be done to stop it. If it's banned here, it will be researched and developed in other countries where it will only be made available to certain wealthy individuals and or armies. The goal is to develop a line of products that can be available to the general population if they so desire. It's a very ambitious project that may not work out, or might not work out in the projected timeline below. If it does, it will change the world and our lives will never be the same.

I am not a doctor, nor do I have advanced knowledge in medicine. My background is financial. I will be looking to promote this cause in the investment community, build solid backing, with a solid team.

How will we do this?

1-Building of the team (Year 1)
The goal for the first year will be building our core team. I will be traveling to conferences, getting the word out, finding collaborators and interested scientists that believe in the cause to join the project. Here is a list of conferences on human augmentation I will attend, to learn more, network, and start building the team.

Human Augmentation

Nano Medicine


Stem cell

2-Develop conceptual prototypes (Year 2)
In this phase will look to develop a first conceptual prototype of a working product that can be available to the masses.
-Narrow down the fields, nano, stem, bionics and see what fields can work together. 
-Decide on what aspect of the human body and human life and we make better.
-Which fields are advanced enough to provide us with a working prototype within 5 years

3-Secure investment round 2 (Year 2 to 3)
at this stage once our team is built, and we have a solid conceptual prototype we will be looking for a round of investing to buy/lease equipment expand the team and to build a fully functional prototype.

4-Build a functional prototype (Year 3 to 5)
Once we secured more funding, expanded the team, leased or purchased equipment and a facility, it will now be the time to build something that works!

5- Submit for regulatory approval and secure investment round 3 (After prototype is built)
Once a fully functional prototype is built we will be looking for another round of financing to ramp up production.
-During this time we will submit our prototype for approval to the regulating bodies such as the FDA and all government agencies. We will and might be submitting at any previous phase also to ensure full compliance.

6-Market and distribute working product (5 to 10 years)
This is where we look to bring our first product to the markets. Our goal is to help as many people as we can and who of course would be interested; by offering a high quality low cost product available to rich and poor alike. Human augmentation is coming, not much can stop it, and our goal is to keep it out of the hands of the elite few.

7-Secure Investment round 4 (5 to 10 years)
We now have a solid first product. Now we will be looking for a fourth round of investment to upgrade and develop new products.

8-Upgrade product and develop new ones
At this stage we are looking to expand our products by enhancing other key parts of the human body.

Be part of the future! There are so many exciting things happening. We will one day explore space and colonize other planets. Maybe find extra terrestrial life! Life is a wonderful thing, live it to the fullest.

Where the funds will go

The entire project will probably take a few hundred million dollars or more. This first stage is to get to a more serious round of financing where the project will have a core team and a solid conceptual product in order to attract larger investors.

1-Attending the conferences, networking, gathering info on current technologies and players.

2-Bring on at least 3 key influential scientists in the human augmentation field where 1 will be the leader. Compensation can be salary, salary and stock, only stock, options, deferred revenue and so on.

3-Bring on a couple of consultants and assistants for the scientist.

4-Get them to narrow down 1 thing we can augment and possibly bring to market in the above time frame.

Depending on how much is pledged, how much momentum is gathered, if only enough is pledged to attend the conferences then I will start there and fun the rest myself.

1-1$ to 50$
I will be keeping a blog on
The progress
What I learned
Who are the players in the augmentation field
How the team is evolving
How the product is evolving
The conferences

This will be very exiting! Just by reading the blog you'll be kept up to date on the latest developments and you'll be learning a lot to.

2-50$ to 200$
Blog access
Be able to submit written question to the team and receive an answer to a pertinent question. Max 1 question per month.

This is pretty cool as you will feel part of the team. You'll be able to get to know us, know a lot more about the project on a more personal level.

Blog access
You will be invited to get a first view of the conceptual prototype before anyone else sees it. You will be invited to our research facility where you'll spend the day with us looking over what we have and what we have planned.

4-500$ to 5,000$
You will receive the first version of our human augmentation product once it's approved by all regulatory bodies and before it goes to market.

Imagine that! You being the FIRST super human!

5-5,000$ +
Receive one version of all future products and upgrades for life.

Human Augmentation

The fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, bionics, gene manipulation, stem cells and more are evolving at a very rapid pace.






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