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 It'd be amazing if you'd "share" above with a comment about the Digital Diana. The person who shares the most will also win a free camera (details here)

I'm Greg and I've made a replica of the classic Diana film camera that shoots digital Instagram style photos like this:

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My name is Greg, I'm a designer and head up Cyclops Cameras where we create amazing little digital Lo-Fi cameras. I've made a replica Diana camera that is able to shoot digital pictures with a 1/3" CMOS centre, and we're now planning to make up to 1000 cameras and send them to people all over the world. 

"all the uber fun toy goodness can now be had in a digital format!" - The Phoblographer 

"Lo-fi and limited edition lovers alike have something to celebrate today, because there’s a fun new digital camera on the block" - PetaPixel

STRETCH GOAL: If I hit £35,000 I will be able to allow people to customise their camera by selecting from a number of colour options

Features of the camera -

- 1:1 replica of the Diana Mini camera
- 12 Megapixel Images
- 1/3" CMOS Sensor
- Plastic Lens equivalent to taking a picture on 35mm film, replicating the look of the classic camera
- Manual Adjustments: ISO, White Balance, and in camera effects
- Limited edition to 1000 cameras and only for sale on Indiegogo (I only produce cameras in small batches)

and it can take retro looking pictures like this (more pictures below):

Who is Cyclops Cameras?

Our first camera was funded via indiegogo and with the kind support of backers from around the world, helping us to create the worlds first digital fisheye camera. Now I'm asking for your support to help me do it again. The last camera was called the 'Little Cyclops' and was a tiny fisheye camera that made news headlines on all major national and international outlets including on CNNMASHABLE, and BBC; and my work has been featured in Photography Monthly Magazine (May 2013). MSNBC also recently listed me as one of the UK's youngest and most successful entrepreneurs. 

After raising the funds for of my 'Little Cyclops' camera I was able to ship out to backers all over the world. The project was an amazing success and allowed me to start working on a number of new projects. One of the greatest things about crowd funding has been the relationships that I've formed and the support that I've found from other crowd funded businesses (it really is like a little community). I greatly appreciate the support some of you lot have given me over the past year, helping me to build and grow Cyclops Cameras and allowing me to continue to make these fun cameras.

Following the success of the previous project, we have been able to acquire a mould to produce the body for the Digital Diana. To accompany this, I've developed some high quality internals that replicate the original camera and add some extra features.

I asked some of the backers from the original project to suggest and name and they came up with the 'Rhianna Digital Camera'.

The camera has inside it the largest sensor available off-brand from my suppliers and is quick and simple to use. The camera also shoots HD video and has a settings menu to adjust ISO, white balance and apply image effects. 

Thanks to the success of the previous project I've already been able to spend some money getting this project off of the ground. I'm now looking to crowd-funding to help raise the funds to cover the minimum purchase cost required for the components. To do this I've offered a number of perks:

  1. £10 badge and message of thanks
  2. £50 Earlybird 'Rhianna' Camera (only 100!)
  3. £60 Camera and ticket for the UK launch party
  4. £65 'Rhianna' Camera (1st (XMAS) batch, and 2nd batch)
  5. £115 Two 'Rhianna' Cameras (1st (XMAS) batch and 2nd batch)

If I don't reach the goal for this campaign it's likely that this project may be cancelled. I have a couple of other camera ideas I'm currently working on so I'll probably just move on! :)

Win a Camera and Some Famous Artwork!

UK artist My Dog Sighs has donated a painting that I will be giving to one backer of the campaign. To win a special edition Digital Diana and this exclusive artwork share the campaign using the buttons under the video.

 MyDogSigh's is amazing, my favourite artist and established the Free Art Friday movement that Cyclops Cameras has taken part in at sites around the UK. 

The person who manages to get the most clicks on their share link wins!

We've previously collaborated with artist Mos Shaw for his 'these things that visit' project and continually work with UK artist Elysia Chua who is designing the packaging for the Digital Diana and has designed a Cyclops Camera tee.

As well as designing the packaging, Elysia is going to be including some stickers in with the Digital Diana.

Story of the Digital Diana Camera

After the success of the little cyclops we started working on a few new projects - one of which is the digital diana camera (the rest are secret and will be coming out over the next few years!).

One of the major feedback we received from the little cyclops was about the size of the camera and so we decided to make something larger. Initially we explored the possibility of creating a new camera design that drew on some of the classic camera features. However as with the previous camera, one of the major costs when producing the camera is the initial costs required to create the mould. I then had the idea to reuse a current camera body to create a digital camera that retained the classic retro look.

I first tried to use Holga cameras or Kodak Brownie cameras but found difficulty in finding an appropriate sensor that would allow for pictures to be taken using the original lens (whilst keeping costs low). It was also a bit tricky getting the shutter mechanism of these old cameras to match up to sensor in a way that allowed me to keep costs low (some other people have recently attempted something similar but costs are usually >£200 for a low resolution camera).

I realised that I needed a custom built model for digital photography, but had already fallen in love with the idea of camera that retained some classic aesthetics. So in late 2013, I acquired a mould for the the Diana camera that would allow me to add digital features to the camera. We've added a 1.8inch LCD TFT screen at the back allowing you to compose and view photos, and a digital sensor that can take pictures up to 12megapixels. 

The current prototype utilises parts that have been recycled from other cameras or off-the-shelf components. Using previous funds I have also developed a PCB that will be included in the final version of the camera. 

we've already paid for and created a PCB for the digital diana
we've already paid for and created a PCB for the digital Diana

I now require funds to cover the costs of manufacture and materials for the 1000 units. The minimum amount I need to raise to make the project feasible is £13,500. Funds raised after covering production costs will be put into the next two cameras that I am working on. However, like the Little Cyclops camera (which is now retired) I am only planning on producing 1000 units of the Digital Diana. 

The Launch Party

80 UK backers have the option to choose to pick up their camera from a launch party at the end of the summer this year. You'll be able to pick up your camera before anyone else and join me and some friends of the project for some drinks at a location in London. If everything's on track I'll be looking to arrange this for around September time, I'll keep you informed though as plans emerge!

Guaranteed for Christmas

I'm planning to make and ship the cameras in two batches. The first batch of 500 cameras will be guaranteed for christmas. 

1st Batch: 500 Cameras, shipped Oct-Dec 2014. 

2nd Batch: 420 Cameras, shipped Jan 2015

It's likely that I'll be able to ship before these dates if the project is running ahead of schedule, but I'm only guaranteeing delivery for Christmas for the first batch (incase you want to put a camera under your christmas tree).

You can select which batch you would like by choosing from the perks >>>

Track Record

I've already made over 1000 cameras and shipped them out to people all over the world. The first crowd funding campaign was shipped on time and I offered a warranty with all cameras. The same will be offered with this project, and if anything goes wrong I'll be happy to fix them from my little flat in Mid Wales.

Following the original project, I sold and delivered an additional 200 special edition cameras for Christmas 2013 from my website. I've since started working with a couple of artists in the UK producing cool little cameras and giving them away as part of Free Art Friday.

The support of the original backers has always been overwhelming and we've set up a little community over on Facebook and on Flickr, where people often share their pictures. A selection of images is always updating on the Cyclops Camera website:

Example Pictures:

Taken with the Digital Diana, more pictures are available in the gallery tab above. The camera has built in filters and can take Diana style vignetted images, and has manual controls to adjust exposure, contrast, white balance, ISO, etc...

Production and Delivery

We have contacted all suppliers, have budgets and dates ready, and all the team members have a strong background in business and design.

The manufacturers we are dealing with have large facilities, are able to produce 1,000 units a week, if necessary, and a demonstrated track record of high quality production for major consumer brands in US and Europe.

The production timeline is based on reasonable estimates of the different project stages, and we'll do everything within our power to ship on time. Please, have on mind our first priority is the product quality, and that could imply a bit of delay if it's needed. So, please consider this before backing this project.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this project with your friends and help me to spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook and twitter.


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