The Good Friend

How well do you know your friends?

Our Story

The Good Friend is a horror movie that screenwriter Marcus Sabom has written as an homage to Italian giallo films and the original Black Christmas (1974) with a modern twist.  Four women going through life and experiencing the short-comings of men post their grievences on social networking sites.  A mutual friend of theirs has decided to take matters into his own hands to solving his friends' problems.  This horror film promises to be brutal, compelling, and to keep you guessing.


Check the gallery for photos of the actors that have been cast. 


Todd Jason Cook, director of Zombiefied (www.zombiefiedmovie.com), has agreed to lend his experienced eye for dynamic lighting and camera work to the project as the Director of Photography.  Additional cast and crew information will be posted as it is available.

The Impact

Social networking sites (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) have created wonderful tools for keeping in touch with people, re-connecting with long lost friends, and staying up-to-date with what's going on in each other's lives.  Unfortunately, these sites have also allowed humanity's darkside to move at a much faster rate.  Publicly airing private personal business has become common on these social networking sites.  Who sees it is something that you have little to no control over, and even if you did, how well do you truly know ALL of the people on your "friends list"?  This film explores that concept.

What We Need & What You Get?

This movie needs money for equipment such as lights, film, and sfx material.  This film requires little to no CGI work, so all sfx will be practical.  We need to feed and pay our actors and crew.  We'll have six main parts (four female, two male), and quite a few smaller roles that can be accomplished in a day or two worth of filming. 


All donors will receive a special thank you in the closing credits of the film.  Those who make larger donations will receive movie merchandise, a chance to be an extra, and to have dinner with cast and crew.  Details in the side column.


A movie does not happen overnight.  Time and energy is required.  We will work hard to make the best movie possible. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Word of mouth is vital.  Even if you are unable to donate, spread the word anyway, thanks!  This my directorial debut, so I'll need all the help I can get.

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