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  • $3CAD
    Epidemic Script

    A digital pdf version of the script emailed out to you after Home Video Release.

    Estimated delivery: March 2016

    23 out of 500 claimed

  • $5CAD
    Digital Zombie Stills of Stars

    You will receive behind the scene digital stills of stars in zombie makeup and other action stills from film.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    8 out of 500 claimed

  • $7CAD
    Epidemic Post Card

    Epidemic Post Card Signed by Writer/Director

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    12 out of 200 claimed

  • $10CAD
    Signed Epidemic Poster

    This will be a great addition to your movie collectables as this will be the best zombie film every made. Writer/Director Autograph on Poster Art.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    13 out of 350 claimed

  • $12CAD
    Behind the scenes video

    Be the first to get an exclusive look behind the scenes of The Epidemic. Upon completion of principal photography we will email you a link to a special behind the scenes look of our zombie film.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    2 out of 300 claimed

  • $12CAD
    INSIGHT OF EVIL Digital Copy

    Nigel Hartwell's first film Insight of Evil, which will be released later this year. You will get a copy of the film after it has been released.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    1 out of 200 claimed

  • $18CAD
    Signed Insight of Evil DVD

    Insight of Evil was Nigel Hartwell's first film made on a low budget of $50,000. Nigel will autograph the dvd and poster Art for The Epidemic.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    1 out of 250 claimed

  • $20CAD
    Epidemic Digital Download

    The Epidemic will send out a digital download of completed film on VOD after home video release.

    Estimated delivery: March 2016

    1 out of 500 claimed

  • $25CAD
    Larry Zerner Signed Photo

    Larry Zerner has a role in THE EPIDEMIC. Larry is best known as Shelly in Friday the 13th part 3. The man responsible for Jason Voorhees acquiring his trademark mask.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $25CAD
    Thank you Perk

    - Special thanks credit in film -Signed Epidemic poster from Writer/Director

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    15 out of 25 claimed

  • $30CAD
    Chris Owen Signed Photo

    Chris has a role in THE EPIDEMIC. Chris is best known for his role of the Sherminator in the American Pie Franchise. He also stared in The Mist and Van Wilder.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $35CAD
    Epidemic DVD

    Get a Epidemic DVD when the film is released on DVD

    4 out of 200 claimed

  • $40CAD
    Epidemic Shirt

    Official T-shirt of The Epidemic

    1 out of 200 claimed

  • $45CAD
    VIP Private Screening Pass

    Attend the first screening of THE EPIDEMIC with the cast and crew. Attend the after party.

    5 out of 100 claimed

  • $50CAD
    Kelly Kelly (WWE) Signed Photo

    Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly has a role in THE EPIDEMIC. Barbie Blank is best know as Kelly Kelly. She is a former WWE Diva Champion.

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    5 out of 10 claimed

  • $50CAD
    Angelina Love Signed Photo

    Angelina Love has a role in THE EPIDEMIC. Angelina is best known as a TNA IMPACT KNOCKOUT as part of "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE"

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    1 out of 7 claimed

  • $65CAD
    Epidemic Shirt & DVD

    The Epidemic Shirt and DVD combo pack Autographed Epidemic Poster (Writer/Director)

    2 out of 100 claimed

  • $85CAD
    Zombie Package

    Become a zombie extra -credit in end credits -autographed Poster from writer/director

    5 out of 200 claimed

  • $150CAD
    Extreme Zombie Package

    Be a featured Zombie Extra in the film. - Attend Premier Screening wth cast and crew - Attend After Party - Autographed Poster "The Epidemic" by writer/director -Final DVD of "The Epidemic"

    6 out of 100 claimed

  • $250CAD
    10 Signed DVDs and T-Shirt

    ZOMBIE Thank YOU! You get your name (or a loved one's name) in the film credits! Plus, you get 10 Autographed DVD's to give as gifts to friends! Along with the DVDs you also get one of a limited Epidemic t-shirts and a digital download of the film! Shirt will be sent out October 31st 2014, dvds will be upon home video release

    Estimated delivery: March 2016

    1 out of 20 claimed

  • $500CAD

    Autographed Poster by entire Cast and Filmmakers Insight of Evil DVD The Epidemic DVD (when it has been released) Be a Zombie Extra with credit Attend VIP Screening

    Estimated delivery: October 2014

    1 out of 15 claimed

  • $2,000CAD
    Film Student Package

    - Attend entire film shoot, spending each day learning and helping the following departments Camera, Lighting, Grip, A.D, Locations, Makeup. - Catered lunch each day with crew - Script - Storyboards -Meet the Stars - be a zombie extra - Trainee credit in film

    0 out of 10 claimed

  • $2,500CAD
    Wanna Act in Film

    This is the ultimate zombie fan package. - Get a speaking role in the film, get killed by a zombie, become a zombie that appears through out the film. GET PAID TO BE IN FILM. - Attend Premier Screening -Attend After Party - Signed copy of Bluray/DVD from writer director.

    3 out of 6 claimed

  • $2,500CAD
    Associate Producer Credit

    - Credit in main title sequence of film - On set Visits - Zombie Extra -Premier Screening and After Party - Meet the Stars in film - Bluray copy of the film signed by Writer/Director

    1 out of 3 claimed

  • $10,000CAD
    All IN Package

    ALL INCLUSIVE DEAL: (North American FLIGHT, HOTEL, CATERED MEAL) - One Day on set - Sit with the Stars, Producers and Director and watch the movie magic - Autographed Poster (All cast will sign it) - The Epidemic DVD, Script, Behind the scenes video and stills - Special thanks in End credit - T-shirt - Be a zombie extra - Two tickets to VIP Screening

    0 out of 10 claimed

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