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The Happiness, The Heartache is an original daytime Soap Opera comedy. Taking on all the qualities you love and love to hate about Soaps.
Lulu McClatchy
4 Team Members

Part of the show’s appeal is that it doesn’t convey a message of any worth; this is pure entertainment. The characters are so shallow, vain, naive and stupid, it’s surprising they would have a capacity for a hidden agenda, but they do, they all do.” – Creator Lulu McClatchy.

 The Happiness, The Heartache is a 30 minute pilot episode of a new comedy series. It’s everything that is fabulously bad and awfully good about the great American Day Time Soap Operas – only funny. It’s as if The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives had a Young and Restless baby that lived on Melrose Place.  And with the ‘no beginning no end’ style of storytelling, outrageous and instantly recognizable characters, intrigues, betrayals murders and forbidden love. We are making it as a tribute to Ronn Moss who played "Ridge Forrester" in the Bold and the Beautiful for 25 years.

 We are aiming to raise $70,000 so that we can shoot the pilot episode. We want to pitch the pilot episode at two major international television festivals later in the year as well as to several local networks.

 The Happiness, The Heartache has a full (and amazing) cast attached, some fabulous over the top locations and an experienced film crew ready to shine some lights on some sequined outfits. We just need your help to call 'Action'.

Following the lives of two families in the glamorous world of fashion and espionage, The Happiness, The Heartache is the story of two dynasties – their entangled lives, passionate loves, manipulations, betrayals and victories – played out in a world of outrageous glamour.  An intensely proud adherence to the spirit of American daytime soap.

Set when shoulder pads and big hair ruled, and audiences' enjoyment went up in direct proportion to how twisted the writers could make the plots, often with a blatant disregard for what was logical, possible or even what happened last week. All that mattered was that delicious shock factor.

There is unrequited love, requited love kept apart, espionage, secret children, sex changes and a party to end all parties.
And that’s just the first episode…
Lulu McClatchy (writer/director) is an experienced writer and performer better known as 'Supergirly'. Lulu supported Elton John for the Australian leg of his world tour and was commissioned to write and perform in her own sitcom for the BBC. In Australia she has written for TV comedy as well as playing recurring roles in several Australian productions including Bogan Pride, the cult comedy series created by Pitch Perfect’s Rebel Wilson.

Lulu started Forward Roll Productions with fellow cast member and producer Perri Cummings in late 2012 to develop fresh film and television concepts for an international market. The Happiness, The Heartache is co-produced by Carla McConnell who has also previously worked with Lulu on several projects. Carla has produced award winning short films and commercials and worked on several feature films including the recently released festival hit Submerge

The cast includes Matt Hetherington, award winning musical actor and final six in Team Delta for The Voice 2012,  Daniel Fredricksen, Logie award-winning actor from Stingers, Natasha Leigh, Lulu’s co-star in Bogan Pride and recently seen on the BBC soap Holby City, Ryan O’Kane, who left New Zealand to win major roles in City Homicide, Conspiracy 365 and Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War, Perri Cummings, who played Jill Ramsay, the illegitimate sister of her real life brother (Stefan Dennis) in Neighbours, Michelle McClatchy, a regular on Fast Forward, Kristin Holland, lead singer and bass guitarist of Adam 12, Jay Bowen, star of Hair and Anything Goes, Lulu McClatchy, star of Bogan Pride, Six plots and Not Suitable for Children and introducing Arna Pletes.

We need the money to shoot the pilot and professionally post produce it.

Although $70,000 seems like a lot of money it will only just put us over the line so that we can start shooting. Most TV episodes cost hundreds of thousands so we will still be shooting on a budget!

However this money will allow us to pay cast and crew to really capture the essence of the show. We have a great cast attached and a fantastic script and we will need to work closely with a talented and experienced crew and a great design team to come up with some magnificently over the top sets and costumes.

Post Production will require editing, color grading, sound design and the list goes on…And we will need to feed everybody! We won't start filming unless we have enough to get us to the end of the shoot - and if we get this $70,000 it will put us just over that line. Not comfortably, not with any spare, but enough that we can go full steam ahead and make it.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you really can't contribute by donating we understand, but you can still help. Please share this page with as many people as you can and make as much noise about the show as you are able. We also have more updates on our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/ththtvshow or follow us on twitter @ththtvshow

And that’s all there is to it.

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raised by 71 people in 1 month
7% funded
No time left
$70,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on July 8, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    The Hope Logan

    A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache website.

    3 claimed
  • $25USD
    The Bill Spencer

    A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache website and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache magnet.

    15 claimed
  • $50USD
    The Ashley Abbott

    Photo of the cast with your name personally signed on it. A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache website and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache magnet.

    13 claimed
  • $100USD
    The Stefano DiMera

    A copy of the DVD, A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache Website and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache magnet.

    10 claimed
  • $150USD
    The Hope Williams Brady

    Special thanks in the credits on the DVD and a signed copy of the DVD. A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache Website and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache magnet.

    5 claimed
  • $250USD
    The Nikki Newman

    A glamorous make up application. ONLY available in Melbourne or Brisbane. A heartfelt thanks on The Happiness, The Heartache website and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache magnet.

    1 out of 5 claimed
  • $500USD
    The Jack Abbott

    A limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache T-shirt, a copy of The DVD, thanks in the credits, a signed cast photo and a limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache mug.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    The Victor Newman

    A role as an extra in the final scene, a signed copy of the DVD, thanks in the credits and a limited edition The Happiness, the Heartache mug.

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    The Eric Forrester

    An on set visit with the cast and crew, a photo with the cast and a signed copy of the DVD. A limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache mug, and a signed copy of the script.

    0 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    The Bo Brady

    A walk on cameo role. A limited edition The Happiness the Heartache mug and a signed copy of the DVD. And a limited edition T-shirt

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    The Stephanie Forrester

    Credited as Associate Producer, a visit to set, dinner with Director and selected cast. An invite to the wrap party and cast and crew screening. The Happiness, The Heartache DVD, a signed cast photo and a limited edition The Happiness, the Heartache T-shirt.

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    The Ridge Forrester

    Credited as an Executive Producer, The cafe in the Happiness The Heartache TV Show named after you, and a visit to set. A limited edition The Happiness, The Heartache T-shirt, and a signed copy of the DVD. An invite to wrap party and cast and crew screening.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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