The Generations

A gifted young man (Kris Quixin) is recruited into a mysterious organization known as The Generations.
Justin MacGregor
Kelowna, British Columbia
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The Generations Plot

The Generations is the story of a gifted young man named Kris Quixin, who is recruited into a mysterious organisation, after the death of his mother. This secret society is composed of very old, and very powerful men who all possess an ability that allows them to evade death, and drastically extend their lifespans. Their collective histories date back hundreds of years. They are known as The Generations. Kris will learn that he too possesses this ability, of which he inherited from his father, who was once the leader of The Generations. Kris will learn of the powers and responsibilities of his gift, and the legacy of his father. He will discover his true place within The Generations, and ultimately...the universe. 

The Generations Project

For the last year and a half, the two of us (Justin MacGregor and Anthony Ross) have been writing a film based on the subject of dying. Why think about death? What can we gain by contemplating this absolute fact that one day we won’t be here? Thinking of death brings us to realizations about our life NOW.

The Generations is a film about truly living. This theme is intricately laced with themes regarding relationships with friends and loved ones and discussions that follow the likes of religion, philosophy, traditions and beliefs on existence and how we live our lives. It’s also about leaving something behind for future generations. A legacy. This is ultimately why we make films. To live through our work and express ourselves as artists. This philosophy reflects the creative environment that we’re striving to create within the production of this film.

Our goal as director/writer (Justin MacGregor) and actor/writer (Anthony Ross) is to help others be a part of something creative and meaningful, while learning how to make ourselves better filmmakers, story-tellers and people in general. We wish to create a similar experience for everyone involved in the film. This is true of our volunteers on set, our actors, and especially our donation supporters that we hope to gain through this fundraising campaign. We invite you to join us in the making of this film, and to stay connected with it through our great pledge incentives, as well as our ongoing production diary. As contributors to the film, your support will help immensely in making this project reach it’s full potential. You will be investing in a film that you will be proud to have been connected to. One that can be shared for generations to come.  

 The Filmmakers: Justin MacGregor and Anthony Ross

In high school we started making movies together, and we haven’t stopped since. The projects that we would produce became our very own creative outputs, so we founded “Knock Knock Pictures”, our independent film production company. Through this, we’ve produced a number of short films, music videos and other media projects, including a 50 minute narrative film entitled “Iron Curtain”. Knock Knock Pictures has been our very own film school, allowing us to practice and train in our own creative disciplines, and develop as filmmakers.

This has all led up to this project. Over a year ago we started developing what would be our first full-length feature film.  A project that would truly embody our collective, creative soul. We asked ourselves, “What do we want to do before we die?” The obvious answer was, “Do what we love, make films.” We set out to write, and what we now have is an epic tale entitled, ‘The Generations.’

 What We Need & What You Get

We are aiming to raise 5,000$ to bring this project into complete fruition. Film festival submission fees are one of the main purposes for this funding, but it will also help with location rental fees, plus transportation and food for our team. Our projected spending of this goal is broken down into two categories. Production and Distribution. Half of the funds will be spent during the shooting of the film (Location rental, transportation, and food for cast/crew), and the other half will be spent bringing the film to audiences upon its completion (Film festival submissions, promotional materials)

We have some awesome perks that we will be sharing with our supporters.  Check out our listed pledge incentives to see what perks you can receive through your donations! No matter how much you put forth, you will be joining our team and becoming actively involved! You will be connected with the project throughout the entire process.

Regardless of whether or not we’ve reached our full goal amount, all the money will be put toward the expenses we described. Any amount that we raise, small or large, will help immensely in the success of this project. We are very fortunate to have a growing team of enthusiastic people helping us bring our dreams to the camera and we will thank you now for the help you provide. Every bit counts.

 The Impact of Your Support

This film is a completely independent project. All our current cast members, crew, as well as prop designers, script advisors, musical composers etc. are all volunteer. Nobody is being paid to be a part of this film. We will continue to make this film and see the project through with or without your support, but the impact that your contributions will have on the overall outcome and success of The Generations is massive. We are hard working and driven filmmakers who put every inch of ourselves into our work. Let our previous works be a certificate of our ability to successfully complete projects and bring our visions to life. The Generations is our proudest undertaking to date. It is the debut of our professional careers, and the first feature release of Knock Knock Pictures. Your contribution is fuel for our ambition. You are investing in not just this project, but in all of our future films to come. 

 Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help!

Here’s a couple ways anyone can help us in other ways:


  • Help us get the word out about our fundraising campaign! Share our campaign with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) You can use the Indiegogo Share Tools!
  • Share our campaign with people you know who might be interested in our project. (Family, friends, co-workers, email contacts, or anyone with an interest in film, the arts, etc.)
  • Ask us about ways you can help! Maybe you can provide a valuable contribution to the film through your profession, skills, services, connections, etc. 
  • Simply "like", follow, and share The Generations on Facebook, and the Knock Knock Pictures channel on Vimeo. (Links posted below)


Links and Contact!

The Generations onFacebook:

KnockKnockPictures on Vimeo:

Reach us by Email:


Justin MacGregor: 1-604-729-3944

Anthony Ross: 1-250-860-5549


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