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Get to know all special insights about food, travel, culture and lifestyle from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines written by locals.
Marco De Groen
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Short Summary on thedailyroar.com

Hello there! Do you see the above pictures of that delicious dish? Would you like to know what it is? And where it comes from? Or even better, would you like to make it yourself? This is just one small item that I would like to learn you about Asia on www.thedailyroar.com

On thedailyroar.com you will get to know all special insights about food, travel, culture and lifestyle from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines all written by locals. The daily roar will offer interesting updates every day! Since these articles are written by locals you will get the chance to get a unique view of the cultural treasures in these countries.

Here are some screenshots of the current website:

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1

UPDATE: The new website design for thdailyroar.com Do you like it? then please fund us and make it happen!

The new daily roar

Here is a great image made by one of our writers from Indonesia.
Would you like to know where it is? thats is why we need thedailyroar.com

Secret place in Indonesia

For people who like to travel this website could be a great asset in learning what places they want to visit for their coming vacation. Or maybe you are just very interested in the Asian culture, or the food they have. Then thedailyroar.com will give you all you need. Asia is one of the most popular continents to visited by western people. But a lot of times people dont know where to go after they arrive in country like Malaysia. Travel agencies only can give you the standard places to visit that are usually crowded by other foreigners. And that could be pretty BORING!!!!

To get a better view on how the blog works I have made a businessmodel.

Businessmodel Roar

Since the articles and information on thedailyroar.com are all provided by locals living in the countries themselves, you will get the most special information about food, travelling, lifestyle and culture served to you for FREE!

Mountain to climb in Indonesia

Above you see the view of a secret mountain in Indonesia. The writer will tell you how to get there and what you can see. Only on thedailyroar.com

So who is the person behind thedailyroar.com ?


Let me introdeuse myself, my name is Marco de Groen. I am born and raised in The Netherlands and since last year I have moved to Malaysia. What Malaysia !? Yes Malaysia. My wife is a Chinese Malaysian and we have 2 sons together. After visiting Malaysia several times I found out it is a great place to live. So I moved there and I am living the family life with my wife and 2 sons. I found out my friends never really knew what you can do in Malaysia besides riding Elephants and visit the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. So I thought it would be great to set up a website that provided inside information provided by locals who know the most of their country!
The Daily Roar was born!!

Oww and here is some education and social information about me.
I have a bachelor in Communication and Multimedia design and I work as a freelance graphic/multimedia designer right now. To get social with me please contact me on:


Why this campaign on Indiegogo?

The reason I started this campaign on Indiegogo is because I would like to get my website to get its feet of the ground. Right now I am writing as much as possible on the site and I have a few friends who do some guestwriting as well. But the main goal on this website is to daily inform/amuse people with interesting articles from different asian countries. To do this I need more writers! and these writers ask money unfortunately.....( but quite logical for sharing your countries treasures)

Also I would love to add some more cool features on the website to make it more interesting for readers to visit thedailyroar.com like a forum, a personal travel quide and a question/answer section.

So why dont pay for this yourself I hear you think? Its just a website right? yeah thats true but webdesign and programming is not my kind of thing. Also I want to hire these writers on a yearly base and that will cost some money also. I would love to promote the site more to western countries and this will also cost some. That is why I would love to ask your help!

Please help me to get my third son's feet of the ground, and benefit yourself by getting convinced why your next vacation should be in Asia!

Magnitude of what contributors will help me achieve

Help me to live my dream and get thedailyroar.com up and running on full power.
With your help I can hire more local writer from more Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, China and more!
By contributing you will help to create a great travel guide that is full or cultural treasures regarding food, secret places to travel, lifestyle tips and cultural goodies.
You will be able to plan your trip in every detail, where you want to go, what dish you want to eat and when! You will get the same knowledge that the local people have so you can fully benefit of this information while having your vacation there in the country you choose.

If not do it for yourself then do it for your children, friends and familie who also love to travel and like to know more about the intesting insights in Asia.

What We Need & What You Get

The amount of funding needed would be around 5000 euro. This money would be used for 3 clear and important steps:

Step 1: Hire writers from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand on a yearly base.

Step2 : Upgrade the website to add a personal travel guide, a forum and a answer/question section

Step 3 : Promote the blog online to get more reader, by advertising and sponsoring

My perks for you!

Since I am a graphic designer I have come up with some cool merchandise goodies to reward my contributors! I have come up with some cool stickets, t-shits and caps that I will give my supporters.



Also I will make a special page on my blog where all contributors will be placed with name if they like, together with a link. To make it more interesting for business contributers I am willing to sell some advertising space on my website.

If I do not reach the goal then all the money collected will be used to hire as many writers for the website as possible!

Other Ways You Can Help

Money is not the only thing that is important to help me. Share on social media about my website would be great also. Some things that would also really help are:

- Like thedailyroar.com facebook page on : https://www.facebook.com/thedailyroar

Follow my blog on :

Bloglovin - http://www.bloglovin.com/en/blog/4933627
Networkedblogs - http://www.networkedblogs.com/blog/the-daily-roar

Twitter - https://twitter.com/thedailyroar
Instagram - http://instagram.com/thedailyroar
Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/thedailyroar/

Every LIKE, FOLLOW or SHARE on these social media would be an amazing help for me thank you!

Please help me to spread the word to others online and offline. Tell your friends who might love to travel to Asia and think this project would be really useful to them.
I thank you all for the help!

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  • €1EUR
    Thank you ROAR!

    I would love to thank you for supporting my dream. Every bit helps

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    Estimated delivery: March 2013
  • €5EUR
    Your name!

    Your name will be displayed on our special support page on thedailyroar.com Thank you!

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  • €10EUR
    ROAR Stickerkit

    Get a nice sticker kit of the daily roar displayed in the story section. Also your name will be add on a special page as support of the daily roar. This will be a limited edition item!

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  • €20EUR

    Choose one of the two designed t-shirts and it will be shipped to you! Also your name will be add on a special page as support of the daily roar.These will be a limited edition items!

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  • €25EUR

    Choose one of the two designed t-shirts together with the sticker kit and it will be shipped to you! Also your name will be add on a special page as support of the daily roar. These will be a limited edition items!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • €50EUR

    Get both Roar T-shirts together with the a cap ,stickerkit and a website add! These will be a limited edition items!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • €60EUR
    Website link

    Got a blog, business, facebook page or anything else? if you buy this perk you will get a link on our website for one whole year!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • €1,000EUR
    Official Sponsor!

    Got a business? and you have a product you want to sell? Or anything else? With this perk you will get a one year advertisement displayed on the sponsor section on the homepage of thedailyroar.com You will have international attention for your business or product! For one whole year.

    0 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2013
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