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Feature length documentary about the Romanian folktale, which will emphasize the importance of safeguarding traditional values.
Bianca Stefanut
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I received a Distinction for my independent study work which consisted of the documentary film as a practical submission and a theoretical paper on the possibility of portraying the state of the Romanian folktale through a documentary production at this stage of its' existence when it faces the impact of western hegemony. 

The overall result is that I received an MA degree with Distinction in Creative Digital Media

Thank you all for your support! I will keep you posted on how the promotion and screening of the film will evolve.

The documentary had its' first public screening on Friday, 28th September, at the library - The Hive Worcester. 

It was part of an event that showed the video work of the MA group I was part of. A successful event and a great deal of enthusiastic people with positive comments regarding my film. 

I was advised to showcase it on  british TV as the topic appeals to any culture and the ever growing "detraditioalization" and metamorphoses of our cultural identity due to globalization.  

Great feed-back, right?

This is not The end....

As this very  demanding, necessary and at the same time interesting campaign to raise funds comes to an end I can only say Thank you! Thank you so much for sharing, caring and donating your time, smiles, encouragement and helping out financially

I will strive to show you my gratitude by realizing a captivating, innovative, unique documentary about the folktale, about our beliefs and the stories behind our people. 

If you enjoy reading, writing, listening or talking…this is your project too

Acest proiect este si pentru tine…daca iti place sa citesti, scrii, asculti sau sa povestesti! (pentru limba romana 'gadila' soricelul pentru a ajunge in josul paginii / for Romanian scroll down to the bottom of the page) 


This documentary is a story within a story that takes us on a journey of rediscovery of the Romanian folktale in the hope that this tradition can once again be appreciated and recognised as an important pillar of Romanian folklore. 

We will enter enchanted lands and meet charismatic and evil characters but also visit places that keep the folktale alive such as the Puppet Theatre and the Ethnographic and Folklore Institution “Ion Brailoiu”. We will talk to actors, lecturers and folklorists as we set the foundation of an informed and clear view on the current state of the folktale. 

The documentary will be in Romanian with English subtitles. 


If you find the idea interesting and engaging I appreciate your enthusiasm and hope you will follow the evolution of this project. Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and …unfortunately also necessary in order to be able to rent equipment, travel and overall produce a professional documentary production.

Here is colourful representation of the distribution of funds. Doesn't it help to put colour on a gloomy situation? :)

I'm halfway through the completion of filming and unfortunately are without funds. Until now I have relied on my savings and like all things…they came to an end. 

In the beginning I spent 8 days filming on location and created my own props. The actors and interviewees have contributed voluntarily and a part of my equipment was lent to me by the University, but now, in order to complete the project I need funds mainly for renting more equipment, traveling to Romania and reaching certain locations. I also need financial aid for insurance purposes and in order to post-produce and distribute the material in schools. 

Although my goal is set at 1600 Pounds, if I would receive more I could expand my concept, obtain more interviews and build up an even better storyline. For example I could introduce material from the National Archives, which costs a lot of money, travel around the country to find and interview story collectors and purchase professional editing software. 

Other Ways You Can Help

No worries if you can't contribute financially, but please do share this with your friends by using this link or the share tools provided by Indiegogo.


This project is not only part of my MA dissertation but most of all it represents a part of who I am and what I want to transmit to the world.

It represents an important feature of my national identity and is what links me to my home and my family.  I hope people will become aware of the shift in values and dissipation of cultural identity and rise to the occasion of guarding and cherishing it.

The documentary will be entered in several festivals on a national and international level and I will also try to realise a collaboration with schools in order to engage a diverse and large audience. 

Take a look at the photos of the people who support my project in the Gallery section. 

Please visit my blog for more details about the documentary production: 


Dulcele grai ROMÂNESC 


Acest documentar va fi o poveste în ramă. Porniți alături de mine la drum prin tărâmurile Românești pentru a află dacă basmul mai trăiește în sufletul românilor. 

Vom vorbi cu actori, regizori, etnologi, folcloriști, academicieni, psihologi și povestitori moderni pentru a afla viziunea lor asupra basmului din spațiul românesc.  


Dacă v-am captat atenția și v-am făcut curioși atunci sper că veți urmări desfășurarea proiectului și îmi veți oferi sprijinul dumneavoastră prin distribuirea mesajului prietenilor și cunoscuților.

Din păcate este necesar, pe lângă sprijinul moral și de ce financiar. Majoritatea sumei va fi alocată închirierii de echipament, reconpenselor pentru oamenii implicați în producție,  taxelor administrative, deplasărilor pe teren pentru filmări și campaniei de promovare a produsului final.  

Dacă îmi voi depăși eșantionul de 1600 Lire voi putea să invetesc în îmbogățirea poveștii prin mai multe interviuri, access la arhive, deplasări în tot teritoriul țării pentru a stă la povești cu puținii oameni care încă mai spun povești sau care încă culeg snoave.  În plus voi putea promova și distribui materialul la o scară mai mare. 


Este unul simplu: copilul din mine și gândul că voi fi mamă candva.. Îmi doresc nu numai să se păstreze vie amintirea basmului, ci să și fie readus în peisajul cultural și educațional al Romaniei de astăzi. 

Priveste materialul video in romana si fotografiile cu oamenii care sustin proiectul in sectiunea Gallery. 

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This campaign ended on July 7, 2014
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  • £2GBP

    Thank you! A small gesture goes a long way and so... you'll get a postcard from Romania! Multumesc! Vei primi un semn de carte personalizat cu o secventa din documentar!

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £10GBP
    P.S. You're great!

    Thank you! You are great! In return for your kindness you will receive a screenshot postcard and a letter signed by the director! Multumesc! Esti tare! Vei primi o scrisoare de multumire si o vedere personalizata!

    4 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £25GBP

    Your gift will be a poster and a letter from the director plus special thanks in the credits! Esti super! Cadoul tau va fi un poster cu personaje de basm si o scrisoare de multumire!

    2 out of 8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £50GBP

    For helping out this much you deserve a place in the credits, a poster, a letter and an online preview of the documentary! Draga suflet bun, recompensa pentru gestul tau va fi un poster, numele in lista de multumiri pe marele ecran, o scrisoare si posibilitatea de a vedea filmul online.

    2 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £100GBP

    How about appearing in the credits, the finished film on DVD, a poster signed by the main actor and the director and a postcard? You have all of these! Super tare! Ce zici de numele tau pe marele ecran? Un DVD si un poster semnat de Fat-Frumos, Ileana Cosinzeana si director? Cadourile sunt ale tale!

    1 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £500GBP
    Part of the story!

    You are part of the project! You are an Associate Producer in the credits, will receive the DVD, a letter of thank you and a custom made book of Romanian Folktales…in English of course! Faci parte din poveste D-le/D-na Asistent Producator si ai un DVD, o scrisoare si o carticica de povesti facuta manual.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • £1,000GBP

    You are the hero of this story! You will receive Associate Producer credits and special thanks by post. You will also receive the DVD, a special making-of video, a poster, a t-shirt with traditional patterns and a custom made book with Romanian folktales (in English). Esti un erou/ o eroina! Vei primi titlul de Asistent Producator, un DVD, un clip special cu scene inedite, un poster personalizat, un tricou cu motive traditionale si o carticica de povesti facuta manual.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2014
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