The Garden of Love Book - sowing the seeds of love and wisdom

A beautiful illustrated paperback book full of life lessons that will enable us all to enrich our lives - a journey of remembering who we are.


“ The Garden of Love Book”- Sowing the seeds of love and wisdom

Our children are the caretakers of tomorrow.

In this book we celebrate nature and art, opening the hearts and minds of children - inspiring them to explore the wonders of the natural world and thier own unique creative gifts. 


Sharing our stories is powerful.

The Garden of Love is a heart-warming storybook about Orange Moons journey in search for seeds of love and wisdom. Childhood memories will be interwoven throughout the book, gifting the reader an opportunity to wonder, imagine and reminisce. These shared stories of magical moments in nature evoke deep emotion in others. 

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” - Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees


Memories Are Seeds


Childhood is a very special and magical time.

Childhood is when we learn about the world and ourselves, and provides a foundation of who we’ll be in the future. That is why it is so important to have experiences in nature, exploring the WONDER of it all. Discovering bugs and tadpoles; playing tag and hide’n’seek; running wild and free; screaming and laughing loud as can be. Being enchanted by the beauty and peacefulness of the deer in the forested hills. Dancing amongst the wildflowers swaying in the mountain meadows. Tasting the sweetness of wild blueberries. Melting into a sunset and drifting off to sleep having been kissed by moonbeams.



So many have forgotten and have become too busy. Too busy to listen to the birds singing; too busy to stop and smell the sweet perfumed flowers; too busy to touch and feel the softness and warmth of the earth beneath their bare feet; too busy to simply take a moment to just breath a deep breath of happiness.

butterfly A

I believe that every child has the right to experience the wonder and awe of the natural world. Every child should be given the opportunity to dance amongst the dandelions; chase butterflies and make mudpies; sing with the birds and run wild and free in nature –Grow, nurture and taste their own vegetables. Be allowed to express themselves creatively through art. These basic and essential experiences should not be a privilege. They are part of childhood

happiness 2

"What is your favourite childhood memory?"

We need to tell our stories to the next generation to help them make sense of their lives. The impression and experiences of childhood are for ever. They mould and shape our life. They are precious! This book is about honouring the innocence of childhood and sharing our own childhood stories. 


Telling stories is an important part of healing and self-knowledge. A personal and spiritual vehicle for connecting us to other people and understanding ourselves and our place in the world. I believe storytelling to be a vital part of the circle of life.

Our first run of 4000 copies will be printed in February 2014 ready to be launched in April, the perfect time to start sowing seeds…Check out the wonderful REWARDS you will receive for your kind and generous contributions to the project Right hand side panel).

We are all flowers, seeds of life, gifting beauty, love and light…let us celebrate this beautiful journey together...

To walk, dance and celebrate a life of beauty, we must first be able to see the beauty in all life - Orange Moon helps us to see and experience the beauty in everything through sharing her journey.

om and bro 3

Let us join together in the celebration of life and keep the Enchantment of Childhood Alive.

Orange Moon's "Garden of Love" Book Gives Back

20% of all book sales of "The Garden of Love" will go back into helping fund Garden Projects to create and build “Gardens of Love” in communities – where all children can explore and enjoy the wonders of nature. There are seven sections in the book where you can choose to share your words of wisdom.


A "Garden of Love" can be as simple as 3 little flower pots: one full of herbs, one of vegetables and one full of flowers. 

urban 1

Urban Garden of Love: Fairy House Building

Keeping the Enchantment of Childhood Alive...

Not just a story: This unique book not only shares a heart warming story and your wise words of wisdom but there are also pages of meaningful art activities in this book too: These activities help children to see qualities in animals, birds and insects that we'd like to develop in ourselves: love and compassion, sharing and patience, respect and strength.


Nature Art Activity: Animal Masks

This book will leave your heart singing and your spirit dancing…


Nature Art Activity: Journey Stick


Nature Art Activity: Empowerment Pebbles

The beauty of the journey of empowerment play is that it brings the animals alive for the children in a way they'll long remember.


Why Are Books Important?

Reading books regularly stimulates children’s imagination, accelerates their emotional development and fosters natural curiosity. According to a recent research conducted by author Jim Trelease, regular reading of books “creates empathy toward other people, because literature values humanity and celebrates human spirit and potential, offering insight into different lifestyles while recognizing universality”


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the things we need most in the world.” - Philip Pullman

We have shared our stories since time began, from the earliest cave dwellers; we were creating and telling stories through our art.


I love the intimate tactile experience of holding a book in my hands. There is something magical about snuggling up with your child to share in the wonder of a picture book.

Why Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Child?

Sadly today, “the average Western child spends more than 90 per cent of their time indoors, and more than six hours a day in front of screens. We have become increasingly urban and disconnected from the natural world”, says David Suzuki, environmentalist “symptoms of our nature deficit are easy to spot; stress, obesity, heart disease, asthma, depression. The good news is that we already have an easy prescription for healthier lives and communities. We simply need to increase our dosage of nature”

Nature Nurtures Creativity…


We evolved in nature – if we become disconnected from the natural world we lose something magical, something so precious. We lose part of what it means to be human. 


I grew up in a home where art, nature and books were the stuff of everyday life. My parents, both art teachers allowed me the freedom to roam wild and my young mind was free to wander, explore and discover in the beautiful country-side of Scotland. That sense of awe and wonder has never left me. It’s what drives me to explore more, not just in art and nature but in life itself. The more I discover and learn the more I wish to share. I believe if we inspire a love for nature in a child, it will lead to a desire to protect it. 

We need to tell our stories to the next generation to help them make sense of their lives.


I feel incredibly honored and blessed to have been gifted this sacred journey in helping return our children to our Mother Earth and I am truly grateful to each and every one of you who has shared this journey with me. 

Why Indigogo?

Today, publishers are spending less money on children's picture books than ever before. Without this funding I will not be able to create or publish this book and generate funding for garden projects. With your support, together we can create and publish a book that will ignite imaginations, make hearts sing and spirits dance, thank you for caring, and most of all, thank you for Being YOU….love and peace Marghanita xx

"Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life." ~ John Lennon


The funding will cover the following costs: 

  • Printing first run of (4000 books) full colour paperback $8000
  • Write and edit both 36 page, full colour paperback book and 48 page ebook
  • Time to complete all 36 illustrations and photography
  • Artwork and design layout for both books
  • Publishing and marketing the books
  • Time to make, creat and deliver all of the Rewards
  • Book Launches
  • Website build and maintance
  • Indigogo's costs 
  • Record Audio book version
  • Record and produce a simple animated CD
  • Record and produce the Garden of Love Song to be released the same time as the book

Orange Moon and the Garden of Love


Ellouise, a vibrant , spirited 7 year old girl with a big heart…Her name Ellouise is French for gentle warrior but she prefers to go by her native name Orange Moon when she is with her family and animal friends.

Ellouise loved the vibrant hues so effortlessly displayed in her outdoor playground. Her father said this was because she was born on the night of an orange moon, quite a rare event. This was also why she was blessed with Orange Moon as her native name.

The Garden of Love

Lying under the shade of the large Walnut Tree, Orange Moon could feel Mother Earths heartbeat pulse through her tiny hands.  Gazing up to the light she felt her heart fill up with love. The gentle breeze brought a secret whisper telling Orange Moon it was time….

Let the journey begin…



What Do I Get For Supporting The Garden of Love? (Rewards

You can choose your reward by clicking on the reward on the rewards collum on the right side of this page.


I wished to create and gift unique and meaningful rewards for you, my beautiful brothers and sisters, in appreciation for your love and support for this vision with a task...

This is a partial list of what I came up with: Unique and Exciting Rewards made with Love (Orange Moons natural treasures are handcrafted by Marghanita and kindred souls using Earth Paints; natural timbers respectfully sourced. All materials are collected by hand. We only gather what we need and give thanks for what is gifted).

Signed Copy of Paperback Book and Orange Moon Felt beaded Love Heart made by Marghanita Hughes


Orange Moon Garden of Love Gift Box : handcrafted tree necklace and felt beaded love heart made with love by author, Marghanita. Also copy of paperback book and gemstone.


Signed copy of paperback book and packet of "Garden of Love" Wildflower Seeds


The Garden: Memories are seeds. "When I was a boy, the good times in my family were, more often than not, associated with nature - fishing trips, discovered snakes and captured frogs, with dark water touched by stars." - From Richard Louv's latest masterpiece - "The Nature Principle" Chapter 3

A signed print of one of the illustrations of your choice and a felt beaded love heart made by Marghanita Hughes.

PDF Screensaver of Orange Moon and the deer Illustration and oodles of thank you love xx


Invitation to join Marghanita at the premier book launch at either of the following locations: Edinburgh, Scotland; Vancouver, BC or in San Francisco. Looking at April- June 2014 (Travelling costs and accommodation not included; Dates still to be confirmed).


Exclusive Opportunity for 25 Supporters: Your words of wisdom (max 30 words) to be interwoven into the Garden of Love book with name credit.


A unique opportunity to own one of 5 Orange Moon Dolls - handmade special edition plus a signed copy of printed paperback book.


Exclusive Opportunity for 3 Supporters: You, your child, friend or family member's will be illustrated as a character that Orange Moon meets on her journey and will be seen forever. Your illustration will be drawn from a photograph and the reward comes with a framed close-up print of the illustrated child/adult in the book and full page print.

Collection of all illustrated prints from the book and signed copy of book


Signed copy of paperback book and one illustrated print

moon beam book mark


The main challenges may reside with print delays. Having been published before and self published, I understand the industry and how delays can happen unexpectedly. I will endeavor to ensure that we will produce and publish the book on or as near as the due date. Funding for the garden projects will come from book sales, the challenge here will be choosing which projects. We will open a submission section on the online virtual Garden of Love to be launched at the same time as the published book. It will depend entirely on the book sales as to how many garden projects we can help fund. 

"A vision with a task can change the world" - Chieff Seattle


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