The Come Up

Imagine Eddie Murphy, Jay Z, or Denzel Washington right before they were super stars. Witness 5 young men cross-over from unknown to internationally known.


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Imagine being right there to witness comedy legend, Eddie Murphy,  sign his contract to appear on Saturday Night Live in the 80’s. What was he wearing? How did he handle the transition from unknown comedian to a box-office golden boy? What was going through Hip Hop legend Jay-Z's head when he signed his Rocafella Records label imprint under Def Jam in the 90's? Where did he eat after he made his big “Come Up”? What were his 99 Problems? Was he always such a keen businessman before he broke Billboard records?  Witness 5 young men cross-over from unknown to internationally known. This show is ground-breaking and will be the first of it's kind. On the tail end of every episode we will premier a new skit, music video, performance or random event involving the cast members. No other reality show has ever extensively followed the lives of a group of talented young men who are on the brink of success.

Trey Elliot - Comedian/Actor

A native of Plainfield New Jersey, Trey has shared the stage with superstar comedians such as Mike Epps, Tommy Davidson, Kat Williams, Chris Rock, Tony Rock, and Dave Chappelle just to name a few. He attended Clark Atlanta University, where he studied Mass Communications and was roommates with Ozy Reigns his freshman year. While living in Atlanta, Ga, a dare from a Co-worker at UPS to perform live comedy on stage was what launched Trey’s comedic chain reaction. Soon after that he moved to the Maryland/Washington DC area where he made fast friends with fellow comedian Boogie B and really began to blossom and hone his skills as a comedian. You can find Trey on any given LA night bringing the laughs at venues such as the Comedy Store, The Improv and now Flapper's where he now hosts Thursday nights. http://youtu.be/mfSgFwj6uHg

Ozy Reigns - Actor/Hip Hop Artist    

Ozy is the future of music and film. Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Ozy left home after graduating high school to study film at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia where he first met Trey and Himyo. It was in Atlanta that he blossomed as an artist. Ozy was very well known as one of the stars of Clark Atlanta's Communications department and later as one of the premier artists in Atlanta's underground music scene. Today Ozy Reigns is a rising star of the silver screen and music scene, with several TV/Film credits and multiple music projects. His family instilled in him a work ethic that is matched by few. Ozy can often be found promoting and performing on the same shows as Boogie and Trey. He has performed on the same bill with old and new school artists such as EPMD and B.O.B. Like his musical influences which include Andre 3000 and Nas, he continues to push the creative envelope. Ozy holds actors such as Denzel Washington and Daniel Day Lewis in high esteem as they have achieved a level of longevity and risk taking ability that he’d love to reflect in his own career. http://youtu.be/knQasx_frj8 www.OzyReigns.net

Angelo Owens - Handy Man

Angelo is the Hip Hop generations Bob Villa.  He comes from a family of accomplished entertainers, but chose the road of entrepreneurship through having his own home improvement/moving company named The Honey Do Network. Another native of New Jersey, Angelo studied Sociology at Penn State. Angelo has resided in Los Angeles for almost half a decade now. He  became acquainted with Ozy through Ozy’s older sister, who’s kitchen he remolded in Jersey. The rest is history. Angelo has been known to enlist the help of Ozy, Himyo, Trey, Boog or any variation of that list to help in his daily business with The Honey Do Network. You can catch him on his hustle from LA to the Valley, moving furniture, saving a damsel in distress, doing a plumbing job, retiling a floor or poring cement for a driveway. The work never seems to slowdown for Superman as many of his friends call him.

Himyo Green - Motivator/Conceptual Liaison/Actor  

Himyo is the youngest of 11 children. He is indeed the 3rd member of the cast from New Jersey. Raised in Piscataway, the population was diverse and he had friends of all types. This allowed Himyo to learn invaluable lessons about different cultures and truly see that fundamentally we as people are all the same. He attended Clark Atlanta University where he first met Trey and Ozy and graduated with a BA in Social Work. At Clark Atlanta Himyo was also a part of the prestigious acting troupe “The CAU Players” under the late Ms. Carol Mitchell-Leon. From there he studied method acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. His most recent work was the role of Anthony Phillips on Discovery ID Channels “Homicide Hunter” and a Career Colleges of America commercial. Through Himyo's personal journey that began by losing his father at the critical age of 12, he has come to terms with the idea that death is not finite and is simply a part of the circle of life.  This realization has empowered Himyo to realize that "Faith is Simply Be Life" and his mission is to evoke feelings of joy in those that he encounters.  Currently Himyo has transitioned into doing motivational dialogues and converses with people about having Faith in themselves. Himyo is not an Actor: Himyo is an ImpACTOR. He's pretty awesome at making sweet edible treat baskets too lol. No seriously.

Boogie B Montrell
- Comedian

Boogie is a very hard working comedian from New Orleans. He is now one of the most highly sought after comedians in the country! One would never think that he was in fact a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina is actually the reason that Boogie ended up in DC, where he met Trey and began focusing on perfecting his craft as a comedian. Now residing in Hollywood, he is often seen ripping the stages of The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The J Spot and many others.  Inspired by his father and brother passing from complications with HIV within 2 years of each other, Boogie also developed an HIV/AIDS awareness organization showing that he’s an entertainer with heart.  He sums it up best saying “Im bout to be bigger than Ramen Noodles in the projects, Invest in the best!” www.boogiebthecomic.com

These guys grind together to promote shows and events, but most importantly to promote and support each other. Let’s share their experiences as they move through the Hollywood Haze and plot their courses to success.

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