The Great MacDaddy

The Great MacDaddy is a satirical Odyssey driven by rhythmic blues that takes the audience on a lyrical journey through the power of storytelling.

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared our link, and supported us in reaching our $10,000 goal! We are forever grateful to you for helping us to revive this rare classic play! Tickets are now on sale via Telecharge. To purchase tickets click here! Previews start November 15th and Opening Night will be on Thursday, November 29th! We can't wait to see you in the brand new 777 Theatre!

THE GREAT MacDADDY is BACK...35 years later!

One of the sexiest, funniest, and most ground breaking theatrical experiences to ever hit New York is BACK after 35 years and IT'S BETTER THAN EVER!!! Before there was Hip Hop, there was The Great MacDaddy. Considered one of the Negro Ensemble Company’s classic works, The Great MacDaddy, written by Paul Carter Harrison, was last staged at the Theatre De Lys in 1977, and is now being revived 35 years later for the enjoyment of a whole new generation! Through your donations Korner Theatricals, Alfred Preisser, Diane Batson and the Negro Ensemble Company in association with Jaylene Clark, The Hip Hop Theatre Festival, Freedome Bradley and The City Parks Foundation will present this great work at the 777 Theatre this fall (November). In this world of virtual reality that isn’t real, we want to pay homage to the rich oral tradition of story-telling through African-American folklore!

What is The Great MacDaddy?

The Great MacDaddy is a play-with-music that resurrects many of the fabled heroes of the urban storytelling tradition, including Shine, Stagolee, and the Signifyin’ Monkey.  It is a satirical romp driven by a funky Music characterization that advances the story of a young, egotistical MacDaddy, the beneficiary of his father’s illegal booze fortune during Prohibition, who crosses the American landscape on an odyssey in search of Wine, the custodian of the formula for his father’s legacy.  It is a Time-travel odyssey across the United States in the 20th Century that has the young, self-indulgent MacDaddy discovering a world of hostilities where he encounters many cautionary trials and tribulations until he discovers Wine among the ancestors in the South and becomes enlightened with a spiritual wisdom he must share with his people in the 21st Century. It is the conclusion of an often humorously raucous, yet captivating journey that galvanizes the audience to a sense of collective celebration.

Production History

When this play was originally produced in 1974 by the Negro Ensemble Company, the stellar cast included legendary actors and actresses such as Phylicia Rashad, Hattie Winston, Cleavon Little, and the late, great Al Freeman, Jr..

Phylicia Rashad has this to say about The Great MacDaddy today:

“‘The Great MacDaddy” is as relevant today as when it debuted at the Negro Ensemble Theater over thirty years ago.  Come and enjoy this revival!"

Hattie Winston says this:

“How thrilled I am to know that the Negro Ensemble is once again mounting Paul Carter Harrison's 'The Great MacDaddy.' All those years ago when I was in the original production with actors such as Al Freeman, Jr., I had no idea that we were participating in an historical event.  I had no idea, although I should have suspected it, that ‘The Great MacDaddy’ would inspire, thrive, live on and take its place in the canon of African American Theatrical Literature. I am so very pleased to know that a new generation of theatre-goers will be able to take this journey through the history of a people. My people.

The Impact

For hundreds of years it was the oral tradition that defined a culture, maintained an identity, and passed along the history of a people for generations. Through The Great MacDaddy we want to bring the excitement of storytelling to the 21st century. For 2 hours and 30 minutes we want the audience to be swept up in the music, mesmerized by the dance, entertained by the raucous humor, and engrossed in classic urban folktales with a modern twist. Paul Carter Harrison is a phenomenal playwright and with your help we can revive his great work and show the world once again why The Great MacDaddy is the “greatest MacDaddy of all the MacDaddies who can do anything in this world!”

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