The Devil's Music

Retro horror film needs your help to scare the hell out of horror fans everywhere!

Who am I, you ask?

Well you might not be asking, but who in their right minds would give money to a stranger, right?

My name is Jérôme Cloutier and I'm an aspiring filmmaker looking to make his first feature film. I have been involved in over 90 shorts films since 2003, mostly as director, but also as actor, screenwriter, composer and various other jobs depending on the project. 

In 2004, at age 15, I received a letter from Sam Raimi's attorneys over a fan remake of the Evil Dead prototype, "Within The Woods" that I had made with some friends in high school. We had remade the film to get known and not fret over writing our own story and being young and fresh to the game, we sold it on DVD, which of course got attention from upstairs. For the film, I had contacted and met Tom Sullivan, the special effects artist from the first Evil Dead as well as stop-motion artist on Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness and The Fly II and through him got tips, tricks, anecdotes from those films as well as an insider's view of the original Within The Woods, which was very exciting for myself and my fellow crew members. I also got replies from Ellen Sandweiss and Ted Raimi on the project and it helped make a fun project that much more fun to make. Shooting took about two months, with 2-3 days of shooting per weeks in average, whenever people were available. We also had to contend with curfews for some of the cast, which led to the least subtle day for night shots to happen. For those curious about it, it's available on Youtube via the always helpful Italian horror film practice of just changing the title.

It's now called "BRUCE LIVES!"

Here's part 1 on youtube.com : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6U8I3Y5SbA

The only natural progression was that the next summer, we'd make another big project, as the rest of year, we only had time to shoot short subjects, we still being in the throes of high school and all. We settled on the ultimate homage to George A. Romero living dead movies, our own zombie apocalypse picture called "Season Of The Dead", later changed to "Strangers Among Us". The project was never made, due to various factors that can be chalked up to inexperience and adolescence.

The year went by, more short films were made, at an average of two per month. Most were shown publicly at the local Kino cell, KINO Sherbrooke. A few of our films were also presented in Montréal, which at the time was a big deal for us.

2006 rolled by and it was time to go for broke, make a stand in the film world and shout "WE" at the heart of the world. After going through various script ideas, some only suitable for shorter films, others out of reach budget-wise (this was before the DSLR revolution, were the only cheap solution was Mini-DV) and others simply not amusing beyond the inside jokes about them. There was of course, one diamond in the very rough; "La Musique Du Diable".

Later on we decided that the film should be made in English to ensure the largest fanbase possible.

So The Devil's Music was first written as a 35 page script ( I never wrote treatments back then, got started on the screenplay right away... looking back, treatments help story structure a lot...) with a lot of differences to the final product. Those who will be getting the DVD when it comes will have the original 35 page screenplay and the 100 page shooting script in either PDF format or as a picture gallery, by the way.

All in all,  have had plans to make this film since early 2006, but haven't had the time or resources to do so. Over the past months, I managed to find 2/3 of my budget but several key components are still missing. I can make this film, but it won't be as good as it could be if I had all the elements I need in place.

Why make an 80's slasher film in 2011?

I want to start my cinematic career with this project. The individuals helping me make this, cast and crew alike, are willing to give me their time for free in the name of art, and likewise possible careers. The locations have been secured and most are ready for shooting in August. As stated above, I have a specific vision for this project, and would like to have my dream come to fruition as close as possible to the original concept. 

I've loved horror films, especially those from the 80's, ever since I could mentally process movies, and have always dreamed of making one. What better way to start a career in film-making than mixing business and pleasure?

What is needed?

1 - I need money to effectively feed the cast and crew.

Most of the budget goes towards that. About 2500$.

2 - Buy some missing equipment such as:

-a microphone and accompanying equipment,

-a small crane,

-build a small dolly,

-get a smoke machine and juice for it,

-rent 2 cars that were made in the 1980's (this is an 80's "period piece").

3 - Rent and maintain a power generator for:

-lighting equipment,


-basically serve to power the location, which is powerless, in the middle of the woods.
Not the best circumstances to shoot a film.

4 - On hand backup budget

around 200$ just for emergencies and other unplanned things

In exchange, there are quite a few perks available to you, on your right.

A dollar is enough to be in the end credits.

There are many lovely perks to helping us finance our movie, but one of the funnest, if not the funnest, is the ability to have bragging rights that not only did you help make a movie happen, but hey, look, you're name's in the credits, Beat that for conversation zingers!

Plus here's a look at some of the perks :

Cheaper Than Coffee: $1
-Your name in the end credits of the film.

D.O.A.: $5
-Your name in the end credits of the film.
-Promo card mini-poster of the film.

Plucky Comic Relief: $10
-Your name in the end credits of the film.
-Signed DVD copy of the finished film, "The Devil's Music".

Cute Cheerleader: $25
-All of the above.
-A free pass to the premiere with the cast and crew in Montréal for 2.

Confident Jock: $50
-All of the above.
-A copy of the novel "Dead Can Dance" written by writer director Jérôme Cloutier.

Dark-Haired Boyfriend: $100
-All of the above.
-A signed copy of the limited run of Comic Books based on the film.


Made It Until The End: $500
-All of the above.
-Signed theatrical poster of the film.
-Your name as an associate producer in the main and end credits.

The Final Girl: $1,000
-All of the above. -An additional free pass to the premiere with the cast and crew in Montréal for 2.
-DVD copies(1each)of the next 3 films I make following this one.
-Last but not least, a randomly selected prop from the film, promised to be not some little thing,
but more in the line of a prop weapon or prop arm or head, with proof.

Sequel Bait: $2,500
-All of the above.
-Be cast in a possible sequel or future film project of ours.
-A copy of the "The Devil's Music artbook", a sleek 100 page book featuring concept art,
behind the scene pictures and other goodies.

See You Next Wednesday: $5,000
-All of the above.
-The killer's mask, signed by both the actor and the director of the movie.

Team on This Campaign: