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Preorder a collected edition of Eisner Award winner Don Rosa's art from his fan cartoonist times.
Jano Rohleder
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Uh... What Do You Want From Me? Who Is This Don Rosa Guy Anyway?

You might know Don Rosa for his Eisner Award winning work on Uncle $crooge and Donald Duck comics, but even before he started working with those world famous characters, he was a well-known cartoonist. For several years, he managed the “Information Center,” a question-and-answer column in different fanzines and did a wide variety of illustrations for those.

Don in his 'Comic Vault.'

What Is This (So-Called) Artbook About?

For the first time EVER, “The Early (So-Called) Art of Don Rosa” will reprint ALL illustrations and mastheads Don did for his “Information Centers.” These great fun illos feature awesome parodies of TV show and movie characters, mashup scenes etc. But this is just the beginning. Be prepared to see school and college newspaper cartoons, private drawings, long comic stories from Don's high school times, advertising illustrations and a whole lot more that you've NEVER seen before (at least if you didn't go to the same schools as Don). For regularly updated samples of the illustrations that will be included, see the “Gallery” tab above. And for those of you who are interested in even more Rosa, we have a package that includes a PDF ebook of the COMPLETE Information Centers, not just the art, with all of Don's answers to readers' questions.

The project is being organized by Jano Rohleder, a longtime friend of Don Rosa's, who is also the German editor/translator of his Duck work. He's also the one who brought you the recent reprint of Captain Kentucky and The Pertwillaby Papers (both books will be in stock in October and are available as perks on this campaign). Jano doesn't do anything unless it's done right and the book will aim at the highest possible quality standard.

One of the many fanzine illustrations.

I Ordered the “Don Rosa Classics”... Is It Worth Getting This Book As Well?

Oh, yes, ABSOLUTELY! The book will have the same oversized format as “The Complete Pertwillaby Papers” and a similar cover design, so it will work perfectly as the final volume of the “Don Rosa Classics.”

Why Should I Contribute? Where Does My Money Go?

All funds go directly into the production of the book, so that it can be produced at the most awesome quality! This will be a limited hardback edition of about 350 copies, and only available while stocks last. Contribute at least 99 EUR and lock your copy of the artbook in right now! Free shipping (to everywhere) is included! Or, if you don't want the book itself, you can also get some exclusive Rosa goodies or the previous books (while stocks last) by contributing -- see the list on the right.

One of the many fanzine illustrations.

What Others Say:

  • Very funny!”
    – Scott McCloud (on The Pertwillaby Papers)
  • One of my all-time favorite cartoonists.”
    – Ed Brubaker

Oh, and to clear things up, here are the two color prints available this time (these are NOT the books; for the covers of those, see the Gallery tab above):

Capt. Kentucky SIGNED Print (A4 size, limited to 222 copies)

Capt. Kentucky SIGNED Print

SIGNED LIMITED CK/PP Print (A3 size, limited to 150 copies, was already available as the last minute bonus perk in the Classics campaign)


Frequently Asked Questions

I Got All the Stuff in the First Campaign! What's New?

If you ordered the Super Fan Package and the limited PP/CK Print in the Classics campaign, you should get the "Don Rosa Art Package" or the "Information Center Package". Both include the new book, the new CK print and the postcards. The IC Package has the additional ebook of the full Information Center Columns.

Is Shipping to My Country Included?

Yes! Free shipping to anywhere in the world is included in your contribution!

Which Language Will the Artbook Be In?

The artbook contains mostly art (of course), but the captions and introductions will be in English.

What Will the Art Look Like?

All illustrations will appear in the best possible quality. Most were done in black and white, but the ones that Don did in color will be printed in color, of course (as long as Don has a color copy in his archive).

What Size and Page-Count Can We Expect?

The artbook will be C4 size (22.9 x 32.4 cm = 9.02 x 12.76 inches). At the moment, the plan is to have about 250 to 300 pages of material, maybe more.

When Do I Get the Book?

The first two Don Rosa Classics (PP and CK) are currently in production and will be in stock in October. The artbook will be available in the first half of 2015.

Is Don Rosa Himself Involved?

Yes, of course! All material will come from Don's personal archive so that the best possible reproduction quality is given. And as with the two previous “Don Rosa Classics”, he will act as an advisor and oversee every stage of production. There'll also be an introduction written by him.

Which Fanzine Illustrations Are NOT in the Book?

The only fanzine illustrations that won't be included are Don's comics “Tagdenah” and “Khulan”. These have already been reprinted in The Complete Pertwillaby Papers and The Complete Captain Kentucky, so we'll use the space for more stuff that hasn't been seen before instead. The same goes for his 12 “Phalanx” strips. If you're interested in these comics, please claim one of those books as your perk (see the table on the right). Oh, and of course we obviously can't include ALL the thousands of comic pages Don did as a kid and in school, but only several examples of his best ones (you wouldn't want to read most of the ones he did until the age of 15 or so anyway, they feature mostly stickman characters). So the focus is on making this a complete collection of his Information Center and other fanzine illos, but there'll be a lot of bonus pages featuring a wide selection of Don's best other pre-Duck work, ranging from some of the aforementioned comics to advertising illos, political cartoons and much more.

One of the many fanzine illustrations.
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