The Gross Food Guide

A kid's app exploring the "grossest" foods people like to eat all around the world and why local people don't think they are gross at all.

What is The Gross Food Guide?

We're creating the Gross Food Guide app to show kids the grossest foods from all over the world and why local people don't find them gross at all.

We're parents of kids who love exploring gross stuff and they LOVE online games and Apps. We bet your kids do too. That's why the Gross Food Guide app will be so much fun for kids and why parents will love the fact their kids are learning about food while playing.


Why The Gross Food Guide?

For the last 18 months I've been developing a creative idea very close to my heart. It's a kid's food project based on four fictional characters, Dill, Olive, Sprout and Pickle, who travel the world and even go back in time (with the help of a magic book of course!) to discover the weird, wacky and amazing stories behind the food we eat.

The principle behind the project is one a lot of us can identify with. It is, simply, that our children are growing up in a world where they have lost their connection to the real value of food. As a result they often don't appreciate the food they eat, where it comes from and why certain foods will be tastier and better for them than others. 

Frankly, that's a bit of a heavy message for your average 6 - 10 year old. They'd much prefer play an online game or watch a TV cartoon that's funny and full of adventure. Which is why I came up with The Gross Food Guide - a funny way of opening kids eyes to the weird, wonderful and, yes, quite gross, foods we all like to eat around the world and why different cultures celebrate them.

The app introduces four young food adventurers - Dill, Olive, Sprout and Pickle. Through their adventures your kids will laugh and learn about global food and culture...and there'll be plenty of burp and fart jokes along the way.

What You Can Expect from The Gross Food Guide App

The £15,000 we hope to raise will cover the cost of building an app that looks at five of the grossest foods. The App is geared towards amusing and educating children about different foods and cultures. It will feature:

  • fun facts
  • quizzes
  • food history
  • An interactive game

Here is what one of the games - Catch the Goat's Poo - could look like:

goats poo game



By contributing £5 to the campaign you will receive the Gross Food Guide app (provided we hit our £15,000 goal) and a big thanks from us! We've also created series of other perks to entice you help us fund the campaign. They include:

  • A signed digital poster of Dill, Olive, Sprout and Pickle
  • The chance to choose which Gross Foods we include in the app
  • An ebook guide to crowdfunding written by Matthew Yeomans
  • A free pair of kids' shoes from speciality store Liquorice Laces
  • The opportunity for your kid to take part in one of the adventures

Full details of all the perks are described on the right side of this page.

Our Funding Model

We've chosen to fund this campaign on a flexible funding basis. That means we keep any money pledged to the campaign even if we don't hit our £15,000 goal. If we don't hit the £15,000 target we will still create a version of the App. However it will be smaller in scale than the original idea.

If The Gross Food Guide campaign is successful enough to raise more than the £15,000 we'll invest the extra funds in creating more original, food adventure online content featuring Dill, Olive, Sprout and Pickle.

Pounds vs Dollars

We've chosen British pounds as the currency to raise funds because we are UK based. However anyone around the world can contribute. Keep in mind that the exchange rate for the pound to the US dollar is about £1 to $1.5 at present.

Why Help Fund Us?

There are thousands of kids' apps out there but how many entertain and educate at the same time? By having fun with Gross Food we believe we can get your kids interested in all different types of food and come to value other people's tastes and opinions.

Our team has a great track record in creating fun, engaging content. Matthew has written about food and travel for many leading publications and co-created the Gastrokid kids' brand. Phil has a stellar track record helping animate hit shows like The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Bob's Burgers.

If you put your trust in us and help fund the Gross Food Guide, we'll do our upmost to deliver to you a top quality app your kids will love.

Other Ways You Can Help

During the course of this campaign we'll be flexing every social media sinew in our bodies to spread word about the Gross Food Campaign and get it funded. We'd love you to tell as many people as possible about the campaign and share the link to this funding page.
It's a lot to ask everyone to help make the Gross Food Guide a success. We won't let you down.

Team on This Campaign: