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Why Us?

Casting a child in a play presents you with the impossible task of declaring one child more deserving of our attention than another.

You see them become emotionally attached to a role, compete and judge the talent of their peers and put their creativity on display with the hope that it is good enough.

You see their confidence be shattered, see them become isolated when cliques form based on who is playing what roles.

You then see them become lost in a stressful rehearsal process learning only what is specific to their role and given very little personal attention to allow them to shine.

I have seen this on several occasions.

There has to be another way.

While our schools are filled with bullying, the arts should provide an escape and a creative outlet not be a source of more stress. It is the children who have the desire to learn, have fun, make friends and see their imaginations come to life that deserve our attention. How can we provide them with a strong education in the arts that focuses on their individual ability and creativity? How can we help them gain confidence through theatre in ways that they will carry outside the classroom into all aspects of their life? Finally, how can we teach them to use relationships as collaborations toward a common goal? 

Our Mission

The Children's Theatre Collaborative represents a community of artists coming together to motivate future generations. We are a program committed to providing a safe, non-competitive environment for theatre education geared toward individual, social and academic growth and confidence. We encourage collaboration among peers and professional artists to highlight the fun of the creative process over the high stress environment of performance based programs.

What We Need & What You Get

CTC needs $2,250 to cover the cost of renting our space, marketing (postcards, posters, ads in local papers), props and art supplies for class and to be able to hire professional theatre artists.

We are so excited about our perks! We are offering your own experience as an actor, without all the auditioning. First, Nothing is more important for an actor than getting their name out there! We will tweet you, facebook you and put your name on our website. Next, you need to work on your skills, we can offer you free one on one coaching via skype or in person. Finally, you will need the perfect headshot so we'll send you out for an hour with a photographer to get some great pictures.

The Impact

The impact of arts education does not stop at the classroom door. With the right role models, guidance and support, the skills a child learns at the Children's Theatre Collaborative can guide them through life. A successful campaign could help children stand up to bullying, give them the confidence to achieve their dreams or simply, make a friend. By contributing today, you are helping us improve each child's ability in these areas.

Self Esteem: Motivation and support in class helps a child gain access to potential they did not know they had. It unlocks a creativity that otherwise may not have had the opportunity to be tapped into.  They emerge confident and self aware with a deeper self respect.

Communication: Creating original works and characters profoundly affect a child’s ability to relay a concept and idea through various mediums such as storytelling and writing.  Their ideas become concise and articulate with the strength to speak in front of many people.

Academics: Performance has universally been accepted as a way for students to enhance academic achievement. Schools with arts integrated programs, even in areas of low income, report higher standardized test scores.  The College Entrance Examination Board reported that on their SATS from 2001-2005, students involved in the arts had greater success in their math and verbal components than classmates who did not participate in the arts.

Socialization: Discovering how to create and collaborate on stories, games, new works and characters with peers leads to the ease of entering social situations that may seem daunting.  Peers are friends not competition and introducing that concept early on will help grow friendships that last outside the classroom.

Team Work & Perseverance: All characters have objectives.  They use actions to obtain their objectives and when an obstacle is in their way, they change actions or tactics.  In learning how to deal with fictional goals and roadblocks, children become better equipped to successfully overcome them in real life to achieve a common goal.

Other Ways You Can Help

Contributing isn't the only way to help! We would love to keep you up to date on what we're doing on facebook and twitter so please check us out there! Tell someone you know about us, spread the word. Lastly, you can easily help our cause by simply encouraging a child to be the best they can be.

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    The cyber hug plus a signed picture and handmade card from all the kids in our very first session.

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    The cyber hug, some love from the kids, a Children's Theatre Collaborative t shirt, a free session of workshops and an acting lesson for a child or adult from one of our artists in person or via Skype. Also 1 hour photo session with a local photographer and a CD with the best shots!

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    All of the above, plus your name as a sponsor on the front page of our website and on marketing distribution during our first session.

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