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The mother is putting my children in danger. She's dating a CHILD MOLESTER and LEAVING the KIDS ALONE with HIM & with METH ADDICTS while she works! PLEASE Help!
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We need to hire a Lawyer!!!!!     That handsome little devil that is smiling so beautifully above is my son Jr & my dear Keara before this all happened. I would say "I am taking your picture" and he was ready and waiting with a smile ready to go! But as you will see that little light isn't there and it hasn't been since his mother turned his and his sisters lives upside down! But, with the help I am hoping to get , I just know I/we can get that Beaming Smile back on his and his sisters faces! FYI The sad ones are of them now!  & you can Donate as little as $1 Every bit helps! Thanks! Anyone that would like to send well wishes can send to us at  *1863 W 3rd St. Mesa, Az. 85201*  Words of hope are Welcomed!!!

 The same goes for this little Beauty above, she is my Awesome little Keara!

And she has them around a VERIFIED CHILD MOLESTER. Who she has been seeing since I got sick. Something is wrong in her head, she was raped and beat by this same guy when she was 15 and he was 22! And now she has him around my children!! So right before her 18th birthday I met her and I just turned 18 we had our first daughter when we were 19.  So I said to heck with it and moved my new family 2 towns away! And after 18 years together, 3 children and me working 12-16 hour days for 15 years at the same job same company so she could be a stay at home mom which I believed was best for the kids, you know a nice stable life not to mention I thought it was the normal thing to do! Well boom I get hit by the perfect storm as far as bad things happening, I do the whole hospital then bed thing, while I am on meds in bed unable to move for the majority of the time she moved her mom and brother in, I would go for a day or two at a time without eating (she was my loving caregiver) meanwhile shes slowly taking all of our most valuable things and hiding them while I am passed out. Over about 7 months I lost 40 lbs. When she was in the room she would just cut me down verbally in everyway possible!  I didn't care if I was better, I stopped taking the meds that kept me lifeless & I tried going back to work. Well 2 months of me struggling back at work she kidnapped our kids!

The worst 7 days of my life!!! And I spent every waking minute searching for them, And by the grace of God I found them on that 7th day! And yes it was like the best day of my life emotionally it seemed, and when I found them they came running to me arms open jumping into my arms then jumped into my car, saying please don't let her take us again! They told me how she would leave with people they didn't know, made them stay in a back room of some house with threats of the belt if they peeked out!  Well from then to now has been a whole new Nightmare that seems will never end!

The judge is treating her as if she has done nothing and has forced me to let her keep them around her and the child molester which of course she lied under oath on the stand to the judge saying she has no boyfriend its just her and the kids! Meanwhile I am telling him to let the kids talk and they will fold every lie she tells which are many! At least 5 lies under oath and the judge even caught her in at least 3 of them and acts as if its nothing! He DOES NOTHING! Now I am back under Dr care I have lost my job I am having break through seizures. After the last hearing I have found actual picture proof of her  associating with Multiple Meth cooks, Meth sellers and Meth addicts. She has these scums around my kids on her 50% of parenting time she leaves them at peoples houses they don't even know! Lets see your dating a child molester and leaving the kids alone with him and with Meth Addicts, but I am supposed to trust they are safe? And this is not even half of the nightmare, but asking for help does not come easy to me, I have always been the one that did the helping. But if I don't get some major help and quick I am going to lose my kids to her and I can not even bare the thought of that! I have spent most of my savings on my lawyer, who threatens to drop my case if I talk to her about how I feel concerning the case, even though I have already paid her! Since the day I could work I did and I always took care of mine and others in need, so just like asking for help doesn't come easy letting not to mention 1 person on the outside know about my troubles but however many read this page is just something I don't do, But for my kids I will do whatever it takes and right now this is my only option. Any donater that wants the whole story I am willing to tell it all in exchange for your generosity! And I would just like to Thank you for reading my troubles and Thank anyone that helps us in advance, So Thank You this means more then I can put into words!     

Short Summary

   So as I said I have worked most of my life, now that I am considered "Disabled" I cant even get unemployment! Which was paid to the "system" for me during my work career, but that doesn't seem to mean anything to them! But since I am in that condition I have ran out of all my savings and all I have left is my vehicle. How I will pay my rent and the rest that comes with a house and my kids eating and getting them back and forth to school and on my picking them up and dropping them off for parent exchange are things that I have to do or I will lose them to her! I have limited myself to eating once a day to save food for them.

 Getting help here is all I have to give me hope that there lives are not ruined by child molesters and drug dealers and addicts that have become common place in the mothers life!  Now the Magnitude of this is beyond my control without help. So with help I will have the chance of still winning my childrens well being and a future for them that does not become some statistic read about in the paper! It is a FACT that the people she is friends with have lost children to death and cps yet she allows them around our kids and leaves them alone with them! But its obvious they are not her main concern, her party life is all she is concerned with! So again with help I can ensure there safety!!! To be with someone for 18 years that turns a 180 degrees on you when you need them the most is bad enough, but to also have to watch her also try and destroy my childrens lives/future is a whole new heartbreak all together!

What We Need & What You Get

.WE NEED a Real Lawyer!!! Well I am hoping I would either 1 be back well enough to work or 2 be getting the disability money back that I paid into the system toward the end of next year!     Every donation no matter how small or large is a tremendous help!   And if you cant help financially I understand, we are not the only ones in bad shape. But if you can just spread the word to everyone you know it is just as valuable!! Just sharing our profile link on G+ or Facebook and Twitter or just plain good old fashion e-mail would be help in and of itself!! And you truly have no idea how much I appreciate both kinds of help! And just as kind of an fyi, I need money now, but at least if I see that people are helping then I could do a title loan on my truck, knowing that I could repay it! But as things are now if I did a loan on it I would have no way to pay it back. Then it would be taken and I would be in an even worse spot with no way to get my children, no way to court and all around stranded! At least if I lost my house I could sleep in my truck, Please!!! Any help at all would be ever so helpful and we give our Thanks and gratitude!!!! Thank you!

The Impact


   I know I am not the only one that understands what a good and healthy childhood means to someone as they then become adults. So the Impact and the difference your help can make would speak volumes in the long run! And I truly believe that my children, in the right environment can grow into some really special individuals! And right now they are at a very impressionable and important age in there lives! Anything bad right now can scar them for life which I could not bare! So to receive help to insure that does not happen would mean more to us then I could ever put into words alone!  Now I have made I think some progress with the judge, but as I said my lawyer has threatened to drop me if I talk about how I feel! Unfortunately that firm was the only one I could afford! But I guarantee if this campaign goes better then I could hope it does, and if I get enough help I will be able to tell my lawyer to do just what she wants and I could hire a real Attorney! And oh let me tell you, that may be the best thing I could possibly get! Even broke I still would not have them around a child molester and druggies!!! Which is where there mother keeps demanding they be. But I have only scraped the top of things as far as what I have told you because I just don't have the room to tell it all here. But as a PERK for your donation I will tell the whole story! I believe if someone is willing to help me then they should be given all the info they want! So once again you truly have no idea how much this will be appreciated and remembered!!!

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.
  • Please Remind them to use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • And sharing our profile link on G+, Facebook, Twiiter and good old fashion e-mail is again help that counts!
  • And last but not least Thank You so much from the bottom, top and sides of our hearts!!!!!!!


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