The Chorus of Kibale

Fundraising campaign to publish "The Chorus of Kibale" a children's book by Eric Losh. Proceeds benefit UNITE for the Environment & Primate Education Network!

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"The Chorus of Kibale" is a children’s book (ages 8+) about a young Redtail Monkey named Kibale. Her wild nature gets her separated from her monkey troop in the African rain forest. During a journey through the forest she meets many other primate animals—from Chimpanzees to Bushbabies—that teach her how to listen to find her way home.

Book Website: www.TheChorusOfKibale.com

The story is set in Kibale National Park, in Uganda, Africa. Its lush rain forest, swamp, and grassland habitats are home to an orchestra of wildlife. The animals are often hidden among the foliage, but exciting part of the Kibale Forest is not so much what is seen, but what is heard! There are a cacophony of sounds that emerge from all levels of the rain forest—from birds, insects and a record density of primates—that can often only be encountered by ear. This book explores those sounds, and the creatures who make them.


I have had a lifelong passion for illustration, conservation and rain forest wildlife, but I was particularly inspired to create The Chorus of Kibale after first visiting Kibale National Park in Western Uganda in 2009. It was there that I had my first encounter with a troop of Redtail Monkeys during an evening meal. I also camped in a treehouse overlooking a swamp, listened to bird calls, searched for nocturnal primates by flashlight, and trekked for wild Chimpanzees through the dense tropical rain forest—all which helped to inspire the scenes and characters from this book.   

I am excited to finally share this book with fellow primates around the world!

Eric Losh Illustration: www.elosh.com

I want to produce a first edition publication of The Chorus of Kibale. Copies of this book will help teach readers about the importance of listening and teamwork, as well as the value of wildlife diversity in the African rain forest. I also want to share my love of wildlife with readers worldwide, and foster support for environmental conservation to young readers.

To carry out these conservation education goals, I have partnered with two non-profit organizations that work in and around Kibale National Park, Uganda: the North Carolina Zoo's U.N.I.T.E. for the Environment, and the globally-connected Primate Education Network. Proceeds from books sold and contributions from this fundraising campaign will contribute toward the organizations' ongoing conservation education initiatives.

U.N.I.T.E. for the Environment (part of the North Carolina Zoo) is a program that works with ten grade schools around Kibale National Park to promote long-term conservation education projects, as well as raise awareness and appreciation of the park's wildlife through teacher trainings, curriculum support, and classroom field trips. 

Your support will help to bring this book and other educational materials into grade schools as part of units on biodiversity and wildlife conservation.


The Primate Education Network
is a global network dedicated to connecting and empowering primate conservation educators. The network creates opportunities for educators to receive training, build relationships and collaborate, and share resources and best practices to deliver successful primate conservation education programs.

Your support will benefit Primate Education Network's (PEN) small grants programs for primate conservation educators.

Additionally, I will be taking a trip to Uganda in September to re-visit Kibale National Park. After four years working on this book, the ablility to have copies of this book on-hand to distribute to local conservation education organizations around Kibale will make for quite a meaningul "bookend" to this artistic and professional endeavor.

I need your support to help fund the first edition publication of The Chorus of Kibale!
Each contribution level comes with its own rewards: from the book itself, to goodies like fact cards, art prints and even a few original paintings!

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