The Cool Hook - The First Innovative Cooler Hanger

The Cool Hook is the missing link in water and food coolers today. It hangs coolers to keep them off the ground, off the table and off the bench.


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The Cool Hook Story

The Cool Hook is a new innovative product for coolers. Instead of sitting your cooler on the ground or on a bench, hang your coolers with The Cool Hook! Field tested and lab tested for durability. Use The Cool Hook at parks, construction sites, camping areas, softball / baseball games and anywhere else you can use a cooler. We are confident that this will be the best selling cooler accessory sold across the nation because there isn't anything like this being sold. In order to keep our costs down we need to make large order. With the support of our Indiegogo fans we can bring this product into retail locations.

  • Holds 5 and 10 gallon water coolers
  • Also holds small to large sized food coolers
  • Lab tested to hold up to 800 lbs 
  • Keep your coolers off the ground, tables and benches

This is why we're here

In order to keep our manufacturing costs down we need to make a large order. We need to raise $15,250.00 to cover our first order plus shipping costs so we can send out our preorders to all of you wonderful Indiegogo fans. With your support we can make The Cool Hook a huge success!

Make your coolers a little bit Cooler

Do you or someone you know go to baseball or softball games? How about camping? The Cool Hook should be and will be on every construction site everywhere. 

Our funding success stands on the outcome of this Indiegogo campaign. If we don't raise the funds from the support of Indiegogo then we'll find our selves in a tough place to try and raise capital, which is extremely critical in getting our first order made. I have ACE Hardware lined up as one of our retail locations to start selling The Cool Hook but we can't fulfill any orders if we are unable to raise these funds. Your support means a lot! It's always been my dream to be a creative inventor. With the success of this product we will be able to build our business and work on the other products in our portfolio.   


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Thank You so much

Loren Alberts

Creator of The Cool Hook

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    Loren Alberts

    Owner and Founder of Nerol Products, LLC