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All Food Should be Local - Help us change the way we plant, grow, and distribute food in America. Urban Aquaponic Micro Farms. We'll build one near you?
Jerome Peloquin
Email Verified
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
4 Team Members


Short Summary

our website: www.thefamilyfishfarmsnetwork.com

I want to build a chain of employee owned urban aquaponic micro farms in the inner cities of America. Provide fresh, clean food, eliminate farm source pollution, cut the carbon footprint of food,save millions of gallons of fresh water, and create 10,000 decent paying jobs for the worker owners! YOU ... can help me do this!

You saw the video. I won't bore you with my details except to say, I'm an Organizational Psychologist with 30 years of experience and the best team in the world ready to jump in and make this happen.

We are NOT building big farms. We are building lots of small ones. Our is a distributive food growing model. All our food is LOCAL FOOD! because all our food is grown locally.


This is a 500 year old technology. We are bringing it into the 21st century. It's really simple. We grow fish in tanks ... the fish effluent is filtered and bio digested, then passed through the vegetable growing filed ... the plants filter out what they need, then we refilter and it flows back into the fish. It is a recirculating system and unlike traditional soil farming, we don't cause pollution, we remove it!


Creating a NEW way to grow and distribute food

This is American innovation ... Grow 12 months a year right in the inner cities, and cut out the costly transportation. Eliminate the long supply lines from Chile, Mexico, and California. It makes no sense to grow lettuce in CA and ship it to DC -- the average head of lettuce travels 1,500 miles from harvest to table. The suits don't want to take a chance on us, even though we have the technology (two patents coming) and the ability. We need to build one first ... and it ain't cheap!

Your confidence in us makes all this possible!  The investors will come in droves once they see how this will work. This is why we've come to you! DIRECTLY! We are breaking a paradigm here! Many say it ... but WE are actually doing it! We are taking the risk, building a "proof-of-concept," a prototype, and we need the funds to finish it.

Together, we can change the way food is grown and distributed. Here in America 25 million of us live in food deserts. We can change all that. New jobs, Fresh Clean Food 12 months a year, Millions of Gallons of Clean Water, Elimination of Tons of Pollutants, and 10K New Jobs!

What We Need & What You Get

We need $75,000 to build our first unit and to secure our patents. This will provide bridge funds. We have our law firm, Foley Lardner, taking us through two rounds of private equity subsequent to this crowd funding effort. We want you to be with us as we grow this business. It is our intention to complete both rounds of private equity and then seek funding through an IPO.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Join us now and be with us in the end!

What Can We Do for You?

First, we will place a bronze plaque next to the front door of every one of the 400 micro farms we will build with the name of everyone who contributes to us in this campaign. If we do NOT reach our full objective, we will use those funds to start and to raise additional money from socially responsible investors. We will still honor our agreement for the plaque! Everyone, no matter how small the contribution, will be honored. 

note: Food Discounts will be available only where we have operating aquaponic micro farms.

  • Each person who contributes will get a discount card that will enroll you in The Heathy Food Alliance.  This card will also give you a guaranteed discount on all food we grow for the period of one year.  A healthy dividend for sure.
  • A newsletter every month that will show where our first units will be deployed, what jobs are available and what progress we are making.  Also, access to our website to check construction CAMs and chat with management.


... and another important point!

Our Veterans have paid a hard price for us. Young Vets have a 29% unemployment rate. That's just not right! I'm a Veteran. I will make this a 100% Veteran's hiring preference. It will not end the problem, but it will for some. Join us and help give them a chance. Vets make good employees. They're mission and objective driven and they are team players. Help us to HIRE Them!


The Impact

Our Blog: www.familyfishfarms.blogspot.com

At the very least we end farm pollution, save water, and create good jobs, but there's more ... NO CARDBOARD TOMATOES! We will provide reasonably priced local food where and when it's needed (grow here, eat here) 12 months a year. Sandwhiches and salads will taste good again, even in the middle of the winter. We could also save your life and that of your family. When there is another crisis, our food supply is at risk because of the long vulnerable supply lines. Once the supermarket shelves and bins are empty there is NO MORE FOOD.

A family Fish Farm in your neighborhood is a national security issue. It is, in fact, Food Security!

Other Ways You Can Help

-- Like us here on Indiegogo! It adds to everyone's confidence in us.

-- Post this link on all of your social media and ask your network to support us.

-- Go to our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Family-Fish-Farm... and LIKE us.


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This campaign ended on November 25, 2012
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  • $100USD

    Your name on every store plaque Alliance Monthly Progress Newsletter Membership Card = 5% Food Discount for one year

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
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    Your name on every store plaque Alliance Monthly Progress Newsletter Membership Card = 10% Food Discount for one year.

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    Your name on every store plaque Alliance Monthly Progress Newsletter Membership Card = 20% Food Discount for one year.

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