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Don't Look, Not Even Once
Brent Leavitt
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Sun Swing Media has launched its first month-long public fundraiser for the animated project, "The Decision." With the modest goal of raising $2100, each donor is being asked to contribute just one dollar to this unique project and then invite two friends to do the same. "The Decision" is the second short film in series of 5 stories to be produced from content first printed in
the Friend magazine, a monthly publication of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Once completed, the project will be presented to both BYU Broadcasting and the LDS Church's web department as potential distribution venues.


I thought I was getting a head start when I started developing a children's animated at the beginning of my senior year at BYU.  It started in October of 2004 with a lunch engagement with a man of influence, who I thought was trying to do the same thing I was. Our ideas were similar only in name: the Friend.  

With a copy of the Friend magazine (a publication for children produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints) in hand, I expressed my desire to turn these stories into animations. Looking for an interested party to pursue to idea, I began to develop contacts with representatives of BYU Broadcasting. These efforts to develop the project through proper channels were extremely insightful, but ultimately proved fruitless in terms of project development. Fast forward to the fall of 2005-- now graduated from BYU, I partnered with a former classmate who had funding sources available to him. Funding was secured by Christmas of the same year, and production began January 2006 on our first project, "A Gift for Kathryn".  Funding however was pulled in April with that project being two-thirds completed.  

Between then and now has ensued a crash course in web development and business management and entrepreneurship. Two award winning short animations have been produced: Peach Baby and La Leyenda de la Tortilla (The Legend of the Tortilla)

Now almost five years later, I am picking up the baton again to fund the second project. With storyboards in place, a much lighter production model is being implemented to produce the second project in the series of five short animations: The Decision.  

I think I scare people when they hear I'm making a movie about pornography. The story is anything but controversial. The take home message is this: "The decision to avoid pornography is simple." The kids in this story are fortunate-- on their first encounter with a pornographic magazine, they're influenced by each other to do what's right. Additionally, they've the influence of good parents to reinforce that decision after the fact. 


If you believe in my ability to produces these projects with Heaven's help, or if you feel that this type of project should be produced, then I invite you to consider getting involved in this project.


Here's what I've done, using the same process that I used to produce La Leyenda, I've broken up the production process into four steps.

1-story boards (completed).
2-animation (pending).
3-recording session for voices (pending).
4-post sound/sound track/final mix (pending).

Here is the budget that will make this obtainable


  • Voice Talent: $250 (4 feature characters @$50, 2 bit parts @$25)
  • Sound Studio Fees: $240 (4 hours @$60/hr)
  • Music: $250 Canned Audio Track
  • Animation: $1200, 40hrs @$25/hr
  • Contingency: $60
  • Fundraising Fees: $100
Total: $2100

Donor Levels:
$1 to $5: Receive a free hi-res digital copy (m4v format) of the final product available via download. If you would like to donate more, please do so accordingly.

Part of my objective in only soliciting small dollar amounts is to gauge public interest, by making a dollar "vote" for the project. If 2000 individuals are willing enough to make a pre-sale deposit on this project, then there is a good chance that subsequent videos will also produced.


After donating, please consider passing the word along individually to two other friends or family members through personal invitations. Broadcast emails or facebook postings are helpful, but not as effective as personal invitations.
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