The FLiBROOM 2015

Where's the skyways we pictured as kids? Several new technologies and materials working together and not one of the finished products will emit CO2. FLY GREEN!!


Where are the Jetsons?

Where are the skyways that should already be here:

  • My name is Rich Aquilina and I have several BIG ideas.
  • If there's one thing about us humans, it's our ability to make our visions, reality.
  • This particular idea will not only free us from personal ground transportation, but not add harmful emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Several models will be available from individual FLiBROOMS to multiple passenger vehicles (of course not based on the royalty free patchwork image you see).

All my ventures, including this one is not for personal gain. We as a society have been held back for far too long by those whose only interest is personal gain. I want (SAFE) affordable personal aerial transportation for the masses.

What We Need & What You Get

Here's the breakdown:

  • I need $25 million (to start). I know that sounds like a lot (AND IT IS), however what I am proposing is unlike any corporate structure that I've heard of. This corporation will be totally transparent. Every dollar accounted for and visible. No Enormous Salaries. The bulk of funds will go to Research and Development - Materials and Manufacturing - Infrastructure and Legal Requirements. It is my goal to keep salaries the lowest percentage of what is spent (but we all do need to eat).
  • I want to develop a new corporate idealism. One where the focus is the benefit of Humanity, not just a few humans!
  • If the goal of $25 million is not met, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR will be refunded! If the goal IS met, well then my friends, WE WILL TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN.

The Impact

This is just one idea of 5 I have that will benefit all of us:

  • The research and development of materials and manufacturing techniques that help the planet, not hurt it.
  • Medical advances that are not just for the wealthy but that all of Humanity can benefit from.
  • Technological advances that although it sounds cliche'ish, is only limited by our imaginations.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute financially, and that is fine, you can still help:

  • If you're an artist, I would love to talk to you about using credited artwork and designs.
  • If your an Attorney, I would love to talk to you about Corporate structures, knowing in advance that every aspect of the financial dealings will be transparent to ANYONE who wants to look at the books at any time.
  • I am in this to make the world a better place for all of us. I am in this to make a living, not a fortune, there is too much corporate greed as it is and that needs to change. If you feel you can contribute in another way, I'd love to hear from you.
  • ALL contributions of ANY kind will at some point be publicly displayed, permanently incorporated into the "Headquarters".

And that’s it for this project.

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