The Gateway

Calling artists to work together on a short art film as the start of an on-going, creative community.
Mark & Donna Turner
San Diego, California
United States
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"The Gateway" - Artists Building Believers

This campaign is a fun way to invite you to come with us on a beautiful journey. The amount of money raised here shows those who can forsee the beauty. Whatever this campaign raises, we will find ways to proceed with those who join in, be they few or many.  Be one of the special group of people who "get it".

Please get to know us on the video above. It shows a clip of one of our short art films too.  The second video on the UPDATES TAB is an animation clarifying our grand objectives.

This art and film project calls artists into working relationship to make art in the souls of their audience. The art film production will first build community among artists working together. This will birth images, sound and motion which cause the audience to enter into significant conversations inspiring them to believe they too can fulfill their own potential.

A Hybrid Film

"The Gateway" is the fourth in a series of films which are prototypes of a growing collection exhibited in our Film Gallery Cafe events. These short films are hybrids of rich sound tracks of music, spoken word and sound effects supporting motion graphics from original artwork.  The continuity framework is provided by a poem.

The poem for "The Gateway" is about using our imagination as a vehicle of faith in prayer.  

The first three art films, "Comforting Hovers," "To the Diggers," and "A Prayer for Beauty," can be seen at  See the gallery on this site for "A Prayer for Beauty".

A Vehicle Sparks Community

This production takes on the ambtious goal of being the vehicle which helps start the community of artists we hope will make many more short art films.  With this invitation to submit your artwork, music compositions and voices to the production, you can become a member of this special working community.

For all artists submitting work to the project we have prepared a social network to facilitate your collaboration.  See it at our web site  Whether or not your work makes it into "The Gateway," your presence in the network will give you contact with new projects arising from the community, as well as the ability to propose projects for collaboration.

You have 2 ways to get into the credits of "The Gateway"

1. as a collaborating artist


2. as a funder

Of course you could do both!


What if you're a poor artist (most of us are!) and can't afford the $20 dollar entry fee?  Well, one of the levels of giving is for scholarships to be awarded to visual artists, composer-musicians, or vocal artists. These $20 scholarships will be awarded as each $30 level is donated on a first come, first serve basis. So, get in line by sending a sample of your work (three visuals in .jpg, or three audio files in .mp3). Bring your patron along and tell them how to give the $30 level.  Scholarship recipients will be required to supply a signed copy of a piece of their work to be given to their gracious donor.

The exposure this project will give you as an artist in the film, gallery and Collaborating Members network of our web site will increase as the film and gallery show are toured to various venues and the film is entered into film festivals.

Three Stages of the Project

1. Pre-Production & Production: First we need to take six months to plan and produce all the components of the film: the artwork, the sound recording, the photography, the music. We're calling artists to join the working community by submitting artwork, music compositions, and vocal work.

We need $8,000 to support this stage

The Money Goes To:

Artists & Performers honorariums
Producer & Director honorariums
Equipment Upgrade & Maintenance
Materials & Supplies
Transportation & Insurance
Team Communications Services
Space Rental
Manufacture & Shipping of Your Rewards

All funds raised beyond this first goal will be applied to the second goal of Post Production.

---------- Previewing the next two Indiegogo campaigns ----------

2. Post Production: We need to move right on into the three month editing and mixing stage of the project.  For this we need to upgrade our existing editing system to a current one which will make many more of these projects possible into the future.

This requires $9,375 which will be the goal
of our next campaign

3. Exhibition: There will be much anticipation among our fans to see the final product and we will hold a premiere event for it.  This event will serve to equip us for many events which we call the Film Gallery Cafe.  The short art films and the artwork used to make them form the content of the event in existing cafes which collaborate with us.  Viewers will stroll among the tangible art, watch the films, purchase beverages and have significant conversations in a cafe settting.  We will need funds for the expenses of the premiere event as well as for presentation equipment to book exhibitions on-going.

Total needed for this stage: $6,000 which will
be the goal of our third campaign

The Film Gallery Cafe exhibition will be publicized and staged at a venue in San Diego, California. The film will also be submitted to festivals around the world.

Your Rewards

For participating as an artist and as a funder you will receive very special honors including:

  • Copies of the film
  • Signed copies of artwork used in the film
  • Your name in the credits of the film
  • Beautiful desk and wall calendars with selected artwork from all four of our films
  • A book of the art from all four of the films signed by the filmmaker.
  • The chance for artists', musicians' and vocalists' work to be part of the film and to be featured in the gallery of our exhibitions
  • Being a part of this arts community with your own profile on our web site

Guidelines for Participants

Visual Artists: Visualize a section of the poem which we will send you. Any medium and style is accepted. Any photograph or other copyright material incorporated into the artwork must be accompanied with appropriate model releases and granting of rights by the copyright owner. The original works remain with the artist and remain the exclusive property of the artist who grants us non-exclusive rights. The artist creates digital files and submits them in high enough resolution and quality to make print versions for our gallery.

Music Composers: We are looking for a composer for the closing credits. Send us a sample of your work and your resume. Our preference is for neoclassical and experimental work such as by Phillip Glass, Christopher Rouse, Toru Tokamitsu, Arvo Pärt, Charles Ives and the like. Music for the credits should be contemplative and encourage thoughtful, philosophical conversation. The composer will produce their own music. The length will be determined when the number of credits is finalized. Verification of authorship will be required. Ownership of the work is retained by the composer and you grant us non-exclusive rights.

Voice Talent: We need soprano, alto, tenor and bass speaker/singers. After submitting an innitial singing/speaking audition (sent to us as an mp3 file), if you are selected, we will send you the text, music and directions to submit your rendition of your part in the sound track. You will send us well recorded .wav files of a variety of styles in spoken word and musical phrases. If we have "call backs", it will be to ask you to try a different style or pacing. The final selection will be based on the second audio file submission.  Good luck!

The selected artists, composer and vocalists will be announced shortly after the deadline of this campaign.

All funds will be administered by our non-profit arts organization Horizon Gate Productions, a 501(c)(3) corporation.  All donations are tax deductible.

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  • $10USD
    Arts Supporter

    You just want to show you believe in what we're doing. You Get: A hard copy of the poem used in the film signed with a thank you note by the poet, Mark Turner.

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  • $20USD
    Create Visual Art

    Submit digital files of your art visualizing a section from Mark Turner's poem which we will send you. Any style and any medium. You Get: 1. The chance for your art to be in the film and a print version to be hung in repeated exhibitions of the Film Gallery Cafe. 2. If selected, the opportunity to give your contact info and price your featured art at our live exhibitions. 3. If selected, film credit as one of the artists of the film. 4. Selected, or not, your own copy of the film DVD.

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  • $20USD
    Compose the Credits Score

    Submit samples of your work & your resume for a chance to compose the score for the credits. You produce the music and send us the .wav files, retain ownership & grant us non-exclusive rights. You Get: 1. If selected, exposure in our exhibitions, at film festivals and wherever it is viewed. 2. If selected, the opportunity to sell your own CD's at our live exhibitions. 4. If selected, film credit for your music. 5. Selected, or not, your own co

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  • $20USD
    Be Voice Talent

    1.) Submit a singing/speaking audition in .mp3 file; 2.) We will send you the script for reading and music for singing parts. You make recordings of the lines and musical phrases and return them for a chance to be one of the voices in our sound track. You Get: 1. Your talent showcased at our exhibitions, online and at film festivals. 2. If selected, the opportunity to advertise your talents at our live exhibitions. 3. If selected, film credit. 4. Selected, or not, your own copy of the film.

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  • $30USD
    Scholarships for Artists

    Many artists, musicians, and performers can not afford the $20 entry fee for this project, but you are there to back them up. Either send us the name and e-mail of someone you know who would like to enter their work, or tell us to choose someone (we know a lot of those poor artists!). You Get: 1. Your own copy of the film. 2. A signed copy of a work of art by the artist who received the scholarship.

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  • $50USD
    Honorariums for Artists

    Help us pay honorariums to the visual artists, musicians and singers who are selected to execute components of the film. You Get: 1. A copy of the film signed by Mark Turner. 2. Your name, if you so choose, in the credits of the film under "Thanks to".

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  • $75USD
    Honorariums for Leadership

    Help us honor the time and talent that the producer and director are giving without charging the going rates. You Get: 1. A copy of the film signed by Mark Turner. 2. Your name, if you so choose, in the credits of the film under "Thanks to". 3. A mug featuring Mark Turner's painting from the film.

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  • $150USD
    Production Gear Help

    Help us upgrade and maintain the lights, camera, tripod and dolly in the wear and tear of production. You Get: 1. A copy of the film signed by Mark Turner. 2. Your name, if you so choose, in the credits of the film under "Thanks to". 3. Desk calendar with 12 frames and 1 bonus frame from the art of all four of our short art movies.

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  • $300USD
    Prdctn. Materials & Services

    Help us get art supplies, gas for transportation, phone, internet services, software, meals, insurance and the endless list of necessities known and, as yet, unknown. You Get: 1. A copy of the film signed by Mark Turner. 2. Your name, if you so choose, in the credits of the film under "Thanks to". 3.A wall calendar with artwork from all four short art films as the pictures and dates from art history in the calendar.

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  • $500USD
    Prdctn. Space Angel

    We gotta have a place! Help us pay the rent so that we can work uninterrupted and securely. You Get: 1. A copy of the film signed by Mark Turner. 2. Your name, if you so choose, in the credits of the film under "Special Patrons". 3. A photobook of 30 frames from the art of all four films, signed by the filmmaker.

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