The Funny Bunch

A television show FOR KIDS BY KIDS!

Want your child's story to become a TV show comedy sketch? Contribute to The Funny Bunch - a show BY KIDS FOR KIDS - and send us your story for consideration! 

Hi, we are the kids of The Funny Bunch! We drink our milk, eat our veggies, do our chores (well, most of them – helping tweeze dad’s nose hair seems like overkill) – and ALL we’re asking of you wonderful people is to help us make a 30-minute TV pilot so we can entertain the world, and any other galaxy that likes to laugh.

So, what is The Funny Bunch? We’re glad you asked. The Funny Bunch is a sketch comedy/variety show BY KIDS FOR KIDS. That’s right, we’re kid actors, singers, and dancers. And each show has a celebrity guest host!


Reading, Writing, It's Exciting

The Funny Bunch will partner with READING, WRITING, IT’S EXCITING (RWE), a nonprofit literacy program for children. RWE teaches kids how to use their imaginations to become better writers. They then provide them with memorable experiences, and this will be one of them … BECAUSE … each week, their kids will have their stories turned into either a Funny Bunch sketch or an animated short! So their words will be on TV! How cool is that?!


The Funny BunchThere's currently no sketch comedy shows on TV that features kids ages 8-14. Boo!!

Others targeted at kids have casts that feature mostly actors in their 20s. 

That’s cool and all, but kids of the world over ALSO love seeing kids their own age in shows, because they relate to them and it makes them believe they can do special things, too.


To make this project happen, we need to raise at least $20,000. That’ll help us pay for the TV studio, cameras, crew, and editor -- plus something the adults call marketing costs.

If the entire $20,000 is not raised, we will work really hard to find the rest. Plus, we’ll get 4 more paper routes, 3 more lawnmowing jobs, and if we have no other choice we’ll form a Nose Hair Tweezing Service for Dads. Please don’t make us do that!!


The Funny BunchHere's a list of some of our cool perks: An HD download of the pilot + signed script, a pilot IMDB thank-you credit, a walk on role (or background) for one of the sketches, and our biggest perk – a co-Executive Producer credit on the pilot.


More Episodes! More Rewards! More Awesome! Plus, we’ll do lots of happy cartwheels.


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Stephen KogonStephen Kogon, Executive Producer. Originally from Columbia, Maryland, Stephen moved to Los Angeles to become a writer and has written screenplays for the producers of the "Free Willy" movies, "The Thomas Crown Affair," "100 Girls," and "She Wants Me."

He is also the author of the humorous young adult novel, "Max Mooth – Cyber Sleuth and the Case of the Zombie Virus."

In 2009, he founded The Reading Writing It’s Exciting nonprofit literacy program, which teaches kids (ages 6-9) to use their imaginations to write creative stories.

Besides writing, Stephen's greatest passion is for sports. While he's never face painted, his devotion to his hometown Washington Redskins borders on the insane.


Jon SmithJon Smith, Executive Producer. Jon Smith, he has been in the entertainment industry since 1999. Born and raised in FL, Jon was heavily involved in the Improv comedy scene, producing tours and live shows up and down the east coast. During his first few years in the industry Jon also produced numerous music festivals, concerts, and live events.

He has produced over 200 live shows and several charity events throughout the country in the past twelve years.

With a background in various styles of martial arts, he has also helped to create re-enactment pieces for several shows as well fight choreography for both television and Feature films.

He has also produced or directed various music videos and commercials, both domestically and internationally.

He is married to actress Jane Park Smith and they live in Los Angeles, CA with their dog Rocky (who also works in the entertainment industry).


Venson KuchipudiVenson Kuchipudi, co-Producer. Venson runs his own digital marketing firm by day, but his passion,for over 20 years, has been creating documentary travel videos. Combing the two, he is perfectly situated to offer world class marketing services to the entertainment industry.

Along with his family, he has been involved in various charities that promote education and health to orphans in third world countries. His father founded Let's Get Involved, a non-profit entity to create AIDS awareness and to provide formal education for orphan children in India.

He is married and lives in Chicago, IL with two cats, but you can often find him traveling the world in search of adventure.


Julia GomezJulia Gomez is a 10 year old American born Brazilian actress who has been raised in Los Angeles. She speaks English and Portuguese. She started acting when she was four and has never stopped. Her first job was a commercial for the Brazilian channel, Globo. Since then she has done many jobs including being in the major motion picture "Rio," a Shell Oil commercial, a Skype commercial and many others. Julia was discovered by The Funny Bunch producers at her school when they saw this little girl with the big talent standing out.

Julia also serves as a youth ambassador for the Reading, Writing, It's Exciting literacy charity.




Sloane Morgan SiegelSloane Morgan Siegel was born in Washington, DC on November 22, 2000 and raised on a rescue farm in Falling Waters, WV until age 10. He was bit by the acting bug at age 9 and within a year he had won international acclaim as a top competitive amateur actor in Las Vegas, NV. He and his family moved to Los Angeles in 2011.

He's been in 10 feature films and completed a recurring co-star role on the CBS sitcom, “Partners,” and guest spots on popular shows such as “Wendell & Vinnie,” “Modern Family,” “Big Time Rush,” “The Neighbors,” and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. He's won an IAWTV Award as the lead in the variety series “Kids React” which also won a daytime Emmy and garners more than 2 million views a week. In his spare time he competes in indoor skydiving and Parkour, and volunteers at various No Kill pet shelters in the LA area.


Eryn NicoleEryn Nicole is a twelve year old American born Filipino/Italian actress who was born in Henderson, NV and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. In 2012, Eryn won “Best Pre-Teen Singer” at the 2012 Tribute to Teena Marie held in Hollywood. This past year she completed filming a starring role (Pendant) for the upcoming Web Series “THG: The Beginning,” based on the very first Hunger Games.

In addition to her musical and acting pursuits Eryn is very passionate about animals. She works with her family in their dog training business holding certifications in pet CPR and First Aid. She's often found cuddling with her chocolate Chihuahua Bruiser.

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