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Help change take root in your community by funding an urban garden in Manhattan, NY.

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The Computer School is part of the 100 Urban Gardens Initiative, a partnership between PACT, Whole Kids Foundation & Indiegogo to build 100 urban gardens across 100 cities in the US.

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Why Gardens?
Because gardens produce healthier food. Only 2% of American children eat enough fruits and vegetables, and 1 in 3 American children born after 2000 is at risk for Type II diabetes. A garden is an introduction to the real, healthy food students and families need access to.

Because gardens can help fix America's nature deficit. With more than 80% of Americans living in cities and suburbs, we need to work harder than ever to teach the values of natural processes.

Because gardens are a living laboratory for education. Not just healthy food—a lesson on what producing healthy food requires. Not just exposure to nature—a way for children to literally harvest the fruits of their labor.

The Computer School is a highly diverse urban community hailing from many different cultures, races, religions and economic backgrounds, where teamwork, project-based learning, and connecting with our social and natural environment are at the core of our mission. As part of that mission, the school community came together to create a Green Room with a focus on hydroponic farming. We use a nutrient film technique system to grow leaf crops such as lettuce, kale, chard, spinach and basil; a vine crop system to grow crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers; and a compost station to put leftover plant material to good use. Students have the joy of growing and harvesting vegetables they share with the school community, while learning about issues such as water resource management and sustainable agriculture in a fun and engaging way. We hope to add devices to measure temperature, humidity, Ph and nutrient levels; and scales, journals to record data, baskets for harvest time, as well as new seed supplies, so that even more of our students can take part in the Hydrofarm.

A True Seed Investment (customizable section for what gardens need)
For as little as $10, you can help a community reap all the benefits a garden has to offer. In just 39 days, we plan to raise $2500 per garden; to feed,  teach, and inspire people in each of these 100 communities. Here are a few things our garden plans to do with your donations:


Look Good, Do Good
With every contribution to our garden, donors will receive organic, ethical perks from PACT. Our
socks, undies, and t-shirts are produced to high standards of sustainability, with the comfiest
organic materials we can find. You'll be giving out of the goodness of your heart, and in return
you'll get PACT goodies. It's a win-win situation.



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