The Gypsy Lights EP

We're an indie-folk duo which harkens to the sound of folk rock favorites like Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Joan Baez. Help us to release our 1st EP!

Short Summary

We met in 2011 when Sarah began taking on the role of Yusif's business manager. It wasn't long before Yusif discovered Sarah's hidden talent as a vocalist and the decision was made to have her join the band, adding sweet melodic harmonies to Yusif's already distinct sound.

Since that time they have been writing and recording new music while completing three rigorous tours covering the US coast-to-coast. Now they need your help to officially launch their EP and continue work on the full-length album.

What We Need & What You Get

Our goal for this campaign is $5,000 and this is how we plan to use it:

$1,000 - Printing & Distribution A.K.A. Printing the first short run of the Limited Edition EP and cd case as well as packaging and shipping the first EP orders.

$1,500 - Music Video & Promotion A.K.A. Hiring a professional videographer to edit and film the music video for "Here In My Arms" and assist with additional short promotional videos and photography, including the video for this campaign. IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET, PLEASE DO, YOU MAY HURT HER FEELINGS IF YOU DON'T!

$750 - Merchandising A.K.A. Printing T-shirts, stickers, etc. The various schwag items you buy from us at our shows because you love us so much!

$1,250 - 2013/2014 Tour Support A.K.A. Gas is expensive and we need help getting to a city near you.

For each contribution made to help reach our goal we've designed some groovy rewards we hope you will like. We've put special effort in being sure we had plenty of rewards for you to have a chance at one-on-one time with the band, be that in a lesson, a home delivery or a live performance at your house!

If we aren't able to reach our goal :-( we will most likely need to delay the release of the full-length album. We are committed to fulfilling our rewards to you, so if we have to get day jobs to do it, we will!

The Impact

As a Kuwaiti-American, evacuted from Kuwait with his family during the Gulf War, Yusif has seen and experienced war first-hand. In a world that continues to be ravaged by war The Gypsy Lights have a positive and peace evoking message. Your contributions can help us share that with the world in an effort to continually make the world a better place.

Other Ways You Can Help

Much of The Gypsy Lights music focuses on themes of peace, love and anti-war sentiments, so please SHARE THE LOVE.

Every little bit counts so the simple act of "Liking" us on Facebook and sharing the link to our campaign, posting the link on your blog or website or just letting your friends know about us in a coversation can go a long way!

Participate Early!! We will be offering an Early-Bird special perk for those who contribute in the first week!  This will include an invitation to an exclusive private send-off show in early September before we venture off to LA.

Team on This Campaign: