The Feed

Based on the novel "2084" by Kirk Combe, "The Feed" provides a painfully familiar glimpse into the lives of the future's working class.

What Is The Feed?

In the year 2084, the American government has transformed into the corporation of TexArc. The middle class has been phased out, leaving only the super-rich in their gated communities and the ultra-poor living in vast trailer parks, working at dead-end jobs from an extremely young age under the impression that they can get ahead in the world. At age ten, these "Parkers" are surgically modified to receive The Feed: four relentless channels of propaganda in their eyes and ears, all day every day...and they live out their short, exhausting lives imprisoned by an insidious system of debt, consumerism, manual labor, and the false promise of the American Dream.

Oak Wat has tried everything to escape this system, including joining up with the CorpTroops, but found that was just the worst dead-end job of all. But on this day, as he consumes his "lunch" at a fast-food restaurant, something will happen that no one expected. Someone else will say out loud what Oak has been thinking all along: that there's something very wrong, and something should be done.


The Film

"The Feed" is directed by Clayton Combe, co-written by Clayton and his father (and author of the novel "2084"), Kirk Combe, and produced by indie film guru Rik Cordero. They received several grants to shoot the film and completed principal photography in December 2011, with the help of a wonderful cast, crew, and production team. However, these grants weren't quite enough to cover the costs of post-production, and a number of talented people still need to be paid for their hard work. In addition, there is one crucial segment of the film that needs to be shot in warmer weather.

What "The Feed" needs from you is money to shoot these remaining segments, pay for visual effects, score, and sound mixing, and make sure that everyone involved is compensated fairly for the time and effort they've contributed to the project.


Why is this important?

Saying that America is at a crossroads sounds cliché, but consider the events of the last several years. The Iraq War. The financial crisis. Occupy Wall Street. The GOP War on Women. Our country is on the brink of heading down a dangerous, ugly path, where personal freedoms are revoked in the name of religion or patriotism. "2084" is where that path leads, and "The Feed" is a way for many people to experience The World That Could Be. This is a film that intends to call out those Americans who would actively guide us toward this future, would condone it by failing to oppose it, or would dismiss it as far-fetched.

"The Feed" says what OWS is also trying to say: that if we as a people do not demostrate that we have no tolerance for the influence corporations are allowed to exert over our daily lives, there may come a time, sooner than we think, when the time for demonstration has passed and we as individuals no longer have any power at all. The implications of an entity controlling our lives whose only motive is to maximize its own profits is a supremely frightening thought. Please, help this message reach as many people as possible. Donate to "The Feed" today.

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