The Detroit Printing Plant

Every little bit helps build the DPP building fund AND move 13 presses 13 hours northwards ~


As a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of the wonderful contributors to the campaign thus far, Proceed and Be Bold!, (the feature length documentary about my life and work) is being posted online for free for everyone to watch for the remainder of the campaign. Thank you, 20K Films. Please enjoy and share with your friends.


Here’s the doc website too:

www. proceedandbebold.com



I am letterpress printer, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., and I am asking for your support to help me build a printing plant in Detroit, MI for people who are interested in letterpress printing and need a space to practice it.
When I first started printing, it was the generosity of older printers that helped me grow and develop and I think it is now my responsibility to pass on this generosity to others.
What I want to do is develop a space that if you have an interest in letterpress printing, you can come and experience it and decide if this is what you want to do with your life. 
We all have dreams and aspirations of doing things, and this is about helping people accomplish their dreams. 
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What I want to do is have people help me create a model for sustainable industries built to human scale. I want others to explore this model so that they too can pass on your love and devotion of a craft.
The Detroit Printing Plant is about sustainability: it's not about being so big that you have to maintain your bigness, it's about being just big enough that your craft can maintain you. 
If we reach our fundraising goal to create The Detroit Printing Plant, then you know we can make your dreams happen too. 

If we make MORE than the fundraising goal, we will also create an on-site printer's hostel and bakery. 

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To serve as a model for developing human-scale, sustainable industries and to also provide a model to make a living by following your dreams and to affirm that you can make living from your craft. This is a place for stuff makers. (Stuff is material to be worked upon or to be used in making something.) We are printing, but we are not confined only to printmaking. This is an open-source model to help you create your own sustainable space.

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1) Print Shop

The print shop will have multiple printing presses, printing equipment, and space where people can come to share their ideas and get their print on.


2) Book Bindery

The book bindery will be a space to learn the craft of bookbinding and to manufacture handmade books.


3) Handmade Paper Mill

The handmade paper mill will be a small paper mill for people to experiment with papermaking. 


Letter from an apprentice

(Like this 23 year old from Maine.)




(Art students @ St. Benedict and St. John's University, St. Joe, MN)



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anyone and everyone

(Like this fine young man sitting on my lap.)

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Proceed and Be Bold!  


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