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Defender is the first smart personal protection system that combines self-defense and 24/7 security
Ryan McManus
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Lewes, Delaware
United States
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Indiegogo is trying out a new Forever Funding program and The Defender is one of the first campaigns to extend crowdfunding  on Indiegogo.  

Get The Defender with 12 months of monitoring service for only $179.  ($99+ discount).

Introducing The Defender

The First Smart Personal Protection System for EVERYWHERE SECURITY


The Defender is a product for those concerned about personal protection and peace of mind.  The Defender integrates elements of products and services found separately and elegantly combines them into one compact personal accessory.

1) Self-Defense Tool
2) Mobile Medical Alert Device
3) 24/7 Monitoring Service

This is achieved by leveraging the communication technology of a smartphone coupled with a digital camera to capture & forward an attackers picture to law enforcement, flashing light and audible alarm to attract attention, plus the highest concentration of pepper spray available to law enforcement.  The Defender includes a 24/7 response for safety and medical alerts, when you maintain your service agreement and every Defender that is sent to contributors will include one year of service (12 months).

The Defender works with iOS or Android

The Defender will have a mobile app for iOS and Android that connects via Bluetooth.  The Defender will support iPhone 4 and later and Android 4.3 and later.   

The Defender Perks

Get The Defender for $179 ONLY ON INDIEGOGO.  Each Defender includes 12 months of EVERYWHERE SECURITY monitoring service and the mobile app (iOS & Android at launch).  

When compared to other personal emergency response services, The Defender will give you so more for about half the price.  

The Defender in the News

"Safety first! That’s what my mom always says." - TechCrunch

"To achieve that peace of mind that you’ve always wanted, The Defender is just the thing you need. It covers pretty much everything that needs security and protection, and does it in the most efficient and most reliable manner possible!" - hypi.st!             

How The Defender Works

With one push of a button, the Defender goes into action.  

Instantaneously, The Defender takes a photo, initiates an alarm, and disrupts an attacker.  The Defender connects to the iOS or Android app, which sends the picture, GPS location and other user authorized information to our 24/7 monitoring service.  Both safety and medical alert features are available. Medical alerts are deployed by sliding a separate button. Once initiated this alert connects directly with a central station monitoring service to notify medical authorities. Users can rapidly transmit to medical personnel user preauthorized information. 

Alert Friends & Family

In addition to our 24/7 monitoring service, The Defender app will also alert 5 contacts for safety alerts and 5 contacts for medical alerts (depending on which alert button is activated). The Defender will alert the contacts you select with an alert (either medical or law enforcement) using text or e-mail messages.  


We will provide central station monitoring service for our customers here in the U.S.  

The Defender will cost less than 50 cents/day to have peace of mind for you or someone you love.  We consider the added security of the monitoring service to be the leading feature of The Defender system.

Forever Funding Perks     

(Updated 11/15/14) 

Our Campaign To Finalize Product Testing & Manufacturing

We have been developing The Defender for 2 Years and just about ready for manufacturing.  Our campaign on Indiegogo hopes to raise the funds needed for tooling, manufacturing and product packaging design.  Additionally, we want to include you in the final stage of our development process. Our goal is for The Defender to be the most advanced and easy to use self-defense and safety response system ever created.

Use of Funds
  • Production Tooling
  • Firmware Refinement
  • Power Optimization
  • App Improvements
  • Certifications - FCC, CE, Bluetooth
  • Manufacturing

About The Founding Team

Steven Allen Founder & CEO    Steven is the Founder and Chief Innovator behind the Defender.  Steven is a successful serial entrepreneur.

Ryan McManus Co-Founder & Marketing Director     Ryan leads the sales and marketing team at Pangaea Services and brings years of new hardware and software marketing and business development experiences to the team with a  love for internet-connected "things" and technology that enhances our lives.  Ryan is an entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio and is an advocate for startup opportunities in the midwest (come build your hardware startup here!).  

Arshad Rahman CTO    Arshad is an industry veteran who brings a wealth of experience with his 30+ years of SW development across a wide array of platforms.  For the past 18+ years his focus has been on high performance 3D graphics and Compute, with a specialization in Security, Performance and Power.  He has been awarded multiple patents, spanning Firmware, Hardware and Software, and several more that are pending approval by the US patent office. 

Robert Rugani Legal & Business Development Robert handles legal and business development for Pangaea Services and is helping us build our business right!  Robert is a partner at Fortis General Counsel, LLP, which represents numerous companies in the technology sector who seek to “revolutionize” the way we do “things”.

Art Louie CPA & Financial Advisor Art is a partner at Louie & Wong LLP. 

Christi Jones Mobile App Development Christi brings her 18 years in IT development to The Defender team and works on our mobile app development.

Zach Evans Mobile App Development Zach works with on mobile app development and brings his Android expertise to the team. 

Andriy Namyestnikov Mobile App Development  Andriy is an accomplished developer and team leader with passion for mobile applications. Andriy has applied his analytical skills to resolve complex technical aspects and contribute to overall optimization of the application. 

Eddie Parra Sales & Marketing  Eddie works with our partners,  retailers, and security dealers 

Giora Shenhav Giora works with our partners,  retailers, and writes for our blog.

Shane Ehlers Web Marketing and Development   Shane Ehlers has been in the forefront of utilizing the latest technologies, web standards and trusted infrastructures, to deliver reliable, stable and scalable solutions to businesses across the globe. 

Lisa Pyles Social Media Manager Lisa tweets @GetDefender and she is responsible for sharing all of the exciting things that we have going on with The Defender.

Gary Passon is a well-seasoned tech executive and gadget fanatic, having contributed to more crowdfunding campaigns than anyone on the team.  In addition to advising our team, Gary is the Board President for the Hawaii Habitat for Humanity Association.

Colin Chu had a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2012 and advises The Defender team.


We are excited to be partnering with these security, self-defense, and technology leaders.  We will be announcing partnerships throughout our campaign.  To learn about partnership opportunities, becoming a retailer, and reserving a large quantity of Defenders, email Ryan@getthedefender.com. 

We Want To Hear From You

If you have a question, send us a message on Indiegogo, on twitter @GetDefender, or email Lisa@ GetTheDefender.com.  

Please support our campaign and help us deliver The Defender by the end of 2014.

Thank you!

-The Defender Team


You must be at least 18-years of age to contribute to our campaign. Though it is legal to carry defense sprays in all 50 States, there are a number of cities and states with specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of aerosol defense sprays—it is your responsibility to check with your local police department. If you are unsure of the restriction in your area, check with your local law enforcement for specific laws regarding the possession and use of defense spray products. We CANNOT ship the Defender product to New York, Massachusetts, Internationally, or by Air. Improper use of the Defender could result in criminal action. If you use the Defender in an improper manner, you could be sued or in some states fined and/or imprisoned. The Defender product will contain pepper spray and cannot be carried on a commercial airline where it is accessible - this is a federal crime with a $25,000 fine. Keep the Defender product out of reach of children for their protection. Applicable laws and specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of aerosol defense sprays may change prior to time of shipment of the Defender product. If it is illegal to deliver the Defender product to your shipping address at time of shipment, then we will return your contribution and not deliver the Defender product to you.


Q: When will The Defender be available for FOREVER FUNDING CONTRIBUTORS?

A: Supporting our campaign on Indiegogo will allow us to finalize manufacturing and product development.  When we launched our campaign, December was our targeted delivery date.  For FOREVER FUNDING CONTRIBUTORS, we will be announcing a delivery schedule in December.  If we have revisions to the product based on feedback, there may be shipping delays.  If that occurs, we will communicate with our contributors first to let you know of any delays. 

Q: What versions of iOS and Android will be compatible?

A: The Defender uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone. For iOS, we support iPhone 4 and later with iOS6 and later.  For Android, we support  Android 4.3 or later.  We are also interested in extending The Defender to other smart phone platforms in the near future.  Email lisa@getthedefender.com to tell us what device you want to use with The Defender.  

Q: I see a lot of apps available that offer help in distress situations. How does The Defender compare to these apps/services?

A: The apps available for distress situations are primarily passive alarms with one or two features. In fact, you might just describe the apps as I am waiting for someone to help me. Our product empowers the user by providing them a vast array of options that they can select to help themselves. There is HUGE difference between an app that provides a monitoring service, and actually responding. The Defender provides you with both prevention and assistance by combining:

*A digital camera to capture the photo of an assailant
*Bluetooth connection to transmit the photo and alert signal
*An audible siren and speaker that announces to the assailant that their photo and GPS coordinates have been sent to the authorities
*An oscillating flash to attract attention
*The highest concentration of pepper spray available to law-enforcement
*A smart phone app which transmits all of this information to our monitoring team who communicate directly with all 911 centers in North America
*Notifications are sent via text and e-mail to a preset contact list, identifying the nature of the alert triggered

Q: When Does Someone Need The Defender?

A: Because you do not know when your safety will be threated or a medical situation will occur, you will always want to have The Defender with you. Some users may have serious medical conditions including:

*Epilepsy or other conditions which cause seizures
*Heart conditions
*Breathing difficulties which make talking near impossible
*Severe diabetes
*Blood pressure issues or prone to fainting

Other situations where a safety alert is critical:

*Animal attack
*Auto accident or some other issue where the user needs medical assistance
*Attacked when working out in a park or on a secluded trail
*Alone at night on a college campus
*In unfamiliar or unsafe areas
*When the last employee leaves a business at night

Q: How does The Defender work once an alert has been triggered?

A: The Defender provides both a text and an email, which indicates the nature of your medical alert. Medical alerts are sent to your specified contact list, and to The Defender’s Security Service. Once first responders receive this alert, your location and a picture of you is in-hand.

Your personal description of specific medical issue(s) will be sent via texts or emails. You will have the ability to describe the kind of help you may need, providing first responders with potentially life saving information! Details may also include, but are not limited to, your doctor’s personal contact information and your insurance policy details.

Q: Is Defender appropriate for a college campus?

A: YES! Let’s be clear, criminals want anonymity and quiet to perpetrate their crimes and victimize someone. They do not want to encounter someone equipped with The Defender. You will have the power to capture their photo for identification, disrupt their advances with pepper spray, attract attention with an oscillating flash and loud alarm, bringing maximum attention to the attempted crime. The Defender’s 24/7 Monitoring Service will forward the photo with your GPS location, and personalized info to law enforcement or medical authorities.

You want to help yourself and those you care about in every way possible to prevent being victimized. With The Defender on your team, you will have that power!

Q: Can I use The Defender if I do NOT have a smartphone?

A: Sorry, no. You must have the app to effectively use our product and connect to the Defender’s 24/7 Monitoring Service.


Q: Will Defender work if my smartphone does not have reception?

A: Your smartphone must have a WiFi or Cellular signal to allow for our product to fully perform. The Defender service requires a data connection to communicate with our 24/7 Monitoring service and your contacts.

Please be sure to properly maintain and charge your smartphone.

Q: How will I know if The Defender is connected?

A: The Defender’s compact speaker announces that when the device is connected and alerts you when the device is disconnected.

Q: I am currently using a Medical Alert Product (PERS), how does the The Defender compare?

A: The Defender gives you EVERYWHERE SECURITY with assistance for both medical alerts as well as safety situations where law enforcement is needed. The Defender is a real value. The Defender and our 24/7 monitoring service will be half the price of most Medical Alert / PERS products, with the hardware being provided at no cost with a two year subscription.

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