The Copy-Writer

The Copy-Writer is a Lovecraftian inspired tale set in the 70's. Haunted by strange visions and monsters, is Henry discovering a new world or losing his mind?
Liam Banks
United Kingdom
6 Team Members

The Project:

The Copy-Writer is a short Lovecraftian inspired short film set in 70's England. Henry Delapore is a failed writer who relies on the ‘copy-writing’ business to provide for himself and his family. Leaving his family and retreating suddenly to Arkham House, he reunites himself with the groundskeeper, Earnest. There he begins work on his latest assignment. Completely unfamiliar with the source of the material he is reading he begins to discover a world filled with elder gods and mythical creatures. Only when the monsters begin to creep into his own world does Henry begin to contemplate the accuracy of what he has been studying. Is Henry on the verge of a monumental discovery of another world, or is this simply a descent into madness? As Henry desperately tries to figure this out he soon realises his actions have devastating consequences.

The Team: 

Uniting a host of talent from the 'Film and Video Production' Degree at the University of Derby, 'The Copy-Writer' marks the collaboration of various students with local talent employed in the industry at a professional standard. 

The script was written and will be directed by Liam Banks, a strong genre fan, giving the project a strong stylistic vision in relation to the wonderful world of Lovecraft. Lovecraft and his work have influenced the films and work Liam has created this far, this project provides him and his team with the opportunity to explore these ideas further and on a grander scale.

Laura Cotton will be taking on the role of Producer for the project.Equally as excited about the script as the rest of the team, Laura will help to manage the project throughout ensuring that something truly special is made. Jonathan Butler will be the Director of Photography during the shoot, shooting primarily with the F3 camera unit bringing with him both professional and personal experience, ensuring that the film is visually stunning.Stephanie Cole will be working with her own team as Production Designer to bring an authentic and vibrant aesthetic to this 70' set tale. Sam Powell will be our lead sound recordist and designer guiding the project through the various stages of production making sure that the film sounds as brilliant as it looks. Completing the team we have Harry Crow undertaking the role of Editor. Experienced through a host of previous projects, Harry hopes to bring his own individual style and flair to an already exciting project. 

*Sourcing a local composer from outside of the University, Bobby Eccles who has had his work used both on TV and on the radio will be scoring the project. Excited to be creating an organic and terrifying score, his work will accompany the film to help elevate the visuals and story further.

As a team we are all incredibly excited and passionate about this project and cannot wait for production get underway. Already we have completed various test shoots and have completed the filming of the short promotion (seen above) to help establish the tone and quality of the final film. We are working extremely hard to make this happen and we would love for you to be on this journey with us too!

The team behind 'The Copy-Writer' appreciate any help that can be given. Whether it be a donation, however big or small, or simply spreading the word to your friends, all will work toward us achieving something truly special.

How can you help?

We have already raised a considerable fund amongst the production team, but require a further £750 to help with other production costs. From the hiring of specialist equipment or facilities we use during post production, your generosity will help feed into making the film as good as it can be. Acting talent can really help to either make or break a film so we hope to pay the actors we use to ensure their performance is directly on point. In addition to this we plan to  shoot in a host of brilliant and sought after locations, your donations will really help to make this a reality. Setting the film in the 70's brings with it it's own challenges so we want the aesthetic and look of the film to be of the highest quality achievable. As a team we are dedicated to this project 110% and really hope that with your help we can make a film that does the world of Lovecraft justice.

In return for your donations we have a variety of perks that offer you a personal insight into the production and the release of the film. These rewards will be available to you once the film is complete to thank you for your generosity and support, should you donate. We hope that along with our dedication and your interest in the project that these perks will really help to reinforce that this is a project YOU WANT TO INVEST IN!

Thanks - from the production team

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    -Credit in the film -HD Private link online (when film is complete) -High Quality Poster download

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    -Credit in the film -HD Private link online (when film is complete) -High Quality Poster download -Signed Cast & Crew Postcard(s) - mailed out

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    -Credit in the film -DVD copy of the film (once completed) - A4 Poster- mailed out -Signed Cast & Crew Postcard(s) - mailed out

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    -'Executive Producer' Credit in the film -DVD copy of the film (once completed) - A3 Poster- mailed out -Signed Cast & Crew Postcard(s) - mailed out -Invite to the premiere of the film TBC - must provide own transport

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