The Completion Course

Help to create Dr. Brad Blanton's revolutionary new online course on repairing breakdowns in relationships - called the Completion Course. Coming Spring 2013.


In our relationships we have breakdowns, fights, arguments, divorces, estrangements, and sometimes violent disagreements.

Many, many, many times these events cause a break in the intimacy we really want to have with those people who matter most to us--breaks that do not get healed or resolved. Breaks that cause temporary or permanent damage to our relationships. 

Some of those breaks in relatedness are simply part of our day-to-day process of getting through life. But others are destroying marriages and loves, family ties, and even nations.

I call these unresolved breaks in relationships “incompletions.”

Normal people’s lives are full of them. And normal people suffer the consequences of no longer feeling close, loving, or intimate with some of the people they love the most.

These unresolved breakdowns, fights, disagreements and arguments create resentments.  Unresolved, such resentments grow and fester, and are not only the source of relationship breakdowns, but of a great deal of the violence in the world today.

The problem is that the vast majority of people have no idea how to REALLY resolve their incompletions.

In fact, most people are so convinced that they cannot resolve their resentments, they simply try and ignore or forget them.  They try to get on with their lives. But as we have all experienced, the incompletion still nags at them, and they get on with their lives with less happiness and vitality, and all too often, a great deal of unhappiness.


We can change this. We all have the power to reclaim our ability to live more full and enjoyable lives, and to genuinely, permanently resolve the differences we have with the people we love (and hate), by completing our incompletions.

What does “completion” mean? What does it mean to “get complete?”

It means to truly, really, permanently get over our grudges, resentments, hurts, disconnections, the silent treatment, and breakdowns.

And you will absolutely know when that happens that it’s done. It’s not an issue any more.  It is… complete.

Over the past 40 years, as a practicing psychotherapist, I have developed a process for helping people resolve their incompletions.

It’s taken a lot of trial and error. A lot of failures and successes. After years and years of study, learning from influential teachers myself, and most importantly--experimentation in real life--I’ve been able to boil down everything I’ve learned down to the practical basics... to a set of practices that ordinary people learn fairly quickly, and are able to then apply in their lives with each other, without needing me there to help them.

I have taught hundreds of people, singles and couples, in therapy how to “get complete”—how to close the gaps caused by fights and breakdowns and get the love and intimacy they once had, back in their lives.

The results I have seen are remarkable, and truly moving to see and experience firsthand.

Couples get back together.  Estranged families come back together. Parents and children come together again, and in most cases everyone ends up with an even deeper, closer, more intimate, more loving and more open and honest relationship with each other.

I could rave on for days about how profoundly people’s lives are affected by this process of getting breakdowns complete in their lives.

I first started to apply the completion process to my therapy patients when they came to me for help. And it worked. Many, many people told me how much of a difference this process made not just in their most intimate relationships, but everywhere in their lives.

Next I started to teach the steps in the completion process to small weekend workshops of 20 or so people around the US. I saw miracles happening in real time at those workshops. Sons and daughters were literally reconnected to their parents after decades of not speaking or merely being polite to each just to get along. Couples fell back in love again, after years of being ships just passing in the night.

So, I started to write about completion under the theme of “Radical Honesty.”  I've published 6 more books since 1992, and they've been translated into eleven different languages. They are all still being used by people every day to repair broken relationships and to get even more intimately connected to everyone around them, like this reader who wrote me last month:

"I am writing now to let you know how much I loved reading your books and how much improvement I have witnessed in my life thanks to your advice...I live in London with my fiancee...and we have 'unsafely' established our relationship on radical honesty from the very first date...thanks for your invaluable contribution in making our lives as beautiful as they are."

Now, I am teaching this process in my workshops and seminars every year in America and Europe.

I have been able to teach several thousand people how to get their loved ones and families back by learning the practices of completion.  They learned my completion process and most have been able to continue to use it in their lives.



Now I want to help even more people get complete. 

Along with a team of professionals in course development and mass communication, I am creating a new online course to help more people all over the world use this incredible, powerful, and effective process --people who may not otherwise have the money, time, or ability to learn from me personally, one-on-one, or attend one of my workshops.

That’s our modest goal.

This new Completion Course will teach the skills people need to learn in order to make their relationships open, authentic, loving, and close.

The course will be delivered over a period of 6-8 weeks. Using videos of real-life therapy and coaching sessions, we will show attendees how the process works, and most importantly—how to make it work in their lives. 

I will provide individual coaching through call-ins and live online meetings.  There will also be homework assignments, backup material provided, and other supporting work for participants.

The objective of the course will be to enable each attendee to get complete with one person in their life. So, the design of the course is to be a live, hands-on, practical application of my completion process in each participant’s life.  Each person who enrolls will be asked to bring one other person in their life into the course with them, so they can support each other during the course.

Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to work on resolving conflicts in their personal lives, and get coaching to learn the skills of honest communication in such a way that they can make permanent changes in their way of being.


I have already invested $16,000 in this project and now need about $20,000 to complete it.

The money raised will be used to pay for the writing and development of the course and the cost of delivering it online. Some of the material will be delivered in the form of videos of “live” completion sessions. We will be investing in video equipment, salaries, video editing and production, a website, content delivery software/services, and a modest amount for initial marketing.

We do have our own mailing list and will be offering the course to people who are subscribers to my newsletter, to people who have bought my books, attended previous workshops, visited the Radical Honesty website, and are generally members of my Radical Honesty tribe.

 Once we begin to sell the course, it will be self funding.


It’s my desire to help as many people benefit from this process as I can.

Whenever we turn on the TV or read news on the internet, we see a lot of pain and sorrow in our world. This completion work can solve so much of the dysfunction in our society. Please help us make that possible.

Think about this:  What if everyone in the world had the opportunity to get more out of life? To experience greater intimacy and honesty in their relationships? What if everyone was able to get back in touch with what really matters, and to support each other in this kind of journey?

Your contribution will help us make a difference in people’s lives, using a proven process that anyone can learn and use. 

Please contribute and make this difference in your life, and in the lives of others.

In return, I will do everything I can to help you bring what I think of as the miracle of completion into your life as well.

The perks described here all relate to the completion process. You can use those perks to start to get complete in your life.

And if you contribute at any level, I will provide you with direct email access to me for the next 6 months to help you in your completion process, and to answer your questions.

And while I can’t discount the price of this first Completion Course for you, I will also guarantee the first 50 contributors who request it, a seat in the course scheduled to begin this spring.


Brad Blanton

Sparrowhawk Farm
Stanley, Virginia

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