The Clothes Line

An iphone mobile app that allows you to select and combine clothes that you have in your closet, and schedule them for when you want to wear them.

Our Idea

We are your personal fashion consultant, your wardrobe guru, your unique fashion statement. We have developed a way to organize your closet in such a way that you will never be stuck with wondering what to wear or resorting to dressing in the same old boring attire day after predictable day. 

Welcome to "The clothesline"

A quick, convenient, and unique way to assemble your existing clothes and create new looks by mixing and matching the different items in your closet. Even better, you can share your closet with your friends who might just be looking for that extra flare they are missing from their next night out or special occasion. A good friend, is a friend that shares.

The app is simple. 

1) First you take a picture of all of your existing clothes...yes, we know, this can be daunting and time consuming, but it will be worth it in the end we promise, so get that out of your head! 

2) Once all of your clothes are entered into the app, you separate them into their separate categories (Tops, Shorts, Dresses etc..) You can also separate them into different occasions, for example; formal wear, casual, concert, sports etc. 

3) Once everything is entered the fun begins! with a press of a button, you will never be wearing the same outfits over and over again. Essentially, your boring days are behind you. 

Our unique app will mix and match your clothes so you can continue to be the talk of the town with your unique flare and style. Furthermore, once your clothes are entered in the app, you can share them with your friends! They will have access to your closet where they can see if you have that shirt that will "just go perfect" with her skirt...etc. 

Not only will you save time in the morning by not spending countless minutes wondering what to wear, but your friends will also appreciate not having migraines and continuously chanting "I have nothing to wear!" followed by tear drops and regrets. Stop having tears, stop having regrets and stop wasting time! 

This app was made for you, it is you...with a funky twist.   


Who We Are?

We are two incredibly talented, blazingly intelligent and unbearably cute grade 8 students from Sir John A MacDonald Public School in London Ontario. Our names are Tiffany Birkner (The bubbly dancer) and Sierra Bryson (The sarcastic straight shooter). Together with Francis Yanga (Red Square Labs), our stellar app creator and the support of our super awesome teacher Mr. Jones we feel we have something with will be beneficial to girls and women from every demographic, age and station in life! Yes, some boys may need this, not to count you out fellas!



The Story So Far

Our super awesome teacher Mr. Jones gave us a persuasive writing assignment that is based around the TV show Dragons Den (for you Canadian and British investors) and Shark Tank (for you American investors). Essentially, we were tasked to create next latest and greatest new invention, and then persuasively sell our idea to a panel of local community members. Pretty awesome eh! We had to create a business plan, an advertising and marketing plan, as well as a prototype. Leading up to the final project we were asked to form groups brainstorm as many ideas as we could that are unique, realistic and would be beneficial to others. This is where "The Clothesline" was born! 

We were thinking about getting up in the morning earlier then we would like just to pick out clothes to wear for the day (I mean we have to look good right!?), and how much we would love to spend that extra time still in bed, or watching breakfast television...yes we said it. We asked some of our classmates and they thought the idea was great, but lets face it, are they really gonna tell us our idea was terrible? So we took it to the streets, well the mall, and asked over 100 random people what they thought of our idea? Everyone loved it! Then came the prototype...dun dun dun...how can we, 13 year old girls create a fashion app that will change the way millions of women will dress everyday? Mr. Jones said, "why don't you just pick up the phone and call a smart phone app developer?". We hate it when he is right! so we did, and we met Francis, and well, as they say, the rest is history! or going to be!!


The Future

We really think we have a great idea here, and based on feedback, others seem to like the concept as well. We are not wanting to create this app to get rich and brag to all our friends as we come to school wearing Prada shoes and Gucci hand bags, rather this is about our future education. All proceeds, after the app is created and any other promotional funds are paid out, will go into an educational savings account for us. The only way we get access to the cash is to continue with our schooling. School can be expensive, and not all of us has the means to pay for higher education...Words can not explain what this could do for us and our family.  

Team on This Campaign: