The F1rst Hero

LAST DAY of preorder/funding for comic about man who develops superpowers then fights to keep his humanity in a world where everyone who has powers goes insane.

UPDATE 17 October: TODAY IS THE FINAL DAY of the campaign so NOW IS THE TIME to make your pledge.  Remember that IndieGoGo's flexible funding option means that we WILL get your pledge and every dollar helps.  Thanks!!!

What if everyone who ever had superpowers had gone insane and become a threat to society?  What if, after decades of this, one man gained abilities "far beyond those of mortal men" but kept his sanity?  Recently discharged from the Army and faced with a society that fears superhumans, a government that hunts them down and growing numbers of crazed supervillains all around him, JACOB ROTH must decide to either put himself at risk by using his powers to help people or do nothing and remain safe while innocent people get hurt.

“THE F1RST HERO” is a unique new take on the superhero mythos, written by ANTHONY RUTTGAIZER and illustrated by PHILLIP SEVY with colors/letters by KT SMITH (American Splendor, Northern Guard) and covers by LEE MODER (Shinku, Wonder Woman, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.).  The first story arc is four issues long and debuts around March 2014 from ACTION LAB COMICS (Molly Danger, Princeless, NFL Rush Zone).

(above: Issue 1, Page 9.  ---  below: Issue 1, Page 14)

"A really, really good high concept. It instantly offers a reader a character who we know will face tons of nasty challenges and a character who is unique in the world - always a good start."
- Ty Templeton: Writer, Batman Adventures

"I like the implicit sense of humour. I like the idea that [superhumans] are shunned. I like the dilemma."
- Mark Askwith: Senior Producer, Space Television

"Anthony Ruttgaizer has created a 'Mutant Registration Act' that actually makes sense."
- George Zotti: Co-Owner, Silver Snail Comic Shops

"The premise sounds very interesting. I'm inclined to think it'll be a hit."
- Richard Pace: Penciller, New Warriors/Starman

"I thought [the preview] was great."
- Tony S. Daniel: Writer/Artist, Detective Comics/Action Comics

"[Sevy] is ready to go!"
Francis Manapul: Writer/Artist, Flash


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We are hoping to raise at least $7500 so that we can cover our production costs for the series and so we can distribute some publicity material about the series to retailers.  And, of course, a chunk of the money (upwards of 50%) will go towards fulfilling the rewards themselves and covering the IndieGoGo/PayPal fees. 

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But the more money we raise, the more we can get done.  If we exceed our goal, the additional money raised will go towards covering some of our start-up legal costs, having some banners made for conventions and getting a head-start on our second story arc/mini-series.

First and foremost, each and every reward package includes the complete four issue series in digital and/or print format.  So you don't have to worry about finding a local comic shop that is carrying the book or whether or not they will sell out of the book before you get there.  Make any level of pledge to help the book get produced and you will get a copy.

The rewards are pretty simple but really fun.  You can get the entire four issue series delivered to you digitally, readable on any home computer, smart phone or tablet, as a PDF for only $5.  If you prefer to read story arcs all at once, we have packages that include the TRADE PAPERBACK starting at $25.  And for all you purists, we can send you ALL FOUR ISSUES IN TRADITIONAL PRINT FORMAT for as little $35.  And you can add the PDF edition of the book to any other package by just adding $5 to your pledge.

We've also tried come up with a few higher tier rewards to spark your interest.  T-SHIRTS, ORIGINAL PAGES OF ART from the series or even brand-new CONVENTION SKETCHBOOKS each featuring a one-of-a-kind original drawing (one character of your choosing) by such amazing artists as FRANCIS MANAPUL (The Flash, Witchblade), MARCUS TO (Batwing, Flash, Red Robin, Cyborg 009), and our own LEE MODER and PHILLIP SEVY.


Or maybe you'd like to see YOUR FACE in the pages of "THE F1RST HERO".  For $125, we have a package that includes a CAMEO APPEARANCE.  For $250, you can buy yourself a SPEAKING PART in the book!  For the big ticket price of $1000, you can become a MAJOR RECURRING CHARACTER in The F1rst Hero.  Your character will be part of storylines for years to come.  Plus, we'll throw in a ton of original art, copies of the comic and other swag.










Please use the share tools near the top of this page and help spread the word about "THE F1RST HERO" via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, jungle drum, interpretive dance or whatever else is available to you.  Even if you can't contribute, you can help make this project successful by telling your friends and neighbours about it.  

The success of this book will be told by how many people buy it, read it and enjoy it.  And if Volume 1 is successful, we'll bring you Volume 2 and 3 and 4 and a whole lot more as we tell the story of "THE F1RST HERO".

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