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A compact speaker with ‘better than stereo’ sound. Wireless. Multi-room. Portable. Truly liberating.
Mass Fidelity
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Toronto, Ontario
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The most advanced wireless
speaker system ever developed

Introducing a wireless sound system designed to be the core of your musical universe. The Core is a high tech marvel that allows you to enjoy all of your music throughout your home and beyond, with amazing sonic realism. The Core is a small, portable and elegant speaker system that sounds like two widely separated full size HiFi speakers with smooth highs, crystal clear midrange and bone shaking bass. Really.

Bring a universe of wireless music
into every part of your life

Stream an infinite selection of music through Bluetooth:  The Core can play any music your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC can access, from online streaming sites or your personal music collection, no wires or Wi-Fi required.  

Take it wherever you want: The Core fits in your hand and has a 12-hour battery life.  It’s completely portable, from the living room to the patio and beyond. 

Fill every room in your home with beautiful music: By pressing one button, you can connect up to eight Cores to fill your home with multi-room stereo sound.

The Core in the press

"Physical Impossibility? Mass Fidelity Packs Huge Stereo Into a Little Box"– Wall Street Journal

"I've been waiting for nearly a month to tell you about the Core from Mass Fidelity, the most exciting audio product since the invention of the iPhone."– James Games Gadgets & Gizmos

"The Core prototype sounded better than any of Sonos' self-contained music systems." – Tech Hive

“This gadget is so versatile it can double as a soundbar for your TV. After my ears-on demo, I'm a believer.” – Toms' Guide

"Mass Fidelity’s Core is very impressive, and sounded well beyond “Stereo” as most people know it, and we were not even using the optional sub-woofer."
– Übergizmo

Better than stereo sound
from just one little box

There is no lack of small speakers that sound “good for their size.” A very few even have impressive bass. But they all sound like what they are – a single speaker with monophonic sound (like AM radio). They all fail to create the illusion that there are live musicians in the room; the sound is flat and one-dimensional.

The Core produces a huge multi-dimensional sound image that’s like listening to a pair of separated high-end speakers, except it's coming from a single device that's small enough to hold in your hand.  Everyone who has heard the Core has shaken his or her head in amazement. “I can’t believe that one little box sounds like two big speakers!”

Hear the difference

Turn on your desktop speakers or plug in a good pair of headphones and launch this short video to experience the difference between drab old mono sound and stereo sound.

An Acoustic Marvel

We have carefully chosen several cutting-edge technologies to create the Core’s phenomenal acoustic performance. It all starts with five custom-designed speaker drivers in three arrays along with a downward-firing woofer, driven by 120 Watts of digital power. Several digital signal processors bring out the best in any type of music you choose to play, while an ARM processing core intuitively works to keep the whole system synchronized.

Acoustic Holography

To achieve its amazing sonic feats, the Core uses an Acoustic Holography technology to produce a stereo sound field that is astonishing in size and sound quality.   This technique works by physically recreating sound in space – similar to a hologram – which is purer and sounds even better than traditional stereo or surround sound.

Every spot is the sweet spot

In a traditional stereo set up, listeners need to sit between two speakers to hear a well-balanced stereo image. Audiophiles refer to that as the “sweet spot.” To eliminate the sweet spot, the Core uses an audio rendering technique called Wave Field Synthesis to produce a virtual acoustic scene. This acoustic image can be “viewed” from any position in the room and does not depend on the listener’s position.

Bone-shaking bass

Our Absolute Bass Technology (ABT) is a combination of electronics, software, and mechanical engineering working in unison to produce a low frequency performance unmatched for its size. The end result is a speaker that you can hold in your hand that makes real bass, the kind you can feel and not just hear.

Connect any wired or wireless external subwoofer to the Core for over-the-top bass performance perfect for action movies and parties, or an action movie party. When connected to a subwoofer, the Core uses Dynamic Re-tuning Technology: it automatically ceases all the bass duties and concentrates on flawless, higher output midrange and high frequency reproduction.

Small enough
to hold in your hand

Beautiful in any space

The Core is beautifully accented with a polished top and chrome base.  Its bold yet simple beauty, compact size, minimal embellishments and lack of unsightly wires make the Core enviable in any space. 

Infinite Music

Whatever music sources your Bluetooth enabled smart device can access, the Core can play. You will have full access to a virtually unlimited universe of music via streaming services like Spotify and Pandora plus thousands of online radio stations and podcasts. You can also access any music library, whether cloud-based or on a wireless home network. Imagine having all the digital music you own immediately available to enjoy! The possibilities are endless.

One-touch Multi-room

With the touch of a button you can wirelessly connect up to eight Cores throughout your home. No router, Wi-Fi or special application is required.  The Core creates its own 5 GHz dedicated music network. Each speaker can play a local source or receive music from one central unit.

Effortless Wireless

The Core uses the finest Bluetooth quality to stream any format of music from your smart device, laptop or PC. Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX™ combine to bring out the best possible sound from your digital sources.

And you won’t need a new application or passwords to learn. Just connect and enjoy! Use your phone or tablet as remote control for your sound system; it’s that easy. The Core supports “tap to pair” NFC and features a built-in USB port to charge your smart device when it is running low on battery.

Say Goodnight to Dropouts

Other wireless speakers use less sensitive Class 2 Bluetooth receivers, which can create annoying dropouts. The Core features high power Class 1 Bluetooth receiver technology that minimizes dropouts and extends range, creating a stable, strong and glitch free connection.   

Plug it in if that's your thing

The Core features an Optical digital connector and an analog input so you can connect wired sound sources such as a CD player, turntable (with a phono preamp), video streaming device, PC or music server. High-resolution music fans will be happy to know that the Core can handle PCM streams up to 24 bit/192kHz for pristine sound. You'll be able to play a high-res digital file or vinyl record in one room and hear it in any other room that has a Core. 

Even bigger home theater sound

Sound is just as important for movies as the images themselves. Plug in any video source such as a cable box, Apple TV or Roku into the Core and your TV, and you are ready to rock. With the Core you don’t need racks of equipment or miles of speaker wires to enjoy thrilling home theater audio performance.

On the move as much as you are

With the Core's compact size and 12-hour battery life you can bring your stereo with you on a whim. Not just portable tunes, but high quality sound that you can share with your friends. 

Behind the scenes

Techs Specs

SIZE: 6"x6"x4" (WxDxH)
MATERIAL: chrome, acrylic, fabric
SPEAKERS: 5x Custom designed high output speaker drivers
CONNECT: Bluetooth Class 1, 60 ft range
MULTI-ROOM: Adaptive 5GHz dedicated network
POWER: AC adaptor & rechargeable battery
120 Watts
FREQ RESPONSE:     44Hz-20kHz

Read our FAQ section for more info

The Core Story

The Core is the product of five years of iterative development and exploration that started with one very simple question: ‘Why can’t a small speaker system sound beautiful?’  Working in collaboration with a community of innovative scientists, engineers, designers, musicians and creative partners, the Core was developed with three key tenets in mind: functional design, stunning sound and freedom for the listener.  Also applied in the Core are lessons learned from the research and development project that yielded our award-winning Bluetooth DAC, the relay™.

Where we are in development

The Core is a working device that does all the things we claim. We currently have fully functional samples that are awing our friends and company partners. We have all of the materials and technologies ready, have paid for the tooling and are in the process of optimizing fit, finish, and production processes to ensure the Core is up to our ridiculously high standards.

heart-stopping, party-starting addition to the Core family

The Core Wireless Sub is a high fidelity subwoofer that seamlessly integrates with your Core, adding rich, full and visceral low-range depth to all of your sounds. The Core has impressive bass on its own, but we created the Sub for those who want even more bass - the kind that transforms your home into a music hall or theatre.

A low-frequency master

The Core Wireless Sub has a perfectly tuned and balanced low frequency performance to complement the Core’s capabilities. Customized speaker elements, DSP tuning, and a consummately matched amplification stage produce a natural, detailed and powerful low-frequency output with zero buzzing or rattling. Just pure bass.

Effortlessly adapt the level of bass to your tastes or the acoustics of your room by using the Sub’s adjustable output level and frequency range. There’s no set up required, simply turn it on and press one button to connect your Sub with your Core.

Intuitive Dynamic Re-tuning

A subwoofer should have a harmonious balance with the speaker it’s working with, never overpowering it. When you connect the Sub to your Core, Dynamic Re-tuning Technology causes the Core to automatically cease all bass duties and concentrate on flawless, higher output midrange and high frequency reproduction. As a perfect partner, the Sub then focuses on filling the room with deep low-frequencies.

Wireless bass freedom

The Sub wirelessly connects to your Core - so you can feel free to move your Core wherever you want.  As long as it’s within 100 feet of it, you’ll get the benefit of the Sub. If you take your Core out of range of the Sub, the Core returns to its bass duties and the Sub simply goes to sleep.

Immersive home theatre & gaming

The Sub adds a true cinematic experience to your home, creating big theatre sound that puts you in the middle of the action for home theatre and gaming. The Core & Sub combine to bring the images on your screen to life with realistic holographic detail and explosive, thunderous emotion. 

Fits seamlessly into your home

The Sub was designed with sound quality, function and versatility in mind. Since it was built to provide listeners with the option of laying it flat or positioning it upright, it can easily fit behind your TV console or even under your couch.

The current dimensions of the Sub are: 16.5 in (42cm) W x  5.75 in (14.6cm) D x 9.5 in (24cm) H  (dimensions are subject to change).

Techs Specs

INPUT SOURCES: Wireless (5 GHz adaptive Core network), Analog Line-in
POWER: 110V-240V, AC with International adaptors.
FREQ RESPONSE:     35Hz-120Hz
PROCESSING:  1x Arm Core running configuration and multi-room software,

2x DSP's for signal conditioning and equalization

Core Wireless Sub
Where we are in production

The Sub is at the prototyping level. The electronics are solid and the communications software is underway. What we’re experimenting with right now is the speaker driver and the acoustic design. Our designers are currently tweaking the look of the sub and are testing material options.

Please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page for more details.

Why we need your help

We have fully functional samples of the Core that will soon be ready for production. Though we have big ambitions, we are a small company and only have the capacity to finance modest production runs.  Placing an order of multiple thousands of units is beyond our grasp.  

This is where you come in.  You can help us to increase the amount of product we can order from the factory as well as accelerate the speed with which we can get it into the homes of our customers. Your support will make this possible and will be a vital spark in growing a company obsessed with creating the best sounding, most liberating audio devices in the world.



Earn a free Core by referring friends

Help us by spreading the word via email and social media. You can earn $50 in credit toward our campaign every time one of your referrals purchases a Core.  The amount of credit you can earn is limitless!  Once the campaign is over, we will apply this credit to your account, giving you a refund on your purchase or credit on the purchase of a new Core.  Please note that contributors cannot receive referral credit for referring themselves.  Of two contributors, only one can be the 'referrer' and receive campaign credit for the other's contribution.

How to participate in the referral program:
It’s simple. Log in to your Indiegogo account . Be sure to use the same account you used when you claimed your Core. Then, look below our main video at the top of this page for buttons to share and copy your unique URL. Start sharing!

Need more information?  We have created detailed instructions here.

Meet the team

Benjamin Webster I Co-Founder, Product & business development

With close to two decades of hands-on experience in the audio industry, Ben is a student of technology and is always thinking at least four products ahead of current development. Ben intuitively envisions the future of audio and his passion is defining innovative and aggressive products for Mass Fidelity and then developing the relationships necessary to bring them to life. He has his finger on the pulse of customer behaviour and loves to work on products that provide people with a magic combination of convenience and musical pleasure. 

Neil D'Souza I Co-Founder, Operations

As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Neil deftly balances financial and operational priorities with the colossal creative goals of the company - and somehow manages to stay sane while doing it. Neil brings a responsive and lean approach to running everything behind the scenes, putting the systems and infrastructure in place to lay the groundwork for Mass Fidelity’s growth.

Frédérique Saindon I Partner, Brand

With many years of experience leading creative digital development and UI design teams, Frede is Mass Fidelity’s discerning eye.  Frede knows what it takes to build a relationship between a brand and its customers, and owns every aspect of making Mass Fidelity look good.  Depending on the day, that’s anything from etching out big picture digital strategy to making final decisions on product design.

Mass Fidelity's partners

CE Marketing Pros, the creative union of industry veterans Paul DiComo and Al Ballard, has been a strategic partner in bringing our brand and products to life for our customers.  With over 30 years of experience in marketing consumer electronics, they have helped us with everything from key strategic advice, copywriting and web site development.

Gibson Product Design has been a creative collaborator since the Core's inception, transforming our ideas (re: sketches on napkins) into the intelligently designed piece of beauty that is the Core. With a focus on innovative, high utility design, Gibson has won several industrial design awards over the last 8 years at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 


1. PURCHASING AND SHIPPING (Shipping dates, Costs, Warranty)
3. COMPATIBILITY (Wireless sources, Wired sources)
4. STREAMING MUSIC TO THE CORE (Connecting your device, Playing music)
5. MULTI-ROOM (Setting up and  creating a Multi-room environment)
6. PORTABILITY (Size, Battery life)
8. ADDITIONAL FEATURES (Speakerphone, USB input, etc)


When will I receive my Core?

We are doing our utmost to have the Core shipping to you as soon as possible. We will provide continuous updates about the production schedule during and after the campaign. The projected timelines mentioned for each perk will be firmed up over the coming weeks.  

How do I pay off the remaining balance of my downpayment?

Simply follow these 4 steps:

1. Please reach out to us at info@massfidelity.com to confirm your balance.

2. Once you have confirmed your balance owing with us, sign into Indiegogo using the SAME Indiegogo account as your original purchase. Click on the "Select A Perk" button on our main page.

3. On the following page, click "No Perk, I just want to contribute". Then Contribute your balance due. 

4. Please forward your confirmation at info@massfidelity.com for our records. 

Where do you ship to?

We use major courier companies and we will ship to anywhere that they deliver.

Is shipping included? 

Shipping is free within Canada and the US.

Everywhere else, shipping is $25 (Purchasers are responsible for any VAT or customs duties levied by their own countries)

Is there a warranty for the Core?  

Yes, the Core comes with a one-year replacement warranty


The Core will arrive beautifully packaged with the following inside:

  • Power cord
  • International power adaptor tips (for use in Europe, Australia, UK)
  • Soundbar Remote control
  • Instruction manual
  • Protective pouch


What kind of device do I need to stream music wirelessly?

Any device that has Bluetooth, including your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  The Core works with all platforms: IOS, OSX, Android and Windows.

What kind of digital music sources can I play?

Any music you can access from your device, the Core can play.  That means any online streaming sites or internet radio (Pandora, rdio, Youtube, Spotify, ITunes Radio, TuneIn, etc), and any format of music stored on your device, on your home network, NAS Server, or in the cloud.

What kind of wired analog sources can I use with the Core?

A built-in analogue input will accept a full scale 2V RMS analog signal, allowing you to plug in any analog music source using a standard 3.5mm audio cable, from your CD player to your digital music player.  

What kind of wired digital sources can I use with the Core? 

The optical digital input is perfect for a home theatre system, AppleTV, Roku or cable box. You can also connect a subwoofer for even bigger theatre sound.


How easy is it to connect my device and start playing music?  

Very.  Simply power up your Core and pair your device by turning Bluetooth on and selecting the Core in the menu.  You only need to pair the device once, it will remain stored in its memory for future use.  If your device has NFC, just ‘tap to pair’. 

How close does my device need to be to the Core?  

Within 60ft.

Do I need access to Wi-Fi or an home internet connection?

No, the Core uses Bluetooth from your smart devices and an adaptive 5Ghz network stream music wirelessly to multiple Core units. The Core never needs access to external wireless infrastructure to work. We’ve built it so you don’t need to worry about configuring networks or connecting to other Wi-Fi networks, hubs, or routers.    

Can I pair multiple devices to the Core?  

Yes, the Core can pair multiple devices and the information will stay stored in your device for future listening.  The Core can only be connected and playing from one source at a time, however. 


How many Cores do I need to create a Multi-room environment?

You can wirelessly connect anywhere between 2 and 8 Cores.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a router for Multi-room?

No router, Wi-Fi or special application is needed. When connected, the Cores create their own 5 GHz adaptive wireless network. 

How do I set up Multi-room?

With the touch of a button.  Simply choose one main Core and start playing music on it (from whatever source you prefer).  Then press the Multi-room button on any other Cores that you would like to connect to it.  The Cores will immediately be playing simultaneously from the main source.    

How far apart can the Cores be from each other?

100ft. from the main broadcasting Core.

What if I want one Core in my house to play separately from the rest?

Just push the source button on the Core you would like to play locally.  You can then connect your phone or other device and start playing music on it. If you have an NFC enabled phone all you need to do is tap the top of the Core and it will give you control of the unit. 


Just how portable is the Core?

The Core fits in your hand, is lightweight and very durable - we love to use it in our backyards, front porches and cottages.  It comes with a  microfiber bag in case you want to travel with it.  

Does it have an internal battery?

Yes, the Core has an internal battery that recharges when plugged in.  It lasts 12 hours, and it takes just under two hours to charge.


1. Sound quality.  In its early stages, Bluetooth was poorly executed and still has some lingering stigma because of it.  Times have changed. The Core uses ultra sensitive Class 1 Bluetooth receiver technology which minimizes dropouts.  We use aptX™ audio decoding designed for better than CD quality streaming and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) to bring out the best sound in your digital music. 

2. Compatibility.  Bluetooth is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows, while other wireless protocols are more limited. 

3. Simplicity. It does not require a Wi-Fi network, router or home internet connection for it to work.  Many others do,meaning if they are at the whim of your home internet connection, and can’t stream music when out of range.  

4. Battery Life. Bluetooth uses less power than other technologies, allowing the battery to last longer. 


What is the USB input for?

It charges your phone or tablet if the battery is running low.  Just plug your device in via its USB charger, and the Core will charge it, even when the Core is running off its own battery.  

Can I use The Core as a speakerphone?

Yes! We have included a built-in microphone. When a call comes in you can choose to use your phone only or send the sound to The Core. It is great for conference calls.

What does the Control input do? 

The Control input allows for home automation.  Custom installers like this feature as they (or you!) can control the Core natively from leading home automation remote controls.


Does the Core come in any other colours?

The Core is currently only offered in black.  Since the beginning of the campaign we’ve received suggestions for additional colours of the Core. Initially, our production capacity could not allow us to entertain the idea of offering new colours, but the success of the campaign could make it an option.  

Based on the feedback from our contributors, we will begin the process of testing samples for a White Core. As we don't want to slow down production of the Black Core, we will initiate research after the campaign and will keep you updated on our progress and timeline for production.


Does the Core need a Sub?

No, the Sub is not a requirement, it’s an enhancement.  We use our Cores without a Sub and love the level of bass we get.

Why should I get the Sub?

If you are someone who always wants more bass and likes reinforcement in the low-end, the Core Sub is for you. It’s a great choice for those using their Core for home theatre or gaming as it creates a deep, cinematic experience.  

Why should I get the Core Sub instead of another brand?

The Core Sub was built to perfectly complement the Core, in both function and form.  And it’s wireless, which means your Core is still free to move.  

Does the Subwoofer have a battery?

No. The Subwoofer needs to be plugged in. What makes it wireless is that it connects to the Core and provides bass duties wirelessly.  

How does the Sub connect to the Core?

Through its own 5GHZ network.  It will automatically connect to the Core closest to it.  

Can I use the Sub with non-Core speakers?

Yes, but only through a wired input.  The Sub works wirelessly with the Core only, as it uses the Core family’s adaptive 5GHz network.  

Can I wire my Core to my subwoofer?

Yes, the Core Sub features a wired input. If you would prefer a wired connection from your Core to your Core subwoofer you're good to go.

How does the sub work for multiroom?

The Sub will have responsibility for one single unit, the closest one to it. The Cores will all remain connected to each other, and will play in unison, however the Sub will be enhancing the bass of one unit.  

When  the Core Sub connects to a Core, is Dynamic Re-tuning automatically enabled?


But if you take the Core out of range of the Sub, does it automatically go back to normal?

Yes, the Core will go back to its bass duties.  

Do I need any software updates to enable integration with the Core Sub?

NO.  Simply press one button to connect it to your Core.

Ideally – how far away should the two units be?  What is the maximum to keep them paired?

Within 20-30 feet would be is ideal. 100 feet is the max.  

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