The Fire Witch Of Austin, Texas

Former WWE superstar Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) stars in an original feature length psychological horror film.

Short Summary

Former WWE superstar Dustin Rhodes makes his feature film debut in this original horror film set in Austin, Texas.

A group of witch hunters set off into the hill country area to dispell rumours the legendary fire witch is alive and has caused a recent spat of missing locals.

As the group are tested both physically and mentally in the harsh terrain the hunters soon become the hunted but has the fire witch risen once again or is a more sinister force now the hunter?

The Crew

Team Indie Productions (TIP) are a collective of creative industry professionals with experience in television and film. 

For this production we have been working with Dustin Rhodes to bring to the big screen his fantastic concept of a modern day horror film based around witchcraft and mythology.

As our name suggests we work independantly which means that we are able to deliver the film the way the cast and crew want it. We will be filming our story fully on location in Texas and using local suppliers and cast. Not only this we have some incredible locations secured including forrests, caves, coves and rivers to give this horror film a unique visual look to it. The story is packed full of suspense, psycology and horror...not to mention a whole ton of gore! We are extremely excited to be bringing this story to film and this is why we need YOU to help by getting involved!

What We Need & What You Get

We have decided to partially crowd fund this production as a way to engage with fans and also involve YOU in the production. We are not a faceless corporation, we want YOU to be a part of this production at every step of the way which is why we have created an excellent range of perks which appeal to everyones levels of interest. The target is just that - a target, with funding that exceeds the target we will be able to bring a bigger and better film to you! The funding we recieve will go towards the following:

  • Travel and Accomodation for the cast and crew in Austin
  • Specialist crew hire for on set scenes, effects and make up artists
  • Additional equipment hire and location usage for key scenes in the movie
  • Post production facilities for sound design, CGI and ADR
  • Legal and submission fees for international distribution and film festivals

The Impact

This movie IS happening. With your help we can make it huge and reach a wide audience across the globe. We cannot do this without your help and so we ask you to get involved as much as possible by contributing and spreading the word to as many people as you can:

This is a one off unique opportunity for YOU to get involved in the making of a horro film starring one of wrestlings most iconic performers. You have admired his talents in the ring for many years and now we hope to be able to show you his awe inspiring acting ability. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate that not everyone can contibute financially to the making of the film but there are other ways in which you can help:

Post a link to this page on social media sites such as facebook and twitter to let as many people know this is happening.

Write a blog on your website to encourage people to view this page.

You can also do this easily by using the "like" and other page sharing options on this page so it couldnt be easier.


In some instances we may also be able to provide exclusive interviews for your website or media outlet - contact us with a description if you are interested in running a story. 

Team on This Campaign: