The Death of Gary Goldwater

To raise money for the production of the short film The Death of Gary Goldwater directed by Clinton Jones, starring Olan Rogers and Joel F. Gardiner

Short Summary

 The Death of Gary Goldwater came from a world that I (Joel F. Gardiner) created over two years ago and have been struggling to make ever since. It's a dark comedy based on two characters that find themselves falling heavily into debt with a local loan shark and in order to settle it they are charged with the task of taking out one of his "associates". Believing that it can't be much more difficult then how it's made out to be in the movies, they set out to take care of their problem. However, they soon realize that it's pretty damn hard, not only disposing of a body, but disposing of the right body, as they begin to pile up around them.

 Now originally "The Death of Gary Goldwater" was written as a full length feature titled "Hitmen". However, after re-working it and creating what is essentially a teaser for a story much deeper I realized that there is so much more to this universe that can be explored. So the idea is to use "The Death of Gary Goldwater" and create that universe by having it be the first of many in the series.

 Directed by Clinton Jones Starring Olan Rogers and myself Joel F. Gardiner 

What We Need & What You Get

 Take a look at the perks listed on the right. Ranging from HD digital downloads of the film to being a producer and hanging out with the crew in person!
 All of the money raised will be going towards expenses for the film including location fees, flights for the actors (filming in Los Angles where Clinton Jones is based), camera, lights and audio equipment rentals, food and accomidations for the actors coming in from out of town, plus materials for perks such as Blurays, posters, etc. No one will be recieving a paycheck from this film. All money will be used to make this most brilliant 20 min short we can.
*Please note that the only way to see this film before we take it to festivals is by getting in, even on that first level perk! 

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word! Don't forget - telling people about the project is just as good as a contribution!

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