The Haunting of Larimer Mansion : Documentary Film

Filmmaker Blase H. Ward follows the Hauntings Research paranormal team to uncover the truth about life after death and the hauntings of Larimer Mansion.

Larimer Mansion


Welcome supporters! We are the Hauntings Research paranormal research group, based out of Pittsburgh, PA. We are in the process of filming our first full-length documentary on one of our most important investigations yet at one of the most largely haunted locations in the United States, the Larimer Mansion. We are asking for your support and donations to make this documentary become a success.

Why? We are making this documentary to raise awareness of the world of the paranormal and the local hauntings and history of the Larimer Mansion. We are striving to solve unanswered questions about the highly skeptical nature of paranormal activities that go on in places like the Larimer Mansion and to present to an audience these findings in an informative, yet entertaining documentary.  


About Larimer Mansion:

Lynne and Larry Moisey have spent 28 years turning the Larimer House, built on Maus Drive in 1790, into the two-bedroom Larimer Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Before the house was built, it was the site of the 3 Springs Camp, where George Washington and Gen. Edward Braddock stayed during the French and Indian War. When William Larimer built the house in 1790, it was a two-story log home. Andrew Lewis McFarlane acquired the property after marrying Larimer's daughter, Jennie, who died soon after the marriage during childbirth. When the Moisey’s purchased the house in 1985, it was abandoned and in disrepair. Its roof was sagging and leaking, the plaster walls were crumbling in some spots and the front porch was beginning to rot. Each room has been painstakingly restored to bring back the charm of the late 1800's for guests to enjoy and experience.


About Hauntings Research:

Hauntings Research has a history of providing community support in matters to do with alleged, and actual, experiences of a paranormal nature. The team is comprised of certified, highly experienced investigators capable of providing help and information in such areas as psychic phenomena, hauntings, and poltergeist experience. This assemblage of highly educated, highly dedicated and caring researchers represent decades of occupational backgrounds in science, research and analysis. 



-       Film equipment for the crew (cameras, lights, mounts, etc.)

-       Printing the DVD’s for the general public

-       Restoration and upkeep of the Larimer Mansion



$5 – You will receive a ‘Thank You’ film credit at the end of our documentary for donating. Everyone will know that you supported our project and the Larimer Mansion.

$15 – You will receive a copy of the Larimer Mansion documentary (a $30 value) (And a credit in our film)

$30 – You will receive a copy of Hauntings Research's McKeesport Cultural Center DVD, produced by Ed (a $25 value) (As well as the perks above)

$50 – You will receive admission to a screening of the Larimer Mansion documentary, followed by a Q&A session with members of Hauntings Research and the film crew (a $75 value) (As well as the perks above)

$100 – You ill receive a face-to-face class on paranormal investigations, led by Ed Ozosky and several members of Hauntings Research (Limit: 10) (As well as the perks above)



We would greatly appreciate if you would share our Indiegogo link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email contact, and through word of mouth to get our film fully funded. Thank you for your support and donations!



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