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Help Release The Ghosts In Our Machine in the U.S. this Fall!
Nina Beveridge
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Toronto, Ontario
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Help Release The Ghosts In Our Machine in the U.S. this Fall


THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is an award-winning documentary that illuminates the lives of individual animals living within and rescued from the machine of our modern world. Through the heart and photographic lens of celebrated animal photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, we become intimately familiar with a cast of animal subjects. 

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE was conceived in 2010 and was recently released to sold out audiences at the International Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto, where it was voted a Top Ten Audience Favourite. The film has been screening across Canada. You can read over 30 reviews here.

Watch the video above to learn more, and to meet me, Liz Marshall, the director of Ghosts.

We are now focused on bringing Ghosts to you in the U.S. this fall. Our social media metrics tell us that the U.S. is our #1 fan, so we are that much more determined and excited to bring the film to a diverse U.S. audience. 

Our campaign is a vital opportunity to make a genuine and significant impact, for the animals. Ghosts is well positioned to be a catalyst for change. There is an undeniable wave of consciousness emerging about the animal question, and about the horrors and insanity of the industrialized system, which has reduced billions of animals, annually, to bits and parts; tools for production. 

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is part of this zeitgeist

Support Us 

We can get the job done for $30,000, but please know that every additional dollar raised will increase our chances for success (additional funds will be spent on marketing and publicity). For those of you who have been following us closely, you will notice we have pared down our financial ask to reflect a smaller plan. 

With your financial support we will conduct an Oscar Qualifying Theatrical release in LA and NYC this fall. With the help and expertise of our Campaign Team we will fulfill the Academy criteria and in doing so we will generate national media, target our demographic, build momentum and buzz at the grassroots and beyond. Our NYC/LA Theatrical Release will effectively kick off a longtail distribution path in the U.S. to include other cities, and to release the film in various ways with the help of our distributors. 

  • Digital 
  • Community
  • Broadcast
  • Educational 

All of this will place the film before the general public, which is the goal.
Change is a profound ripple effect. 

We need to reach beyond the choir

...and, the choir is important; they are the champions who help spread the word to those who already care. We have partnered with several well established animal advocacy/protection/rescue organizations. These important organizations believe in THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE, and we are honoured to partner with them: Farm Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, PETA, NEAVS, Compassion Over Killing and The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy. With their help we will reach vibrant U.S. animal loving communities.   


We have carefully crafted the Perks on the right side, we're sure you will love them. It's time to share the jewels from our multimedia treasure chest. This is the perfect opportunity!  

For the Ghosts

Help us in our efforts to change the world for animals. Help us to usher THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE into the spotlight in the U.S., and to continue to put the animal issue on the radar!  We know that lots of people will love the film, and we know it will continue to be critiqued. This attention will only continue to aid the larger social and moral dialogue that is starting to happen in North America. The time is right. 

Other Ways You Can Help 

If you cannot contribute financially but want to support us, please SHARE our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, widely, and help us make it viral.  Thanks so much. 

Thanks to each of you for your consideration. We greatly appreciate it. 

For the Ghosts, 

- Liz Marshall, on behalf of the Ghosts team. 

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$30,000 USD goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 27, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $10USD

    An expression of good will and a good deed, for the Ghosts. Your name and email will be automatically added to our U.S. Release e-mailing list.

    65 claimed
  • $25USD

    The above, plus your name added to our Community Wall of Fame, this will go live on our website in October.

    99 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $50USD

    All of the above plus an .MOV file of The Ghosts In Our Machine Interactive Story by Interactive Directors The Goggles (former Art Directors of Adbusters Magazine), plus a downloadable high-res Ghosts movie poster designed by The Goggles and autographed by Director Liz Marshall and Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur.

    38 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $100USD

    All of the above plus 1 x high-res colour downloadable photograph of the Ghosts team, plus our high-res downloadable black and white conceptual logo design representing the four main animal industries, plus a downloadable PDF sneak peek inside Liz Marshall's editing notes and scribbles, plus 3 downloadable computer wallpaper files of Ghosts designs.

    18 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $150USD

    A digital copy of The Ghosts In Our Machine, the award-winning theatrical 92 minute documentary, plus your photo and name on our Special Friends of the Ghosts Wall of Fame photo mosaic, plus 1 x FOR THE GHOSTS t-shirt of animals trapped within the machine of our modern world. Haunting and minimalist, you have to look twice to figure it out, generously designed by New York based artist Michele Gorham.

    42 claimed
  • $300USD

    All of the above plus 8 x high-res watermarked colour downloadable iconic Ghosts photos by Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur of the cast of nonhuman animals featured in The Ghosts In Our Machine, including a PDF description/story about each animal subject written by Director Liz Marshall.

    4 claimed
  • $500USD

    All of the above plus 12 x high-res watermarked downloadable photographs by Jo-Anne McArthur of a cast of farmed animals rescued by Farm Sanctuary, photographed during the production of The Ghosts In Our Machine, includes a PDF description/story about each rescued animal.

    2 claimed
  • $1,500USD

    All of the above plus 2 x tickets to our LA or NYC Premiere (travel not included), plus 10 x high-res Behind the Scenes photos taken during the making of The Ghosts In Our Machine, includes a PDF document of the story behind each image, written by Director Liz Marshall, plus 1 x personal retail DVD: Anamorphic presentation/Dolby Digital 5.1 / With Extra Features / Theatrical Trailer. Eco-friendly packaging. Vegan printing. Region 0.

    5 claimed
  • $3,000USD

    All of the above plus a downloadable podcast called Property or Sentient Being? consisting of interviews with international thinkers, leaders and activists, including: Bruce Friedrich; Jonathan Balcombe; Theodora Capaldo; Vandana Shiva, Lori Marino and others, plus 12 x high-res colour watermarked digital still frames of rescued animals from the film shot by Cinematographer Nick de Pencier on an EPIC RED camera for the films opening and closing sequences.

    0 out of 15 claimed
  • $5,000USD

    All of the above plus an exclusive 30-minute Skype conversation with Director Liz Marshall and Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, plus a 30-minute exclusive phone consultation with Donna and Rosemary, our Ghost-Free Journey Mentors, plus an .MOV file of the films' artfully designed credit sequence, interlaced with statistics about animal industries, accompanied by the beautifully haunting song Give Up the Ghost by RADIOHEAD.   

    1 out of 6 claimed
  • $7,500USD

    All of the above plus 1 x We Animals book signed by Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, plus 1 x Main Street Vegan book signed by best selling Author, radio show Host and public figure Victoria Moran, plus 1 x signed Ghosts movie poster, plus 1 x LUSH Charity Pot hand cream, plus 1 x DVD of Director Liz Marshall's award-winning documentary "Water On The Table" plus 1 x DVD of Producer Nina Beveridge's film "The Idealist".

    0 out of 5 claimed
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