The Counter Terror Project - Kenya

To train, mentor and document a cutting edge counter-terror training program for Kenyan security forces in the wake of the Westgate mall terrorist attack.
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The Counter Terror project - KENYA is a crowd funding campaign aimed at raising a half million dollars to train members of the Kenya military and police in the most cutting edge counter-terrorist tactics and to produce a wold class documentary of the the actual training course.

The project is being lead by me, Aaron Cohen.  I'm a former member of Israel's top special forces counter-terrorist unit Duvdevan, and the author of the best-selling book Brotherhood Of Warriors.  I now train military units and police agencies around the world in cutting edge Israeli tactics which increases overall safety to the countries I train.

I've been in the celebrity protection business and police and military training business for almost 20 years...and well,  I've racked my brain for years about how to get my training to more then just those who have millions and can afford it...and crowd sourcing now makes that possible.  This puts me in the pilot seat and allows me to pick and choose who needs my training the most and that's really important and that's what makes this campaign really special for me...because up until now, countries like Kenya, who are extremely limited financially will now have access to my training.  And to me that everything.

By helping fund this campaign, YOU the individual donor will be directly affecting the safety of of over 47 million citizens just trying to live their lives safe and free from the threat of terrorism.

What We Need & What You Get

Our campaign goal is for $500,000.  This money will be specifically used to train several groups of soldiers and police offices (up to 20 per course) to qualify them as instructors so they can then pass on this training to their individual military units and police agencies ultimately allowing them to self sustain long after we are done.  Essentially we are Training the Trainers.  The final money will be used to green light a documentary which will allow us to film the entire training process and evolution of the Kenyan security forces capabilities through our lense.

Our goal is to raid enough money to be able to train 3 groups of instructors.

Here's the breakdown:

- $150,000 allows us to train and qualify up to 20  tactical instructors who can effectively train up to 300 additional soldiers and police officers. 

- $300,000 allows us to train up to and qualify 40 instructors who can then train up to 600 soldiers and police officers.

- 400,000 allows us to train up to 60 instructors who can then turn around and train up to 1000 soldiers and police officers.

- At $500,000 we will green light an official documentary which will be professionally produced telling the story and showing the journey of this training project.

The unique perks for donating to the campaign range from customized limited edition course t-shirts, to a specialized mixer where you will be able to meet and mingle with the Kenyan security forces and my instructors, to being an executive producer on the official documentary.  We have never opened up our training courses and allowed this type of access to cameras and think it would be really exciting to have you out there actually helping us out and being involved! 

If for whatever reason we don't hit our goal, then we will fly out a small group of  Kenyan soldiers/police (minimum 20k) and train them for as many days as we can afford in a micro version of the course so at least they can learn something new albeit shortened.


This project will impact over 47 million people.  By training dozens of instructors, thousands of Kenyan security personnel will receive the most cutting edge tactical response training available to government agencies today.  No price can be put on a soldier/police officer who knows how to safely and effectively move towards a terrorist or group of terrorists and be able to neutralize them safely while under stress through a large crowd of people.  That takes training...and it's what we're experts in.

My instructors and I have trained thousand of police officers and soldiers around the world and know what we're doing.  We know exactly how long these courses need to be to be affective and exactly what needs to be taught and how.  My nonsense approach to tactical training has saved lives...and so will this training in Kenya.

Here's A Look At What Our Specialized Training Will Consist Of:

• Pistol and Carbine Familiarization and Safety
• Proper Stance
• Weapons Retention For Straight Shot
• Engaging Single and Multiple Terrorist Targets at varying distances and angles
• Advancing on Single and Multiple Threats/Shooting On The Move
• Advance Room Geometry / 90° Angles and Cornering
• Magazine Reloading
• Weapons Malfunctions
• Functioning Under Stress
• Israeli Special Forces Mindset Conditioning
• Simultaneous Weapons Posting For Room Dominance
• Tactical Entry Economy of Motion
• Coordinated Entry
• High Threat Stacking For Terrorist Clears
• Non Verbal Communicating
• Clearing Staircases
• Clearing Hallways
• Single, 2 Man and Rapid Response Team Approach
• Performing Multiple Entries Simultaneously
• Counter-Terrorist Specific Active Shooter Tactical Response
• Tactical Entry and Movement Body Positioning for High Threat Entries
• Room Target Acquisition and Threat Correct Assignment
• Tactical Use of Cover (Which type of cover and why)
• Counter Terror Tactical  Mindset Conditioning /Functioning Under Stress (operating with in tunnel vision and auditory exclusion)
• Room Domination
• Proper Foot Work and Stances
• Advanced Weapons Malfunctions For High Threat Operations
• Engaging Active Threats Into Crowded Areas/Shooting Into Crowds

And that's just a taste...much of what we teach is confidential due to the nature of the training so more specific details have been left out..but as you can see our training is reality based and no-nonsense.

Other Ways You Can Help

We realize that not everyone can actually donate money for whatever reason, but make some noise for us...Facebook re-posts, Tweets and Indiegogo share tools are great and we'll take what we can get.  Help us make Kenya safe!

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    FOR 5K You'll get to train with one of our elite Israeli special forces tactical instructors for 3 days at our Los Angeles facility and learn how to shoot pistol or carbine/M4 as taught in the Israeli special forces AND you and a guest are invited to attend a VIP screening, Meet and Greet Photo Op with the cast of the documentary.

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    For 10k you'll get to train one-on-one with Aaron Cohen at his private Los Angeles Facility. 5 Day Training Course. Youll also recieve a co-producer credit if the documentary is green lit AND you and a guest are invited to attend a VIP screening, Meet and Greet Photo Op with the cast of the documentary.

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  • $25,000USD

    For 25k, if the documentary is green lit, you'll receive an executive producer credit and be invited to attend portions of the training course while it's being filmed AND you and a guest are invited to attend a VIP screening, Meet and Greet Photo Op with the cast of the documentary.

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