The Craftsman

A documentary following the journey of a blue-collar worker; a unique theatre course and how they shaped one another.
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The Craftsman follows the life of blue-collar worker; Ron, a father, husband, plumber and biker (just to name just a few) and how he came to be working in the arts.

Pitching for an television timeslot such as Australian Story, or another nation-wide channel, we want to tell the story of Ron and those who encountered him and his work in a truely honest and transparent way.

"His set constructions are above critisism, expertly built, solid and functional and painted with sensitive use of colour.

Beyond this, he is a master plumber, a skilful carpenter, coppersmith, stained glass artist, and, indeed, it would be difficult to ask anything of him that he could not achieve with success." - Owen Weingott (Personal Reference for Ron)

This project is for Ron, his friends, and all those who have been a part of Theatre/Media. 

Ron Arrow (far left) on Rusty Shutter Films set for 'Story For The Night' Music Video


James Arrow is the co-founder of Australian production company, Rusty Shutter Films. Raised in Bathurst, James was forever aware of the Theatre/Media course through the stories he was told by his grandfather, Ron.

"The idea of a drawing together this vast array of anecdotes has been swiming around in my mind for over a year. I just didn't have the equipment and didn't feel I had the experience to pull off an engaging chronology."

James met John Merkel, independant filmmaker and graduate of the Theatre/Media course during the pre-production for Rusty Shutter Films' first project, 'Boys Will Be'

John Merkel is a freelance video and filmmaker with 25 years experience writing, directing and producing numerous short films and documentaries and was among the first group of students to comlpete the Theatre/Media degree at Mitchell College (CSU) in the 80's.

He has occasionally appeared on TV and film, including Thunderstruck, and Ben Weir’s comedy, Deadline 8:45. John has taught scriptwriting and film/video production at CSU and in schools and is greatly looking forward to bringing back together past stuednts of Theatre/Media.

Ben Morris has been involved in video and film production for 20 years. Starting off as his fathers offsider shooting events such as weddings, eistedfords, corporate and sport. Then using video and software technology as a sports coach (Tennis and swimming).

Ben is also a keen actor/presenter and facilitator of film/video workshops throughout the Central West.

James and Ben met whilst studying Theatre/media at CSU Bathurst, where they now work together.

James Arrow & the Arriflex 16S


All funding goes towards the production of 'The Craftsman'.

A portion will go towards top-of-the-line sound production equipment so we can capture broadcast quality interviews.

Alot of traveling will be required to get interviews with people who have studied the course and have been involved with Ron's work, so the larger portion of funds will go towards getting us from A to B, collecting interviews and information.

If you happen to be one of these people with stories, photos, video, documents or anything relative to the story, we would love for you to get in contact with us! Our contact information will be included at the bottom of this document.

We would LOVE to have you involved!

Ponton Theatre


As can be seen on the right, every donation will recieve valuable 'Perks', all of which include a 'Special Thanks' or greater credit in the finished film.

Along the way, we will be pulling together various photos, videos, documents, posters from past productions and much more - copies of which you can get hold of through donating to the project!

If these offers don't interest you or if there's something else you think you would like in return, please do not hesitate to ask via the contact details at the bottom of this page.

We wan't this project to be as transparent as possible and be in touch with anyone with personal attachment to the story as often as possible. We may be pulling the documentary together but (for those involved in the Theatre/Media course) it's you're story and we would love to have an ongoing communication with you throughout the process!

John Merkel in 'Twelve Angry Men'


We want this production to be an honest, raw exploration of our history so if you have any questions or information regarding the project, please don't hesitate to contact us at or on 0448 971 772

If you were personally involved with the course or Ron's work in the Theatre, we would LOVE to hear from you and potentially interview you for the film!

As mentioned, we are also looking for YOUR input in the film. If you have stories, pictures, audio, or videos that you’d like to send our way, feel free! We can use all the help we can get! Especially when it comes to the earlier days.

I hope to hear from you and want to personally thank all of you for looking at this project.


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