The History Of R&B Music

A ten part documentary series about Rhythm & Blues Music and Its Influence On World Culture.
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Short Summary

Hello there! I'm guessing you found your way to this page because we have something in common... The love of R&B Music! My name is Kashif. Most likely you have heard some of the hit songs I have written/and or produced for some of the biggest names in music including Whitney Houston, Kenny G., George Benson, Janet Jackson, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Barry White  and a host of others. 

Over the the past 10 years, I've also become a filmmaker. My clients include Hyundai Motors America, St. Joseph Health System and Casey Family Programs to name a few. Now here I'm combining two disciplines (music & film) and working on my dream project, directing  a ten part documentary series entitled "The History Of R&B Music". 

R&B Music came into prominence  in the late 1940s with Cab Calloway, The Harlem Hamfats, Count Basie, Louis Jordan and others. "The term Rhythm & Blues" (R&B) was first coined in 1948 by music journalist turned record producer Jerry Wexler.  As time progressed Blues, Doo Wop, funk, Disco, dance, and other forms of R&B music began to develop around the USA. Today it is one of America's greatest art forms and exports and has played catalyst to some of society's most significant advancements. 

What We Have Been Doing

We have spent countless hours traveling to various cities around the United States interviewing  artists, their family members, associates and supporters in order to  capture the stories behind the music and get an inside look into the lives of some of the most creative musicians/artists and music entrepreneurs to ever walk the planet. In the US alone, we are traveling to 15 cities that we call the epicenters of Rhythm & Blues music. Check out the map below. 

It does not matter if you are old school or new school because we cover the gamut from 1948 until current with this film series. So if you like Lil Richard, Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, The Staple Singers, Betty Wright, Barry White, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Bruno Mars, Usher, Al Green, James Brown, Anita Baker and other Rhythm & Blues greats, then you are going to love this film. 

How Will Your Money Be Spent?

While we have been filming for a year and 1/2 there is still a large amount of work to be done. The funds that we raise will help us get to the finish line. They will cover expenses such as airfare, hotel, location fees, equipment rental, media management, and licensing.  Rest assured that one hundred percent of the money that we raise will go toward completion of this project. A chart of the filming expenses is listed below to show you how your money will be allocated. 

Trust Issues?

I am well aware that you might be asking yourself "How do I know that Kashif is really going to make this film?" and that is a legitimate question. However, if you visit my Wikipedia page, or read my bio you will understand that I have been  producing smash hits for some of the biggest names in music for 40+ years. I have six grammy nominations, and a best selling book to my credit.  Just as I have always honored my obligations to major companies like Arista Records, Warner Brothers Records, Hyundai Motors America, and many other international brands I honor my obligation to you. Your trust  means everything to me and I thank you for the opportunity.

Helping Aging R&B Artists

Each year hundreds of aging R&B musicians, arrangers and artists  experience challenges with health and housing needs. Many don't receive royalties nor have the income to pay for insurance. BrooklynBoy Entertainment is proud to announce  that a  portion of the proceeds from this film series will benefit the Rhythm & Blues Foundation to help provide financial support for aging R&B artists that need housing and medical assistance.  "We are proud to be partners with Kashif" says Damon Williams - President of the Rhythm & Blues Foundation.


WE HAVE SOME GREAT PERKS THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY; Including an autographed, specially packaged box set of the film series, two tickets to attend the premiere in Los Angeles or New York, an Elton John platinum album, a Whitney Houston platinum record, a speaking part in the movie, and a chance to be listed as an Associate Producer in the film credits - and much more.!

$10 gets you a PDF copy of the original script for the film.  + "I Love R&B Music" bumper sticker


$50 - A copy of the best selling book "Everything You'd Better Know About The Record Industry" by our director, - Kashif. That's 416 pages of easy to read and understand information about the record biz. You'll become an expert. 



For $250 we will send you an autographed special packaged box set of the film series. 10 DVDs total. Enjoy it for years to come knowing that you are of the special few. Plus the " I Love R&B Music tee shirt and bumper sticker.


$1000. donation will get you 2 tickets to the Los Angeles or New York Premiere  and the after-party, which will be attended by Cast and Crew, PLUS digital copies of photos taken that night. You will be floating on cloud nine!                              



What Happens If We Do Not Reach Our Funding Goal?

Even if we do not raise the entire amount that we are seeking here on Indiegogo we will continue our fundraising efforts until we reach our goal. We will keep moving forward. Your contributions will not go to waste. We have hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours worth of valuable footage already filmed ready to be edited.

Why This Film?

R&B Music is one of America’s greatest exports and art forms. Its legacy must be preserved in the same way as jazz, classical, rock, country and other American treasures. Without the proper documentation, its legacy is left up to interpretation and opinion instead of fact and over time the true story will be distorted. When we document our art properly, there is a lineage that is traceable. The facts become irrefutable. This insures that the proper credit is applied to the correct individuals and organizations. The result will be heightened awareness and interest. Remember there is no geographical region and no societal expression that has not been influenced by R&B music.

A Little More About R&B Music

People all over the world have enjoyed Rhythm & Blues (also known as R&B) music since before 1948 when the term was coined by then-music producer  Jerry Wexler. It is a well known fact that many of the European bands such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin benefited from and were heavily influenced by American R&B artists. There are thousands of songwriters, producers, artists, music executives and distributors that have made their living creating, promoting and selling it. In the last seven decades R&B music has been the soundtrack to the lives of millions. It has been the voice of reason and a moral compass. We must continue to identify, honor and support Rhythm & Blues.

My History & Experience

I am currently celebrating my 40th year in music and entertainment. My clients have included Kenny G., George Benson, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Jermaine Jackson, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Will Downing, The 1988 Olympics, The Duke Ellington Foundation and many others. My experience as a producer/writer has primed me to be able to handle large productions such as this. In 2008 I produced the first Walk For Foster Care at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena California. We had 250 volunteers and 48 staff members. The event was a big success. With that being said, four of my most valuable assets are my passion, my connections, my experience and my creativity.  I love the R&B music. I have a very diverse phonebook and contact list that I have amassed over the years that serves me well when I need to plug certain individuals into specific functions required on a project. This is my passion this is my joy. This is what I do…I  create.

With your help, we can make sure that everyone knows who gets the credit for what is R&B Music.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, that doesn't mean you can't help:

Even if you can’t contribute you can help us by helping to get the word out. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, telephone and text. Contact everyone that you know and tell them about this great project and urge them to get involved.

There are special share tools right here on the Indiegogo website that you can use to share the information about The History Of R&B Music with friends, family and co-workers. They are specifically designed to help you get the word out.

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    Learn the secrets of writing and producing platinum hits with six time Grammy nominated award winning, song writer/producer, Kashif. He will personally instruct you over 2 consecutive weekend days of intensive workshops. 8 hours per day. That's 16 hours of instruction from the world class producer/songwriter for Whitney Houston, Kenny G., George Benson, Barry White and many others. Sessions will be held in Los Angeles and New York. Flight and Hotel not included.

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    Speaking Role in Film

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    Song Produced by Kashif

    Have six-time grammy nominated writer/prod., Kashif produce a song for you. You must have a demo or be subject to a live or video audition. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Includes five days in a studio. Los Angeles. Does not include live orchestra. Does not include airfare and hotel. Available in Los Angeles only.

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