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Thai kids rescued from the sex trade are given a second chance. A documentary about hope and healing.
The Frangipani Project
Toronto, Ontario
8 Team Members


Our story is about an amazing group of people who have rescued children from the sex trade and given them a safe place to heal.


At the border crossing at Mae Sai, Thailand, children are recruited to be used in the sex trade. Once whisked away to Chiang Mai, these kids lose any opportunity to choose the life they want. Degraded through forced prostitution, they eventually turn into recruiters for the sex trade themselves in order to escape it. 

Into this situation comes Kru Nam, an artist who has dedicated her life to rescuing children from abuse, and building a home where they have the opportunity to choose a new life and get a second chance. There, with the help of the staff and the use of proven methods, the kids learn to trust again and to heal.


Our world is in crisis. This story shows what one person can do. That one person shows others the way to find the power of their own voices and the power to become instruments of change. We hope to give our audience an opportunity to see what hope looks like in the darkest of circumstances. And we look forward to participating in the healing process as well as filming it. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to leave something of ourselves behind as well as bring this story home.


We are seven filmmakers who have decided to use our talents for change. Having heard the story of Kru Nam through Christal Earle, the co-founder of the Canadian charity Live Different, we have come to the realization that our silence is our consent. This documentary will break that silence.


Christal Earle has worked with Kru Nam since 2007. Her support for our documentary is an important vote of confidence, and she has agreed to give us full access to herself, Kru Nam, and her team.


Documentaries usually tell the story of victims through interviews. We have decided to protect the privacy and dignity of these children above all. That means telling their stories in new ways – without submitting them to further indignities and exploitation.


The Frangipani story is what made activists of us all. In our introductory video, Christal gives us a glimpse of the story. On our update page you can hear the whole story. It’s the story of how one woman decided that she could no longer be silent.

It’s the story that gave birth to this project. 


Throughout the month we’ll be posting video introductions so that the indiegogo community can get to know us and understand our motivations individually. 


The kids come first. The seven of us have already raised $15,750 for the safe house's operation while we're there. So in addition to filming, we'll all be involved in building a better home. The $29,500 we're asking for on this campaign is for the production budget.

Thank you for considering a donation to our project. Don't let your silence be your consent.


Jeffery Marshall, Celeste Thorson, Peter McAuley, Meaghen Mckenna, Sugith Varughese, Screen Pages Inc, Casey Lynn, Edna Magder, djpj'z Ma, Moniquem O'neill, fzuckerman, Catherine Robertson ,David Philips Jones, Kayla Baxter, Quatro Group, Meissa Espina, Kim De Simone, Andrew Allen, Rylee Keys, Dgiles, Anna Kemble, Lily Theilmann, Hauch.linda, Krista Baker, Maryann.kehoe, Kathee O'Neill Cole, Alex Robertson, Cathy Jean, Cindy Kerr, Deirde Morse, Liv Sa, Patrick Perron, Cheryl Downes, Ralph.donna, Hansenkj, JamesGrovesOtt, Carlyons41, Joan Underhill, Tim Walma, Dustin Dubiel, Sultan Al Saud, Evelyn Lyons, Nora Underwood, NoraUnderhill, Hayden Foreman-Smith, IGroves, TAAG, Philip.Cheetham, Renee.Cloutier-Mcken, Sara Schmidt, Geoffrey Gunn, & the ubiquitous "Anonymouses".


Mohamed Hassan, Toronto Film School, The Office Pub, The Rivoli, Indiegogo and Breakfast Television




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$29,500 CAD goal
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This campaign ended on April 12, 2013
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  • $5CAD
    Silence Breaker

    Our deep appreciation for your support! You've taken a step to make a much needed change.

    4 claimed
  • $10CAD
    Agent of Change

    A personal Thank You on The Frangipani Project facebook page and a tweet for you from @frangipanidoc.

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  • $25CAD
    Pen Pals

    Our thanks on the Frangipani Project facebook and twitter pages, with your image attached to show the world your kindness. You will also get a Frangipani Project postcard signed by the whole team!

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  • $50CAD
    World Citizen

    Our thanks on the Frangipani Project facebook and twitter pages, with your image attached to show the world your kindness. You will also get a signed DVD copy of the finished film along with your postcard!

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $100CAD

    Our thanks on the Frangipani Project facebook and twitter pages, with your image attached to show the world your kindness. You will also receive a signed DVD copy of the film, along with your postcard! You will also get your name engraved on a special plaque that will remain at the children's home in Thailand. In addition, you will get a special thanks in the film's credits.

    21 claimed
  • $500CAD

    Our thanks on the Frangipani Project facebook and twitter pages, with your image attached to show the world your kindness. Also, a signed postcard and DVD copy of the film! You will also get your name engraved on a special plaque that will remain at the children's home in Thailand, as well as a special thanks in the film's credits. Plus an invitation to the film's premiere screening and party!

    2 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    Associate Producer

    You are a not-for-profit star! In addition to all the perks noted above, you will have the title of associate producer in the film's credits. Your name will be near the top of the plaque, and you are also invited to the film's premiere screening and party! In addition, you are invited to a special dinner with the team at our production's home base.

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  • $5,000CAD
    Executive Producer

    All the above perks, but with the title of executive producer rather than associate producer. Your name will also be listed at the top of the donor's plaque in the children's home, and you are invited to the film's premiere screening and party! Finally, you are asked to join us for a special dinner at the team's home base.

    1 out of 5 claimed
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