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A documentary that examines the positive sides of Detroit. We are in the final stages of production and need some additional financing to cover cost.
Anthony Brogdon
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Detroit, Michigan
United States
1 Team Member

Will you please help us complete production of this film? Your contribution will go a long way to helping us spread the word about the real Detroit.


The Great Detroit? It was-It is-It will be

A documentary that examines the history of Detroit, currently what's happening and pride of Detroiters. This film cover many aspects from the business, technology, education, religion, social services, recreation, arts, and more. It's over 50 interviews and tons of footage of Detroit's landscape from downtown, to midtown, to Southwest, West, and East side of the city. This film is going to be huge for promoting a positive perspective on the city.

The film will highlight how Detroit came to be, the first settlers, the layout of the streets, etc, our participation in the war to fight for US freedom, it will include information such as why Detroit became the automotive capital and show Henry Ford first office and assembly line, the birthplace for Motown and show inside Hitsville the music studio, how Detroit is considered the birthplace for puppet arts with an interview of the founder of a puppet museum, how Detroit is the hub for hydroplane boat racing, how Detroit is the birthplace for Electronic Music, how the Detroit Yacht Club sits on a man made island and so much. We include footage of Detroit's landscape and many of its annual public events. 

 Here's the list of interviewees: 

Igor Gozman, Puppet theater and museum, Detroit is the founding of puppet theater,

Jacob Yousif Downtown supermarket owner, Happy to operate in Detroit

Vince Passalaegua Mario’s restaurant owner, Family business operating years

Tony Stoval, Hot Sam’s Men’s clothing owner, Over 100 years old, still in downtown Detroit

Brenda Jones Midtown Coffee shop owner, Newly opened, Midtown is the best

Mike Bernacchi, Professor of Marketing, What is the makeup of Detroit

Brian Pastoria, Harmony Park Media Group, Wanted to be apart of Detroit entertainment scene

Paul Wasserman, Henry the Hatter, Operating over 100 years,

Toni McIlwain, Raverdale Community, Social service, Detroiters are supportive of each other

Jerry Smith, Capukin Kitchen, Detroit’s have supported them financially and otherwise

Peggy Brennan, Green Garage, One of its kind center to promote efforts in green technology

Daniel Scarsella, Motor City Brewers, I won’t have any other place than Detroit

Richard Freitaj, Loves living in midtown for convenience to entertainment venues

Janet Jones, Source Bookstore, Detroiters have a thirst for knowledge

Sylvia Scott A life long Detroiter

Rick Sperling, Mosaic Youth Theater, Talented youth have performed internationally

Roy Arnett, Developer, Detroit has a ton of residential development possibilities

William Rands, Chairman of Hydroplane Racing Association, history of the race and how big is event

Bob Cosgrove, Resident historian of IndianVillage, type of homes in the village

Bill Lyons, Past Commodre of Detroit Yacht Club, history and uniqueness of club

Lori Feret, Friends of Belle Isle, history of island and what’s on the island

Tom Schoenith, Rooster tail, Detroit entertainment night life

Daniel Carmody, Eastern Market, Biggest urban market in the country

Richard Rubens, FordPiquetteMuseum, Birthplace on automobile and American industry


Jason Lee DACEP

Wojciech Zolnowski and Robert Sullivan at International Institute on Detroit’s ethnic history

Christina Devlin at Pewabic Pottery

Seven teenage boys at Youthville on how the center helps them

UAW Michael smith Wayne State Urban Studies

Debra Hunt at DanceWindsorAcademy 

Pastor Steve at PeacemakersChurch on how they help those in need

Grand Marshall Producers of Corktown race and St. Patrick’s Day parade

Carlos Assistant father of St. Anne’s Church

William Young at Focus Hope

Risarg Huff of Neighborhood Service Organization

Father Karl Kriser at University of Detroit High School

Dan Dean at Nicholson Terminal Detroit on world trade

Jennette Pierce at D-hive what they do

Robert Bury at Detroit historical Museum

Anthony Michaels at the Parade Company Thanksgiving Day parade and fireworks

Kathy Wendler at Southwest Business Solutions

Oliver Ragsdale at CarrArtsCenter

Elias Khalil author of Cass Corridor on Noel Night in Midtown

Jim Starks Michigan Sports Hall of Fame

Rev Dr. Jim Holley of Little RockBaptistChurch

Luther Keith, Arise Detroit

Larry Alexander Detroit Convention and Visitors Bureau

Jenette Pierce, DHive

Tour guide at RenaissanceCenter


Gary Winston Auto plant retiree

Marsha Music on DetroitParadiseValley

Rev Wendell Anthony on NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner

Malik on Urban Gardening

Dan Varner Excellent Schools , Inc


Who we are:

Anthony Brogdon is the producer and director. His background includes production of "Foot Soldiers" a play. So this is his first movie production, however he has several people on the board who have movie production experience to consult him on the project.

Hugh Hatten is the Director of Photography. He has over 8 years of experience as a camera operator and has worked on 6 documentaries and 11 feature length films.

There have been several news stories done about this project

Huffington Post Detroit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/28/anthony-brogdon-filmmaker_n_1833916.html

Detroit 20 20, honored as Detroiter of the Week http://detroit2020.com/2012/10/05/our-person-of-the-week-shows-detroit-at-its-best/

Detroit Unspun                           http://blog.thedetroithub.com/2013/02/21/locally-produced-the-great-detroit-it-was-it-is-it-will-be-looks-to-release-in-march/


What will we use your contributions for:

We are over 55% done with the interviews and supplementary footage. We estimate another 7 interviews remain plus we have edited as we go, so we have to combine all the interviews, add music, and we're finished.

Your contribution will be used to cover the remaining expense of camera and edit time.

What will we do with the film once released:

We intend to have a huge premier, with red carpet, spot light type atmosphere. And, to donate some of the ticket proceeds to several non-profits.

We intend to have local theaters show the film.

We intend to have screenings at several national and international film festivals. (This is how the world will see the film)

We intend to upload short versions of the film on our youtube channel, Strong Detroit.

We intend to distribute Dvds via many metro Detroit area gift and convenience shops, like at the airport, museum and bookstores.

What you get for supporting our efforts:

We offer many perks for your support, from a Strong Detroit decal, to the Dvd and a Strong Detroit t-shirt, to your name listed among the film's credits we offer two catoregories, patron and Gold Supporter and our most expensive perks has all of the above plus admission for a private screening of the film.

Our marketing efforts for the film include:

We have a youtube channel that includes the trailer plus other videos we and other producers have shot.

We have a facebook group, Detroiters at Heart which has over 1,500 members and we post about the film's progress along with other topics about Detroit.

We have a facebook page for the film 

We have printed 5000 postcard flyers and 2000 business cards and 30 legal size posters.

We have also emailed a press release on serveral occassions to various local newspapers and television stations. We are hoping to soon have a story written about us or an interview.

This film is going to be huge:

We have been working on this project for over 2 years. We are ready to complete it. Will you help us and even if not with a contribution, tell others, like us, join our fb group and spread the word.

We appreciate you taking time to review this campaign.

Anthony Brogdon
Executive Producer


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    Our bronze patron ad where you will receive a Dvd, decal and we'll list your name in the film's credits under the Bronze heading

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    Our gold patron ad where you will receive a Dvd, T-shirt, decal, a poster of Detroit's skyline, and we'll list your name in the film's credits under the Gold heading,

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $269USD
    Platinum supporter perk

    Our Platinum patron ad where you will receive a 3 Dvds, 3 decals, 2 T-shirts, 2 baseball hats, a poster of Detroit's skyline, 2 tickets to the regular theater showing and we'll list your name in the film's credits under the Platinum heading

    0 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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