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Johnny is struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of his grandmother when he discovers a way to travel back in time to 1972 to say his final goodbye.
James McCaughley
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United Kingdom
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A Little Bit About Myself...

First things first...Hello my names is James McCaughley, I am 20 years old and have been passionate about film all my life. For the past two and a half years I have been studying film at Coventry University. I have been working very hard to produce quality films and now I want to create my biggest project to date, The Girl in the Meadow

But what is The Girl in the Meadow? I hear you say. Well please carry on reading and (hopefully) all will be revealed.      

What is 'The Girl in the Meadow'

The Girl in the Meadow is a short sci-fi drama that focuses on the life of a young man Johnny who is struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of his grandmother. He wishes more than anything to have been able to say goodbye. One day when he is helping his granddad move house - due to it holding too many memories - he discovers an old super 8 camera. This camera belonged to his grandmother and - for reasons explained later in the film - allows him to travel back in time to the last time the camera was used; back in 1972. This puts Johnny and his grandmother at exactly the same age as each other. Johnny finally gets his wish. He now has the chance to talk to his grandmother one last time but she won't even know who he is. 

Please watch this video to find out more about the short film. 

The Book

The film is just one half of the project. I have been writing a novel of The Girl in the Meadow which will be released after the film. Early drafts of each chapter have been posted on the official blog. The idea of this is to allow readers to share their opinions and help shape the story before it enters the production stages. Here is a short extract from the opening of the book:

The sound of raindrops pelting on umbrellas and raincoats was a blissful distraction for Johnny. A distraction from reality. A distraction from a truth Johnny so desperately wanted to forget.
He was drowning in a sea of black suits and dresses. In front of this sea stood an old frail-looking man with a white collar around his neck. The old man’s voice sounded muffled in Johnny’s ears. All he could hear was the pitter-patter of the rain trickling down his face. He didn’t want to know what was being said. He didn’t want to know, he was quite content surrounding himself with his own thoughts, his own distractions. He wasn’t ready to accept the unbearable truth...  

To read more of the novel and see an insight to stages of publishing it please click on the following link: http://thegirlinthemeadow.wordpress.com/category/pre-production/writing-the-book/  

Online Presence 

In modern cinema, online presence is a key factor to the success rate of a film. We have created an array of different sites which will be updated on a regular basis so you can see the progress of the film.

Official Blog

Link to site: http://thegirlinthemeadow.wordpress.com/

This is the main source of online documenting for the film and will provide readers with detailed updates of the films progress. Please click on the link above to view the blog in full. 

Official Twitter

Link to site: https://twitter.com/GirlintheMeadw

The twitter account will provide readers with brief updates of the films progress focussing mainly on imagery. Please click on the link above and follow The Girl in the Meadow.    

Official Facebook Page

Link to the site: https://www.facebook.com/girlinthemeadow

The Facebook page for The Girl in the Meadow contains an array of different media that fans can get hold of including videos of test shoots, photo galleries showing the progress of location scouting, costume designs and much more. Please click on the link above and follow the official page for the film.

Test Shoots

So far we have produced three test shoots for the film, all focussing on different elements: 

The earliest test shoot is a section from the scene where Johnny discovers that there is a used tape in the old super 8 camera. This test shoot helped decide on types of shots to use and the editing style of the film.

Another test recently done was an equipment exercise. We used the sony FS700 to practise using its slow motion capabilities. Filming in a low lit room resulted in the rolling shutter 'flickering' effect. Through this experiment we have learnt that we need to use professional lighting to get a crisp image.    

And finally this video - which is shown at the top of this page - is an early test shot of the meadow scene. This was a test to see whether the location would look good on film. We used a canon 5Dii with a 50mm prime lens combined with hand held techniques to create an intimate, close feel to the character of the grandmother.  

What We Need & What You Get

We are already in the pre-production stages of making the film. The money raised by this campaign will go towards transport costs, catering, props/clothing, payment of actors and funding for submissions to film festivals.

Updates will be posted on the films official sites (above) so you know what your hard earned dosh is being spent on and how it will help make the film.

'But what's in it for me?' I hear you say. Well, as well as earning our most sincere gratitude, you can receive a selection of wonderful perks. 

The first perk available to take advantage of is a limited edition original woodblock print of 'The Girl in the Meadow' (below). MORE PERKS AVAILABLE SOON! 

Updates of the production of these Perks will be posted on the short films official websites during the post production stages of the film. Copies of the film can be purchased after its production. These will be made available to buy online and shown on the films official pages.  

Other Ways You Can Help

If you don't have the money to donate then there are still other ways you can help out and make this film become a reality. Make some noise and share this campaign! (don't forget to use the indiegogo share tools).  

Thank you for your time and see you on the other side!

James McCaughley (Writer/Director of The Girl in the Meadow)

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    Woodblock print

    As well as the above, you will receive a limited edition original woodblock print of 'The Girl in the Meadow'. Framed and signed by the artist John McCaughley. Post & Packaging: £4 extra

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